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I tried to make a level with only humans and actually hard.

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                                Genetics Doom

        It's finally over.  You kicked hell's butt.  Also you are a hero.
You saved the world.  For such bravery, you get to go home on Earth and live
there instead of Mars.  You feel great.
        It has been forty eight hours since you received the following
        Sir, we have confirmed that this base we are studying is genetically
        manufacturing the creatures for warfare.  We would like to send in
        someone for definite proof.  Your mission is to break into the base,
        steal the information, and break out.  You may take any team you
        wish.  If you must, kill.  We have found information on the layout
        of the base.  There are three access corridors.  One is guarded very
        heavily.  The other ones are only exits.  Inside, there are hidden 
        rooms for emergency use.  In case of any emergency, the hidden rooms
        will be loaded for ambushes.  There is a lab near the entrance.  
        Creatures are kept here.  Other labs are in lower levels, but there
        is rumor that the door to access the lower levels is jammed.  If the
        information is successfully transferred to the government, the 
        government will take care of the problem.  This is your mission if 
        you choose to accept it.

        This really pisses you off.  Actually it is easy to believe that this
could happen because this is the UAC, and they were dumb enough to mess 
around inter-dimensional space travel.  Using these guys that came out of
them isn't much better.  To make it easy, you accept the mission.
        You break into the place.  Hopefully, nobody saw you.  You copy the
information to your data disk.  It's time to go home.  you open the door to
see a guard standing in your way.  You shoot him, pick up his shotgun and go.
This must have raised a lot of attention.  You have to break out.

        Scroll down after finished to read the ending.

        You run through the deep canyon until you see your jeep.  You get in
and drive off to safety.  Mission Complete

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