of patch Map RIVER33.WAD (E3M3 replaced only; for DOOM I)
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*** NEW from the creator of "DARKHELL.WAD"!

*** THIS IS FOR DOOM I ONLY!                   *** THIS IS FOR DOOM I ONLY!

                  This map will NOT work with DOOM II.

Name of creator         :    Greytale

Title of patch Map      :    RIVER33.WAD   (E3M3 replaced only; for DOOM I)
Absolutely important    :    "You will LOVE this map, or I have no
                              imagination worthy of freeware."  -- Greytale
E-MAIL address          :    <email removed>
                        ****** Any questions?  Comments?  Flames?  Do you
                               despise this map?  Do you like it better
                               than DOOM itself?  If so... e-mail me!

Map # replaced          :    Episode 3, Map 3:  Doom I only


RIVER33.wad is extremely large, and a VERY difficult map to complete, even
on God mode.  The map requires a "search-every-nook-and-cranny" attitude,
and will take alot of time to finish.  There are alternate ways of finishing
the map, but ultimately the user's best bet is to get ahold of all the keys.

Upon finding the exit, the user may realize that the switch is a 2-sided
linedef with a false texture, viewable from only ONE side--a feat that I'VE 
never seen on any other DOOM patch-wads.  Not really a big deal, but it was
kind of a fun idea.

RIVER33.wad is about 260K; larger than the editor I used itself (DEU 5.21).

Don't get lost. :)
                                                    --- Greytale

Skill levels supported  :  * OF COURSE *  --With new twists, too.... :)  
                                          --In some levels, objects such as
                                            creatures, obstacles and even
                                            KEYS are REARRANGED from skill 
                                            level to skill level!
DEATHMATCH supported    :  * OF COURSE *
COOPERATIVE supported   :  * OF COURSE *

IBM models tested on    :  **486DX 33Mhz, 8Mb RAM, 512K graphics card,
                                 standard bus, stacker 3.0 running
                           --Low detail is pretty good with the status bar off
                           --High detail is a bit choppy on "Ultra-Violence"
                           **Pentium 50Mhz, 16Mb RAM, 1M grap. card, loc. bus,
                                 NO stacker, NO doublespace
                           --PRETTY GODDAMN AMAZING

Level basis             :    Completely from scratch 

Difficulty of Map       :    45 min. to 1 hr. for a very good DOOM player

                             --Really challenging on Hardest skill

Editor(s) used          :    DEU 5.21 and BSP 1.1 (binary space partitioner) 
                             (Special thanks to the creators of both
                             programs; Raphael Quinet and Colin Reed)

                             Thanks to roach@hairball for his play-testing.
                             Thanks to natx@hairball for his play-testing.

                             DOOM LOVERS  R U L E ! ! 

Available where?        : --> WCARCHIVE.CDROM.EDU (?)          
                           at Doom directory
                          --> WUARCHIVE.WUSTL.EDU  
                           at /pub/msdos_uploads/games or doom
                          --> MANY OTHER SITES THAT CARRY DOOM!


Interesting  :    * A sewer spans the diameter of the entire map, and 
 Features           provides a few interesting secrets.
                  * Over 2000 linedefs, 3000 Sidedefs, and 350 Sectors
                    to romp, stomp, crawl, run and backtrack through.

                 ** Just starting the level will knock your socks off when
                    you realize what is happening.  ;)

                  * Almost an episode in itself.
                  * Sectors are placed in certain ways to create the illusion
                    that there are sectors on top of sectors (which cannot
                    occur in DOOM)
                  * Alternate solutions to map.  There is more than three of
                    every key in the map.

                 ** The Imp Tower is fun to sabotage; let's just hope you get
                    there before they teleport to you.  ;)

                  * Possibility of achieving each and EVERY Weapon 
                    offered in game, on both DEATHMATCH & 1-player mode:

                  * Over 450 objects total in River33.wad!
                    (That's including decorations, creatures, teleport exits,
                     and the like... don't worry; there AREN'T 450 Cacos!!)

Time allotted for       :       30-40 hours (really).  I just can't let myself
creation of map                 put a crappy patch wad on the net, so I spend
                                the time to make it spectacular.  (Yes, I
                                still work 8-5!)

                                It's definitely a keeper!  Enjoy it!
** Special thanks to the creators of DEU 5.21, IDBSP, and BSP1.1x--all of
   these are really wonderful for making workable, interesting DOOM levels


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