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SLIDERS: PREPARE TO MEET THY DOOM!WRITTEN BY MARK MOORECONTENTS--------INTRODUCTIONWHO AM I?WHAT IS SLIDERS: PREPARE TO MEET THY DOOM!?THE STORY FOR SLIDERS: PREPARE TO MEET THY DOOM!WHAT TIME THE GAME TAKES PLACE IN IN RELATION TO THE TV SERIESWHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE DOOMSLID.ZIP FILEWHAT'S NEEDED TO RUN SLIDERS DOOMHOW SLIDERS DOOM WAS MADESOUNDS USED IN THE GAME, AND FROM WHICH EPISODESCHANGES MADE IN THE EXE FILES FOR THE GAMESA NOTE ABOUT THE LANGUAGECREDITSFUTURE PROJECTS FROM MEWHERE YOU CAN SEND COMMENTS AND QUESTIONSWHERE YOU CAN GET A COPY OF THIS GREAT PROGRAMCONCLUSIONINTRODUCTION------------Well, here I am - FINALLY!!! This is the first project for Doom that I'mreleasing over the Internet. I've been spending quite a long time on thisproject. (I started working on it sometime after the episode "THE YOUNG ANDTHE RELENTLESS" first aired on Friday, June 7, 1996.) Anyway, I'm finallydone! Today's date is January 1, 1997 (New Year's Day). So now I finally getto write about all this!!! Maybe you'd like to get something to drink whilereading this; it'll take quite a while!!!WHO AM I?---------My name is Mark Moore. I'm 18 years old. I was born in Chicago, Illinois onOctober 18, 1978. I've lived in Homosassa, Florida since June, 1986. Me andmy parents moved here from Chicago when I was 7. I graduated from LecantoHigh School on Tuesday, May 28, 1996. I'm the youngest sibling.I had a lot of time on my hands during the summer, so I decided to make abig Doom project, being a big Doom fan, yet not quite a fanatic. I don'tspend every free moment playing Doom. I like writing stories.Anyway, since I started attending CFCC (Central Florida Community College)on Monday, August 26, I kept working on it, so here it is.WHAT IS SLIDERS: PREPARE TO MEET THY DOOM!?-------------------------------------------It is a program that I have made for Doom. It consists of DeHackEd patchesand a WAD file. It's really awesome, if I do say so myself!!! :-)It's based on the T.V. series "SLIDERS", created by Tracy Torme and RobertK. Weiss.THE STORY FOR SLIDERS: PREPARE TO MEET THY DOOM!------------------------------------------------The story is pretty cool. The Sliders land on a world that has been takenover by demons and monsters. Since they can't stay in one place until thewindow opens, due to said demons and monsters, they have to get out of thebase. So, Quinn goes and clears the way, then Wade, Rembrandt, and theProfessor follow. They slide to the next world, only to find out it'ssimilar to the one they just left. Each episode of THE ULTIMATE DOOM takesplace on a different Earth, and DOOM II: HELL ON EARTH takes place on theworst one they've encountered so far!!! In Doom II, the demons and monstershave taken over the Earth and wanna sabotage the Cryin' Man Concert on thatEarth!!! The Sliders have to stop them!!! After Doom II, they slide to abetter world; thus, it's the end of the game.WHAT TIME THE GAME TAKES PLACE IN IN RELATION TO THE TV SERIES--------------------------------------------------------------The events of this game take place immediately after the episode "RULES OFTHE GAME", the third season premiere. The "War Game" experience has preparedthem for this world - almost!!! :-)WHAT'S INCLUDED IN THE DOOMSLID.ZIP FILE----------------------------------------The following files should be included in the ZIP file. If any are missing,then you have an altered copy. Check the end of the document on how toobtain a pure copy.FILE_ID.DIZDescriptionSLIDERS.TXTInfo FileSLIDERS.WADThe Sliders WAD File That Contains The Sounds And GraphicsSLIDERS1.DEHThe DeHackEd Patch For Doom 1SLIDERS2.DEHThe DeHackEd Patch For Doom 2WHAT'S NEEDED TO RUN SLIDERS DOOM---------------------------------You need either The Ultimate Doom v1.9 or Doom 2: Hell On Earth v1.666.You'll need both games for the full experience. Although, you can use theWAD file with any version of Doom (I think), but not the DeHackEd patches.HOW SLIDERS DOOM WAS MADE-------------------------Forget it!!! It takes TOO LONG to explain!!!SOUNDS USED IN THE GAME, AND FROM WHICH EPISODES------------------------------------------------Here is a list of all of the voices and sound effects listed in the game,who said them, and from which episode:Pistol Sound - From the Second Season Episode "THE YOUNG AND THE RELENTLESS"(6/7/96) where Wade's double fired the gun.Quinn's Groan - "THE YOUNG AND THE RELENTLESS" where Quinn and Wade's doublewere fighting.Wade: "Ooh, you look so angry!" - "THE YOUNG