You need a story ? O.K. The local post office was captured by alien forces bringing death to everyone who wants to enter. You, the one and only tou...

when the postman strikes back...
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Title                   : when the postman strikes back...
Filename                : POST-MAN.WAD
Author                  : Thomas Ott
Email Address           : internet: <email removed>
: fido: 2:2487/9517
Version                 : 1.4
                          changes from v1.3:
                            - taken out the statusbar
                              ( the guy, who made it, don't wanna see it
                                in any other PWAD )
Misc. Author Info       : please, let me know what you think about this level 

Just a few words about this level and my problems of making it.
After working for more than 4 years in the local post office of
my hometown, I thought it would be a good idea, to design a
Doom ][ PWAD, which should reflect the building and the outside
area perfectly. But after finishing the basement and playtesting
it, I had to leave out *many* rooms, because leaving the elevator
and firing a rocket, it took about 42 seconds before hitting the
next wall. Way too big.

So I started again, doing only the general outlay, the rooms, the
elevators, the stairs, the outside area, the trains, but *no*
inventory. But after playtesting it, Doom ][ permanently crashes.
The PWAD was 620 kB in size and the map was very big:
X( -11136, +4384)Y( -5024, +3324)
with about 90% of the 15520x8348 square filled out.
Well, Doom ][ crashed only when shooting, so I thought, my 16 megs
of RAM wouldn't be enough, but checking it out on 8 megs only
produces the same problem. So long, as you just walk around,
everything is O.K., but if you shoot 1 time...
I contacted ID-Software via email, but I just got the answer,
that they wouldn't help me. But as I checked 3 different node-
builders, I think it's a Doom ][ engine limit or a bug. And I
think, ID-Software should be interested in fixing bugs...

After nearly going over the edge for the past 3 months,
I started again.
I left out *most* of the rooms and inventories. The physical
location of the rooms and inventories doesn't reflect always
that of the real post office. But I tried to keep the most
interesting rooms and inventories.
This 3rd version of my post-level now works, with just 1
exception - you *CANNOT* save the game while playing, as the
Doom ][ engine crashes.
The problem isn't the size of this PWAD, because without *any*
things (decoration, ammunition and enemies) Doom ][ *can* save
it. I think, there are too many things inside, because the most
heavy loaded Doom ][ levels just have about 540 things inside,
while my level has somewhat about 1460 things built in.
That's another Doom ][ engine limit, but ID-Software doesn't
want to help... :-(

So you should move very carefully, as there are many enemies...
You have been warned.

Some tips:
- there are *ALL* keycards in the game
- *every* door can be opened, even if it seems impossible
- there are *many* secret rooms, one of them makes about 25% of the game

Description             : 
You need a story ? O.K.
The local post office was captured by alien forces bringing
death to everyone who wants to enter.
You, the one and only tough marine, have to clean up the
Additional Credits to   :
ID for DOOM ][.
All those guys, who wrote all the fantastic utilities.
Those guys, who made the sound patches I used.
(sorry, I really don't know anymore where I got them :-( )
my beta-testers:
- Wolfgang Holzinger
- Rolf Mannal, who found many inconsistencies
  thanks for play-testing so well

* Play Information *

Map Number              : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes - it was designed for single-player-mode
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes - but intended just for 2 players
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No
Difficulty Settings     : Yes implemented
New Sounds              : Yes - just a little bit
New Graphics            : Yes - replaced some mult. textures
New Music               : No (just the music from level 28)
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : ade2gcc v5.25.thommy
  (I've merged ade2 and deu521gcc and fixed some bugs
   this editor is still beta, but I'll upload it
  somewhere sometime, if I got the O.K. from the
  original authors)
                          bsp v1.2x
                          rmb v2.1.alpha
                          nwt v1.3
Known Bugs              : Doom ][ crashes when trying to save
  ultra-violence needs a fast machine
                          Please read the text at the start of this file.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Do what you do with this PWAD.

* Where to get this WAD *

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