of level 01 The StarShip Cruiser
2.33 MB
WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04
Special Features of Level 1:
* Innovative, well-themed Wad with lots of new technology!
* A real, working Self-Destruct sequence!
* Some song from Nine Inch Nails!
* 5 Plutonium Rods you must destroy!
* Explore cooling duct with real, rotating fans!
* Launch real rockets toward Mars at your command!
* Run to your Escape Pod seconds before the whole ship blows apart!
* New floors!
Title of level 01       : The StarShip Cruiser    
Title of level 02       : The Return of Phobos
Title of level 03       : Back to Reality?
Title of level 04       : Beyond Hell
Filename                : cruiser.WAD
Author                  : Justin Madgian
Email Address           : None yet, soon to be.
Misc. Author Info       : Life time Hacker.
Running Cruiser         : Copy all the cruiser files to your doom2 directory.
                          Then type cruiser to begin.

StarShip Cruiser Story  : You, one of the StarShip Cruiser's Space Marine
                          crew, are sleeping in your quarters late at night 
                          when you're startled by a strange noise. A small
                          growling, maybe from a dog, or some other animal.
                          But as the snarling, snapping sound gets closer,
                          you know it's not from any animal you've ever
                          seen. Squeezing your pistol for mere life, you
                          start up your console. Checking for an alarm, you 
                          stare in utter fear, as the red, blinking light
                          reflects off your sweating face, reading as 
                          follows: Unauthorized intruder entering perimeter
                          of this console.
                          Aiming at the open air vent, you catch a glimse of
                          a hideous, speeding figure, who lunges through the 
                          vents growling madly. It stares with golden glazed 
                          eyes at you, but dashes back to another Marine's
                          quarters. Suddenly, Corporal Hank bursts in, holding 
                          a pistol, screams to you, "The Mars Program went 
                          berserk, these things are from another dimension! 
                          They're using vents to kill all the marines. 
                          Don't try escaping, they sealed all the airlocks. 
                          We're trapped! They got all the Access Cards. If we 
                          destroy the plutonium rods, we can get to the 
                          escape pod before it's too late for us.
                          We've gotta kill our way there. Come on, let's get 
                          to the Weaponry Station."
                          In utter confusion, you click in a new clip, and
                          stand up to follow the Corporal. One of those pink
                          horrors jumps through the vent, onto Corporal Hank!
                          Blasting away at him with your pistol, you manage
                          to kill it. Hank isn't moving. Heading
                          out the door, you've gotta self destruct this
                          flying hellzone and get rid of Mars to insure the 
                          all the demons die.

The Return of Phobos Story: 

        After running from StarShip Cruiser in your not-so-faithful escape
pod, you notice that your lava level has hit zero. Instead of continuing on,
you decide to refill your lava level incase of a failure. You land on a
floating moon that seems to have no planet to orbit. You check your lava tank 
in the back of your pod. The heating duct seems fine. But looking at the lava
tank itself, you notice that all the backup heat power has drained from the
once bubbling, scorching lava. Now that same lava is nothing but a hard rock
in a glass container. Peering at the different switches on your pod, you 
notice your accidental, yet fatal, mistake. The Arachnotron that was in your
pod must've switched on backup power, and drained all the lava within five
minutes. You turn around, and kick the corpse of the dead Arachnotron. 
You look around, and find some familiar markings. You think that maybe it was
a mistake. But soon your realize that this is Phobos. The pieces all fit. 
Since there's no more Mars, Phobos and Deimos have no planet. But where's 
Deimos? Formulating a plan, you grab the lifeless chunks of the Arachnotron 
into the outside. Hiding inside your pod, you shoot off a few rounds from 
your pistol. A stairway quickly appeared, leading underground. An Imp stumbles 
out, and  to the dead body, and checks out the gray brains of the Arachnotron.
The Imp screams some sort of a war cry or something. You crouch, staring into
the unbelievable image that your seeing. Phobos was never exterminated of all
the Demons! A Former Human Sergeant marches up the stairs, and says, "This
is worse than Mars and Deimos being destroyed. Now those *@!#$% want us dead,
too!" Your question has been aswered. But you notice something in the Former
Sergeant...something in the way he looks without the blood spattered all over
him...suddenly, the penny drops...that same man was on the team you went along
with to infiltrate Phobos the first time! You sadly pull the trigger on the
Imp and your former teammate. You've gotta do three things: Kill the demons,
get a small vile to hold the Lava, and then you've gotta find some lava. Once
you got the lava you need, you can get back to your pod, and switch off the
Backup power supply for now. Those little blue bottles you found back on
StarShip Cruiser should be able to hold lava. You just wish you didn't use
all those viles, and then throw them away. Maybe Phobos has a few of those
bottles. Hopefully, it's got lava, too... 