AND THE RELENTLESS" from thescene where they were watching the video tape.Arturo: "Run! Run like hell!" - From the Second Season Premiere "INTO THEMYSTIC" (3/1/96) when the Sliders were running away.Wade: "Quinn?!"Arturo: "Oh my God!"Wade: "Nooooooooooooooo!" - "INTO THE MYSTIC" repeat of "LUCK OF THE DRAW"(5/17/95). I used "INTO THE MYSTIC" because I couldn't find "LUCK OF THEDRAW". I have every SLIDERS episode on tape, but the first season episodesare scattered all over. Starting with the second season, I taped them allback to back, so they would be easier to find.Quinn: "That looked like that must've hurt!" - "THE YOUNG AND THERELENTLESS" when they were watching the tape.Punching Sound - This is actually the sound from when Wade's double kickedQuinn in "THE YOUNG AND THE RELENTLESS".Thunder Clap - The thunder clap from the end of an episode. I don't rememberwhich one. It's used when the boss in Doom 2 dies.Rembrandt: (singing) "I've got tears in my 'fro" (slowly) - From the episode"THE KING IS BACK" (5/10/95) during the concert when Rembrandt startssinging.R & B Music - "THE KING IS BACK" when Rembrandt walks out on stage. Used inlevel 30 of Doom 2.Rembrandt: (singing) "I've got tears in my 'fro" (fast) - "THE KING IS BACK"when Rembrandt starts singing again after his double come on stage.Ross J. Kelley: "I'm Ross J. Kelley, and I'll fight for you!!!" - "INTO THEMYSTIC" from the T.V. commercial.Rembrandt and Rembrandt's double: (singing) "I should pull them out, I know,though that's the saddest thing I'll ever have to do." - "THE KING IS BACK"during the concert.Quinn: "Whoo!!!" - "THE KING IS BACK" after they slide into the emptycourthouse.Quinn: "That was unbelievable, you guys!!!" - "THE KING IS BACK" after theyslide into the empty courthouse.Wade: "Damn you!" - From the episode "GILLIAN OF THE SPIRITS" (3/15/96) whenQuinn tells Wade to slide.Maurice Fish: "Whoo-hoo-ooo!!! Oh, yes, sir!!! Thank you!!!" - "THE KING ISBACK" when Maurice was demonstrating his "unique" singing skills toRembrandt. Well, I don't really know if you can call it "singing". :-)Ross J. Kelley: "I can get those demons off your back!!!" - "INTO THEMYSTIC" from the T.V.  commercial.Arturo: "Gentlemen, check your flies." - "THE KING IS BACK" when they werewalking down the street and singing everyone laughing.Wade: "That is so cool!!!" - "PILOT" (3/22/95), the series premiere, whenWade asked Quinn if the Wormhole was safe.Quinn: "Sliders" - From second season theme song. I don't remember whichone.So, here are the number of sounds taken from each episode:"THE KING IS BACK"8"THE YOUNG AND THE RELENTLESS"5"INTO THE MYSTIC"4"GILLIAN OF THE SPIRITS"1"PILOT"1PLUS:1 SOUND FROM SECOND SEASON THEME SONG1 SOUND FROM THE END OF AN EPISODEAnd here's the number of lines each character had:WADE5 (counted 2 for sound when Quinn dies)QUINN4 (not counting groan)REMBRANDT3 (only counted 1 for when both Rembrandts were singing)ARTURO3ROSS J. KELLEY2MAURICE FISH1CHANGES MADE IN THE EXE FILES FOR THE GAMES-------------------------------------------The following changes were made in both Doom 1 and Doom 2:The plasma bullet's missile damage was increased to half of that of theBFG-9000. It seemed more logical for the plasma gun to have more power thanthe rocket launcher instead of less.Maximum Health was upped to 999%Max Armor upped to 999%Max Soulsphere Health upped to 999%God Mode Health upped to 999%IDFA Armor upped to 999%IDKFA Armor upped to 999%The number of BFG Cells used per shot was lowered to 10The cheat codes were changed. Here are the new cheat codes, which apply toboth games:Change MusictunesChainsawchainsawGod ModegodAmmo & KeysallAmmoammoNo ClippingclipInvincibilitymacleodBerserkberserkInvisibilitygoneRadiation SuitsuitAuto-mapautomapLite-Amp GoggleslightsBEHOLD menubehold (note that it serves no purpose :-) )Level WarpengagePlayer PositionplayerMap cheatmapThe text was changed. Note: If you don't want the surprise to be spoiled,scroll down to the section titled: "A NOTE ABOUT THE LANGUAGE". Don't say Ididn't warn ya!!! :-)Here's the old and new text for both games, taken directly from the patchfiles:THE ULTIMATE DOOM:After Episode 1 (Old):Text 440 441Once you beat the big badasses andclean out the moon base you're supposedto win, aren't you? Aren't you? Where'syour fat reward and ticket home? Whatthe hell is this? It's not supposed toend this way!It stinks like rotten meat, but lookslike the lost Deimos base.  