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jdoom valafar's fortress pack.pk3

I'm gonna keep this brief. This is my first map. I went for a wooden theme to it, until it gets to the hellish area. I also went for a modern approach, like if this happened today. So, you will not find any rocket launchers (never seen a rocket launcher that looked like a tube or barrel), plasma rifles, of BFG9000s. You will find everything else in terms of weapons. However, there is no berserker packs, radiation suits, Computer Area Maps, or armor. You will also not find any monsters with cyber attachments, so you can rest well this is 100% cyberdemon or spiderdemon free. There is also no keys, so it should be pretty straight forward. It is also very linear, but it is also very big. I made it with Singleplayer in mind, but Multiplayer has deathmatch spawn points and Co-op start points. I made it mostly in doom builder 2, but I started in doom builder 1. I'd like to thank chubzdoomer on youtube for his tutorials, without them this wad would not exist. Included is a .pk3 for jdoom, which I sort of made this for. I recommend downloading this version of jdoom for minimum bugs: Once downloading, I reccommend you go to Doomsday/Data/jdoom and find some user interface pack thingy. Delete it. Then go to Doomsday/Defs/jdoom/auto (or maybe not in auto) and remove the jdui thingy there too. Then, download the ui pack from the main page. The jdtp is also reccommended. I also suggest the enviornment pack which comes with it, then, once loading, type fog off in the console. Then you get a full 3d skybox. These are all reccommendations, and are not at all required to run this wad. Also, I changed music, so don't use custom music with this.

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