More WADs

16 May 16

There is now over 42,000 WADs that can now be downloaded. That is a total of over 220GB in size! More are still being added every day.

In other news, Doom 4 is out now!

Downloads and comments!

15 Mar 16

Downloads are now available for nearly 35,000 WADs and PK3s directly from Wad Archive (with more being added all the time). Downloading requires a free account that can be created over on the sign up page

With an account it is also possible to post comments at the bottom of each WAD, PK3 or Disc.

WAD Lumps

18 Feb 16

Lump listings are now available for most WADs and PK3. Check it out on Heretic. Listings will be added in time for WADs that are currently missing them

New category, mobile improvements and 50,000 WADs!

4 Jan 16

There is now a new category for commercial WADs where you can find all the versions of official WADs. Get in contact if there are any missing.

Some changes to how the WAD pages display on mobile devices have been made that should make it easier to browse.

Also, there are now over 50,000 WADs and PK3s in the archive with more being added all the time!

New Filter

13 Sep 15

Search and category pages can now be filtered down to WADs that are in the idGames collection. Check it out here

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