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Filename   - MANIC.WAD E3M1
Time taken - Too ****ing long.

This picture was created using 3d Studio V3.  It used 27 procedural 
textures and took 28 weeks to render on a Pentium 100 PC with 640k.
It has over 200000000 faces and 30000000000000 vertices.  It was scaled 
down from 100000 by 2000000 pixels to 50 by 40 in 45 days by Paint Shop 
Pro V2 ....... Ooops sorry wrong file .... got a little bit carried
away there.  Anyway back to the right file ....

Dear Mrs Smith,
The estimate for the work carried out on the downstairs
bathroom is 24 million pounds and 2p + VAT and p&p.  Sorry we couldn't do
it cheaper but second hand solid gold baths from the Cleopatra era are
hard to find.

Ooops - sorry again (gettin to be a bit of a habit this!?)

Where was I, oh yes. This Doom wad was created by me, only me and me alone 
and no one else (not even my dog Sparky helped).

By the way me is Andrew Harbour (not that I am a harbour thats my surname - 
talk about unfortunate named after a place with lots of big boats.)

The level itself is pretty large, to be quite honest I think it's huge!
There's absolutely loads of monsters, if you like killing lots and 
also enjoy a bit of a puzzle element to levels then you should love 
this level.

Multi Player (coperative) playing is supported on this level but due
to the large size it was decided deathmatch would be exceptionally 
boring and is therefore not implemented.

Programs Used - 
DEU V5.1 - For the level creation (Great program!)
BSP V1.0 - Cheers mines a pint

Credits for this text file - Us, us being :-
  Col   -       The long haired one
  Neil  -       The other long haired one, 
  Mark  -       The not long haired but wants to be one, 
  Jane  -       Someone else with long hair, 
  Kev(aka spon349, aka kjb, aka kblake) 
-       Not with long hair!
  and Janes new kitten - it's soooooooo cute.

If you should need to contact me with any problems or suggestions then 
I can be reached by internet email at  <email removed>

Now the part you've been looking forward to....The legal bits.

[ Copyright / Permissions ]

Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels but
please give me a little credit, if only for inspiration.
You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file.


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