"daedalus" Levels Five and Six
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MAP05, MAP06
Title                 : "daedalus" Levels Five and Six
Filename              : DAEDLUS3.WAD
Author                : Mike Hardie (Mike H. or "daedalus" on Compuserve)
EMail Address         : 102025,3102 (Compuserve ID)
Misc. Author Info     : One of the few DOOM II level creators to believe that
                        making a level interesting does NOT require a 
                        Cyberdemon or Spiderdemon in every bloody room.
Description           : This .WAD file is the third installment of the
                        "daedalus" series, a replacement for levels 5 and 6.
                        They are, appropriately enough, considerably harder
                        and more complex than any of the previous levels.  If
                        you liked the first four levels, you should love

                        Level Descriptions: 
                        -Level 05, "The Bastion"
                          As you materialize on a teleport pad in a small 
                        brick room, the first thing to assault your senses is
                        the putrid smell of rotting flesh.  Turning around,
                        you see that the source of this smell -- a dismembered
                        Archvile chained to the wall.  Not a good sign...
                          But where the hell ARE you?  Glancing up through
                        the skylight (we'll pretend this is Heretic) you see
                        that you have been transported deeper into  
                        the mountain range.  The exact nature of this complex
                        eludes you, however -- it must have been mostly 
                        constructed by the demonic invaders.
                          In this level, your greatest challenge is the 
                        Bastion itself -- two large gates that are virtually 
                        crawling with enemies.  If you can pass these, you 
                        can escape into the dark tunnels beyond.  Don't be
                        tempted to just run through this last section of the
                        level, unless you're playing it on a really low 
                        difficulty level -- on most levels, your only chance 
                        is a series of "hit and run" attacks.
                        -Level 06, "Research Labs"
                          You stumble into the darkness of the underground
                        passage, bloodstained and weary from your last battle.
                        Pausing for a moment to catch your breath, you look
                          The first thing that becomes clear to you is that
                        these are not natural tunnels.  The walls here are
                        metallic, not earthen, and the now-familiar smell of
                        seeping radioactive ooze permeates the area.
                          You recall some rumours, back before the invasion, 
                        that there were hidden UAC research facilities in this
                        part of the mountain range -- soon enough, you'll find
                        out that those rumours were true.  As for the specific
                        type of research involved... well, you'll find THAT
                        out soon enough, too.
                          The darkness ahead fills you with an inexplicable
                        dread, but you really only have two choices: strike
                        ahead into the unknown depths, or turn back and allow
                        the rest of your race to be butchered...

Notes:                : This .WAD was meant to be used in combination with
                        DAEDLUS2.WAD (the first four levels).  If you have
                        that the DAEDLUS2.WAD file, make sure you load DOOM
                        with this command line:
                        DOOM2 -file DAEDLUS2.WAD DAEDLUS3.WAD
                          This will ensure that any resources common to both
                        files will be updated to the newest version. (By the
                        way -- there is no need to get DAEDLUS.WAD, the very
                        first installment.  This is simply an older version
                        of the same levels found in DAEDLUS2.WAD.)
                          Note, however, that the DAEDLUS2.WAD file is not at
                        all necessary.  The main reason for using that file
                        as well is that it will allow all the new sounds to
                        be used with the next two levels.
                          There is another file included in this download,
                        D3SPRITE.WAD.  This file has some new sprite entries
                        which will replace the ordinary Chaingun weapon, but
                        I unfortunately have no access to any program that can
                        make these sprites universally usable.  If you have a
                        program that will let you use the sprites, great; if
                        not, just leave the file alone.

                          The response to my last set of levels was favourable,
                        (though minimal) and here again I would highly 
                        appreciate any comments or suggestions.  I would 
                        particularly appreciate any kind of suggestion as to 
                        how I can make the @#$%ing sprites usable for people 
                        without special .WAD tools.
                          Also, I still have no idea whether my levels work
                        in Cooperative Mode or Deathmatch.  If anyone happens
                        to try, please E-Mail me and let me know the results.
                        The levels do have multiplayer and Deathmatch
                        starting points...


* Play Information *

Level #                 : Maps 05 and 06.
Single Player           : Yes.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Maybe...?
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Maybe...?
Difficulty Settings     : All, though the levels have really only been tested
                          on Ultra-Violence mode.
New Sounds              : Yes. This level is meant to be used with all the
                          sounds from DAEDLUS2.WAD, and has quite a few new 
                          sounds of its own.
New Graphics            : Yes.  There are a few new wall textures and another
                          new sky texture.  If you have a way to use them, 
                          there are also the Chaingun sprites in D3SPRITE.WAD.
New Music               : No.
Demos Replaced          : No.

* Construction *

Base                    : Built from scratch.
Editor(s) used          : WinDeu 5.23 and DETH (editors), WarmDos (builder), 
                          NWT (WAD manipulation), MVP Paint (crappy artwork).
Known Bugs              : Obviously, I'd fix any bugs I _knew_ about.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use these levels as a base to build additional levels, so long 
as they make mention of them in their own accompanying text files and give me
some kind of E-Mail to let me know. (You don't need my permission, I just 
want to know if anyone is using the levels).

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this text file. You 
may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) 
as long as you include this file intact.


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DM Spawns
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