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Wads of the Damned are puzzling, death-monger wads that will push your true DOOMing abilities. The part-one wads load in as levels 1,2 & 3 respectively. If you are a thinking player, you will not need to resort to cheat codes to survive. All the DAMNED wads contain 4 DEATHMATCH starts and player 1-4 starts. Each wad has been thoroughly tested for both single and modem play (special thanks to Marty Ray for help with the modem play). The wads are also desgined to be played in sync, meaning, if you jump to #3 without retriving the weapons of #1 & #2, you will not survive. DAMNED01 is the heaviest on puzzle. Failure to throw switches in a precise order will result in death and frustration. The wad should be taken with caution. "Rambo" style playing will unleash too many monsters at the same time. The wad is based loosely on the bottom left corner of an old map I have for the original ZORK (i.e. the chasm, the bank and the volcano). DAMNED02 is linear for the single player, but has plenty of loops and hiding places for DEATHMATCH. Of the three, this one is my favorite. Monsters may seem heavy, but they are actually easy if you are calculating and methodical. In single player mode, you are always pointed in the right direction to complete the wad. In DAMNED03, I decided to let loose. I had a fun house in mind when I put it together. Animated walls, light tubes and an exit room from hell will splatter your blood several times before you get this one right. It plays well in both single and modem play, but the order you find the keys in affects your survivability significantly in single play. If you need any hints or have comments, don't hesitate to drop me a line! Sean 73042,3405 COMING JANUARY 31: WADS OF THE DAMNED PART TWO: THE EDGE OF SANITY

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