Back to Reality? Story:

        You're ship's got lava, from your brave efforts, and is heading toward
back to base, to report for duty. Once you return to Callisto, Jupiter's moon,
where your base is, you notice that things are quite silent at your base. Half-
way up the elevator, it screeches to a halt. You pull out your shotgun and
ready yourself for the worst. An almost silent "ding" alerts your attention.
Someone pressed the "up" button. The doors release, only to have Colonel Dean
looking down the barrel of a shotgun. Red with embarassment, you spin the
shotgun into your backpack. 
"Where in god's name have you been?" The Colonel demands. 

"Sorry, Sir! I...I..." You stutter. 
"At ease. Pretend your didn't almost blow my head off, and pretend I'm at your 

"I'm sorry, sir, I didn't mean to aim at you...It's just that..." 

The Colonel interrupts, "Aren't your supposed to be on duty on the StarShip 

"Yes, sir. The Demons, they took control over the ship. Everyone but me and
Corporal Hank were dead when I knew they were there."

"That's nonsense. Don't you know the demons were destroyed on Phobos and 

"But they also had a base on Mars. I blew Mars up, and found out that Phobos
had demons on it, and a very large, deep, intricate inside. I killed the
demons there, and came back to tell someone this story, and also to request
permission to blow up Phobos, to destroy the evil creatures forever."

"So that explains all the blood on your jacket. And it also would explain why
there's a planet floating, and a new asteroid belt. But I can understand why
I saw how a shotgun shell looks from the front."

"I'm really sorry about that sir. It...It was a self-defense reflex."

"Well, I know how you feel, but I'm gonna put you in a holding cell until
we can prove you're not insane."

"But what about Phobos?"

"That'll come later."

"Yes, sir."

Hours later, you're put into the brig. Some doctors come in, and do a few 
tests. A psychiatrist enters, and you go through a two hour session. The
doctors talk for about a half hour, and Colonel Dean comes in, and smiles.

"Well, you're free to go as soon as you sign some papers. I'll go get 'em. Be
back within a minute."

He lied. After five minutes, a loud crash makes you jump. You try to squeeze
open your door, but it won't budge. In both fear and rage, you muster all your
power and yank the door open. As you look back off, you can see a tiny trail
of blood seeping into the room. You look out of the busted, slipping door,
only to see what you feared most. The demons are using teleports to get into
ship. You see the source of the blood under your door. It's the Colonel, with
a huge, burnt hole in his back. But the one great thing is, he's got all your
guns! You grab the loot, and head off for yet another evil mission from hell.
All you've gotta do, is launch a missle toward Phobos, and launch a Nuclear
Missle in a u-turn motion, to blow up your base, and find a Teleport to Earth.
It'll be one heck of a last fight, but if you want to end up alive, you'd 
better hurry.

