This level was intended to be a house that I've been to on the Delta..hint hint, the name. After a while I decided to update some of it's surroundi...

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WAD Type
DELTA 1  upgrade from delta.wad
Game:                   DOOM II
Single Player:          Yes
Cooperative:            Yes
Deathmatch:             YES!!
New Sounds:             YES!
New GFX:                YES!
New Music:              YES!
Demo(s) Replaced:       None; that's your job. Please Email me demos!
Author:                 The DooM Kid
Author info:            Nuthin' much. I have a web page at
                        I love this WAD! I stole most of the sounds/music/gfx
                        from other wads. If you created the sound...I give
                        credit to you.
Description:            This level was intended to be a house that I've been
                        to on the Delta..hint hint, the name. After a while
                        I decided to update some of it's surroundings for
                        Deathmatch play! After many hours, I have finally come
                        up with this new version of Delta1.wad! It's rather
                        primative in design but it sure as hell is fun!
Bugs:                   In my editor it said the sector was not closed....
                        could be an editor bug, but play is not affected in
                        any way. Report any physical bugs if you see any.
Editors used:           DCK 3.61 Shareware, Wintex 4.3 shareware.
Build time:             Couple years for final result.
Hints: Now, this section is for those of you who READ the .txt files instead
of skipping into the game.
1. The exit is highly hidden. This is for those players who are poor sports
and wish to bail out when gettin' a whippin'! The exit is located on the
South West pilling for the dock. It's in the center of the pole. To reach it
you must run from the door of the house and onto the pole while hitting the
spacebar (or whatever you have it configed to.)  to exit the level. The timing
must be correct to succesfully exit. This can be done at any time. If you use
the cheat code to view all areas (IDDT or IDBEHOLDA) you will see the exit
line in the center of the pillar/pole. It is facing the levee, that's why ya
have to run!

2.  This level is BEST played with TURBO 200%! Use a program like DM.EXE or
other front end to allow ease of use.

3.  There are TWO (2) BFG's in this level! The first, at the south/west end of
the levee, which is a TRAP, and one in a sorta secret room in the "front" of
the house -- this one requires you to go along the ledge of the
get on the ledge by a few steps behind the so-called shed on the left of
the 'tree'.

4. Watch out for the TRAPS! Behind each levee, (opposite the water) there are
two areas (one on each side)  that trap you. The only way out is either
suicide or let your partner do you in. There are rocket launchers provided
if you decide to chicken out. One of these traps contain a tease
your buddy with...hehehe.

5. In DooM, with a rocket launcher, it doesn't matter how high or low you are
(height wise) you can still hit your opponent with the blast even if the
rocket appears to hit the wall 50ft. above him/her! Hint: The
you know how to do your opponent if he/she tries to do you in with the BFG.
So if you're traped... STAY AWAY FROM THE WALLS!


Visit my DooM site at
or Email me at:
<email removed>
if you have any questions or comments.
Thanks and have a lot of FUN!!!
1. Front doesn't have a lowered wall.
2. Changed Dock type.
3. Changed texture in Water area.
4. Different sounds
5. Replaced Green Day music.
6. New, MEANER Double Barrel sound!!!!!!
7. Added a few textures.
8. Removed some corners to allow easier navigation thru house.
9. New graphics..status bar only.
10. Removed Medkits....replaced with stimpacks.
11. More deathmatch starts + weapons/ammo.
12. Added BFG area. [secret]
13. Changed exit a little.
Help credits:
Michael & Dan for testeing 6 hrs. straight! And for suggestions!
Michael#2 & Ryan for more testing.
Chase, George, Kareem for even more testing!


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