claus_02.wad is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on HERETIC

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WAD file        : CLAUS_02.WAD
WAD title       : "The Big Scary 'Doughnut' Lift"...
Created by      : Claus Nielsen
                : (<email removed>)

WAD Description : Well, it's actually not that hard to get to the exit, but can
                  you do it with 3 x 100% - without cheating?!

Thanks to       : Peter Bendixen and Peter Madsen; always more than willing to
                  test my levels - (that was a joke)... Also many thanks to the
                  makers of DEU and IDBSP, whom without this wouldn't exist.
                  Oh, and of course Id Software - but that goes without saying.
LMP file        : CN02_12.LMP and CN02_16.LMP
Recording time  : 14min 21sec and 14min 25sec

LMP Description : A walk-through of this level, showing you how to get all the
                  good stuff... Both LMP's are recorded using the option
                  "-nomonsters", and should also be played with this option...
                  (I don't want you to know the locations of all the monsters
                  too). Because a LMP recorded on Doom 1.2 wont work with
                  Doom 1.666 and vice versa, I've included a LMP file that will
                  only work with Doom 1.2 and one for Doom 1.666. Feel free to
                  mail LMP's recorded with the option "-maxdemo xxxx", that
                  shows how you're dealing with the monsters...


How to play WAD : DOOM -FILE CLAUS_02.WAD   (-DEVPARM -WART 1 1 -SKILL 4)



WAD information : Episode and Mission #   : E1 M1
                  Single player           : Yes
                  Cooperative 2-4 player  : No
                  Deathmatch 2-4 player   : No
                  Difficulty settings     : Yes - But made for UltraViolent
                  New music/sounds        : No
                  New graphics            : No
                  Demos replaced          : No - LMP file included instead

Base            : Totally new level.
Build time      : Let me see; 6 days... and 6 nights!
Editors used    : DEU521GCC, WAD_DWD and IDBSP10 - Great tools!
Known bugs      : None that I'm aware of... Okay, okay - there are some nasty
                  HOM effects at the end, (try standing on the bridge and look
                  back - on the other hand, don't try it); but I can live with
                  it, and if you can't, well, that's just to bad...

Copyright       : Authors may use this level as a base to build additional
                  levels, just be so kind and mention me... Thanks.

Distribution    : You may distribute this WAD, provided you include this file,
                  with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any
                  electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
                  include this file intact. But DON'T charge any money!

Comments        : Any comments will be highly appriciated. I can be reached at
                  the E-Mail address mentioned above... Thank you.


The "hintbook"  : May only be read if you're stuck, (or just want to "cheat").

                  1. Hey, didn't you read the sentence just before?! Reading
                     this may spoil all the fun! Don't say i didn't warn you...
                  2. The blue key is in the blue room.
                  3. The yellow key is behind the big "blue" door.
                  4. ...and the red key is somewhere in the labyrinth with the
                     grey vine walls.
                  5. In the marble/metal-room there's a secret room, with a
                     switch uncovering the rocket launcher, and a there's also
                     a lift leading to the labyrinth mentioned above.
                  6. The labyrinth can also lead you to the chainsaw.
                  7. A soul sphere can be reached from the chainsaw-room.
                  8. The entrance to the red door is hidden on the southeast
                     lift, seen from the big "doughnut lift". Or you could use
                     one of the teleports found in the green vine/acid room.
                  9. Behind one of the skulls near the yellow key, there's a
                     secret room hiding a mega armor.
                 10. The switch in the "star room" (with the mega armor), will
                     open a door to the soul sphere, and you'll have to use the
                     teleport mentioned above to get there.
                 11. The barrels are standing on a lift, so don't be afraid to
                     jump down there. You'll find some ammo.
                 12. An area map can be reached from the "exit" on the right.
                 13. That's it. I don't think there's anything else that could
                     give you a headache?.. Otherwise give the LMP a look.


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