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This is original music for DOOM2 based on songs of a Cleveland heavy metal/thrash band I used to be in way back in '92. The WAD was completed on Fe...

12oz Draft Music for DOOM2 v1.0
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WAD Type
Title                   : 12oz Draft Music for DOOM2 v1.0 
Filename                : draft2_1.wad
Author                  : John Wolanski
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : equipment used-
                          -Yamaha QY20 sequencer
                          -SeqMax Lite MIDI software
                          -SoundBlaster 16 sound card
                          -my guitar (for hashing out ideas)
Description             : This is original music for DOOM2 based on songs
                          of a Cleveland heavy metal/thrash band I used
                          to be in way back in '92. The WAD was completed
                          on Feb. 16, 1997 at 12:00AM.  Following is a list
                          of the songs and their respective author(s). For
                          those curious, authors of guitar solos, which are
                          horribly rendered in MIDI, have an '*' next to
                          their name. The list is in the order that the songs
                          appear in the WAD.

                          APOCALYPSE!: Sawczak*
                          Alice in No-Man's Land: Wolanski, Sawczak*
                          insania: Wolanski*
                          Hell Pirates: Wolanski, Sawczak*
                          Aside: Butts*
                          October Void: Wolanski*
                          F.M.O.E.T.: Gawronsky, Wolanski, Sawczak*
                          The Mummy's Curse: Wolanski*
                          ...and Have You Ever Thought of Dying?: Wolanski
                          Pain and Suffering.: Wolanski*
Additional Credits to   : the artists:
                               John "John-Boy, Saucey-Boy, Wolf-Boy" Sawczak
                               Bob "Dirty Long-Haired Weirdo" Gawronsky Jr.
                               Jonathan "Demon-Boy" Butts
                                    -guitarist friend
                               John "The Killer, Moody" Wolanski
                                    -bass & vocals
                               I know this sounds corny but I love you all
                                 and will never forget you.  *sniff*
                           the game:
                               id Software and all affiliated with them
                           the editors:
                               Olivier Montanuy-WinTex
                               author of Midi2Mus
                           the music stuff:
                               Richard Johnson-SeqMax
                           extra thanks to: L. Ron Hubbard, H. P. Lovecraft,
                               Ma & Pa Wolanski, Dan Mills, God, etc...                                        
*Play Information*

Episode and Level #            : Maps 1-10
Single Player                  : yes
Co-op 2-4 Player               : untested
Deathmatch                     : untested
Difficulty Settings            : all
New Sounds                     : no
New Graphics                   : yes, the level names are replaced by
                                      song names (1-10, but not on map)
New Music                      : yes, lvls 1-10, intro, tally and story
Demos Replaced                 : none

Base                           : new from scratch
Editors Used                   : WinTex v4.3
Known Bugs                     : none that I have noticed

*Copyright / Permissions*
  Authors may use this level as a base to build additional levels provided
 they DO NOT alter the songs or their names/name graphics. Said authors
 are to notify me of any alterations so I can try 'em out!

  You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no
 modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format
 (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

 *Where to get this WAD*
FTP sites: ftp.cdrom.com  (I'm assuming, since that is where I uploaded
                           it to .)
BBS numbers: I don't know, I didn't send any there unless cdrom.com has one
Other: from me by E-mail request-  <email removed>

*PS*-if any WAD authors wish to have music put to their WADs, give me an
    E-mail request laying down the desired mood for the the music and WAD,
    and what style you want the music to lean to (be warned that I'm not
    much good outside of heavy metal-ish music, but Odin's beard, I'll try!)
    I cannot guarantee a quick response time or even a song at all but if
    you send me the mood of the WAD and it's title (unless you want the
    song name to be the title), I'll see if I want to undertake the
    project and if I do, I'll make you a PWAD with the music, your level(s),
    and the level graphic for the song/WAD name.
    E-mail:   <email removed>

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