Beyond Hell Story:

        YEAH! OH YES! You rock! You celebrate your final victory with a loud
shout into nowhere, as you wait for the green to fade back to Earth, you know
your shouldn't move, or else the teleport's destination might be off by
hundreds of degrees with a simple twitch. But, why aren't you to earth yet?
It's not THAT far away...then you notice something is moving around you! All
you see is green, but you could hear a growl...or maybe you're just imagining
a horrible sound because of the horrors you've seen. You know you shouldn't
do this, but disobediently, you start punching in the middle of nowhere...
as you swing through the air, you hit something! Instinctivly, you reach for
your aim at where you felt the thing...but you don't hit. You
can hear the crackling of fireballs behind your head. You start shooting like
crazy, and kill whatever it is...uh...was. But after you hear the painful
screech of the thing, you know it could only be one'd know
that scream from a mile away. Congratulating yourself, you remember you have
no idea where in #$%! you're gonna end up, after all that movement. You know
that this doesn't feel could an Imp still be in the teleports? And
where all are those other demons coming from that attacked your base on 
Triton? What's going on? You can see the green fade into a sparkle...but 
where are you? Maybe you should find out...who knows, you could have lucked
out and ended up on earth!...Right?

As it turns out, you didn't go very far at all. You ended up on Saturn's moon, 
Iapetus (Yes, it's a real moon). Iapetus was supposed to be colonized and
it's like an enormous Kodak or Microsoft. You look around for a way out, and
notice that you've found a teleport. You set the coordinates and jump through.
After the green fades you land on.....Earth?


Additional Credits to   : ID for @$$ kickin' games.
                          Ade & Deu makers.
                          DM2CONV maker

* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom II
Episode and Level #     : Map01 - Map04
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes 
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : Yes (barely any)
New Graphics            : Yes (A lot!)
New Music               : Yes (NIN, something else...)
Demos Replaced          : None


* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch

Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.21, ADE, WAD1TO2, DEU52gcc, DCK 2.2, NWT,
                          WARM 1.5, ZenNode 

Building Time           : around 16 hours for the levels, 24 for entire thing.
Known Bugs              : None that I can find.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels if the author is included in the text.  

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

* Where to get this WAD *
 You obviosly got it.

The author is not responsible for any problems caused by this PWAD or TEXT.

N N N  O  O    T   E     S
N  NN  O  O    T   EE    SSSS
N   N  O  O    T   E        S
N   N   OO     T   EEEE  SSSS

Objectives for Level 1:

1) Find all Five (5) Plutonium Rods and destroy them. They're blue-red rods
   that must be shot. They are highly radioactive, so pick up a Rad Suit 
   before you enter the chambers.

2) Find the missile bay and launch the Rocket toward Mars.

3) Find the Self-Destruct Terminal 

4) Follow the path of the Blue and Red blinking lights to your escape
   pod before your ship blows up.

* Three rods are behind keycoded doors

* If you don't launch the rocket toward Mars, you can't Self-Destruct

* There is one BFG hidden somewhere in the ship, but only the highest
   skill will access it, so if you want the BFG, then get ready for total

* There are three tasks you must complete to get your escape pod to launch. 
  one is easy, the rest are hard. Here's a cheat map of task 2:
        Out -> | |
       /Y------| |-----N\
      N                 N             N = Don't Hit this switch
      N                 Y             Y = Hit this one
      Y                 Y
      N                 N
      Y                 Y
      `-------| |-------/
              | | <- In 
              | |

Objectives for Level 2:


Objectives for Level 3:


Objectives for Level 4:

First, Navigate your way through the underground stone tunnels. Once you get
through there, and back up to a higher level, you'll find yourself inside an
abandoned city. It's not that big, and you should be able to navigate through
the buildings with casual ease. After you find the Red Key, you can go back 
underground for some more fun (NOT!!) in the complex. There'll be a big maze, 
but it'll be easy to get through, Since there's no switches, you just find the
Yellow key. After you get through there, you can get into the Yellow-Locked
door back in the city. A teleport there will lead you to an old Computer Base.
There you'll notice most of your ways to move are blocked by invisible force
fields. Find the switch to deacivate those. Inside the old base, you'll find
it's really dark except for a few parts. There's a switch that'll turn the
power back on. Once you've hit both of those, you'll pretty much be able to
figure out the rest, it's not THAT hard.        :)


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DM Spawns
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