Looks likeyou're stuck on The Shores of Hell.The only way out is through.To continue the DOOM experience, playThe Shores of Hell and its amazingsequel, Inferno!After Episode 1 (New):Once Quinn gets to the end of the base, hetells Wade, Rembrandt, and ProfessorArturo to join him. They fight their wayto where Quinn is, and they Slide. Whatthey find on the next Earth is an almostexact duplicate of the world they justleft - only a lot meaner!! Seems likeQuinn has to go and clear this base, too!"Good luck, Quinn." Wade says, and kisseshim on the lips."Don't worry, Wade." Quinn says, and hegoes into the base.After Episode 2 (Old):Text 466 465You've done it! The hideous cyber-demon lord that ruled the lost Deimosmoon base has been slain and youare triumphant! But ... where areyou? You clamber to the edge of themoon and look down to see the awfultruth.Deimos floats above Hell itself!You've never heard of anyone escapingfrom Hell, but you'll make the bastardssorry they ever heard of you! Quickly,you rappel down to  the surface ofHell.Now, it's on to the final chapter ofDOOM! -- Inferno.After Episode 2 (New):Quinn looks down at the Cyber-Demon Lord,then tells Wade, Rembrandt, and theProfessor to join him. All four of themSlide to the next world.Can you guess what they find there?That's right...another base infested withdemons.Looks like it ain't over just quite yet.Quinn will have to fight his way throughthis base, too - which just happens to bea lot tougher than the last one. Whocould imagine? Anyway, Quinn maintains anopen channel and goes inside.After Episode 3 (Old):Text 492 492The loathsome spiderdemon thatmasterminded the invasion of the moonbases and caused so much death has hadits ass kicked for all time.A hidden doorway opens and you enter.You've proven too tough for Hell tocontain, and now Hell at last playsfair -- for you emerge from the doorto see the green fields of Earth!Home at last.You wonder what's been happening onEarth while you were battling evilunleashed. It's good that no Hell-spawn could have come through thatdoor with you ...After Episode 3 (New):Quinn has destroyed the Spiderdemon. Timeto Slide.On the next Earth, things are a lot worse!"Shit!" Wade screams in anger. "When willit end?! When will it fuckin' end?!"Before Quinn leaves, the Professor shakesQuinn's hand. "Good luck, my boy!""Thanks, Professor." Quinn says, and,after saying good-bye to everyone again,he goes inside the base, leaving the"Cryin' Man" the difficult task of keepingeveryone entertained. Rembrandt startssinging "Tears In My 'Fro".            After Episode 4 (Old):Text 503 500the spider mastermind must have sent forthits legions of hellspawn before yourfinal confrontation with that terriblebeast from hell.  but you stepped forwardand brought forth eternal damnation andsuffering upon the horde as a true herowould in the face of something so evil.besides, someone was gonna pay for whathappened to daisy, your pet rabbit.but now, you see spread before you morepotential pain and gibbitude as a nationof demons run amok among our stop, hell on earth!After Episode 4 (New):The Sliders Slide to the next world."Holy Shit!" Wade screams in horror."My sentiments exactly." Arturo adds.It seems that on this world, all of Earthhas been taken over by zombies and demons!Quinn reloads his pistol."Something tells me it's gonna take a lotlonger to fight our way through this one!"Quinn says, quite a bit frustrated at thethought of fighting zombies and demons onthe streets of San Francisco. "This hasgotta be Hell On Earth...or something..."Quinn walks off.      DOOM 2: HELL ON EARTH:First (Old):Text 405 407YOU HAVE ENTERED DEEPLY INTO THE INFESTEDSTARPORT. BUT SOMETHING IS WRONG. THEMONSTERS HAVE BROUGHT THEIR OWN REALITYWITH THEM, AND THE STARPORT'S TECHNOLOGYIS BEING SUBVERTED BY THEIR PRESENCE.AHEAD, YOU SEE AN OUTPOST OF HELL, AFORTIFIED ZONE. IF YOU CAN GET PAST IT,YOU CAN PENETRATE INTO THE HAUNTED HEARTOF THE STARBASE AND FIND THE CONTROLLINGSWITCH WHICH HOLDS EARTH'S POPULATIONHOSTAGE.First (New):"All right, guys, you can join me now,but be careful." Quinn says into hisradio.Wade, Rembrandt, and Arturo fighttheir way to Quinn's location. Wadekills a couple of things that Quinnleft behind, while Rembrandt sings"Tears In My 'Fro" all the waythrough, about eight or ten times.Finally, after a half hour, theyreach Quinn."Don't get your ass shot off."Wade laughs."All right." Quinn says.Second (Old):Text 617 619YOU HAVE WON! YOUR VICTORY HAS ENABLEDHUMANKIND TO EVACUATE EARTH AND ESCAPETHE NIGHTMARE.  NOW YOU ARE THE ONLYHUMAN LEFT ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET.CANNIBAL MUTATIONS, CARNIVOROUS ALIENS,AND EVIL SPIRITS ARE YOUR ONLY NEIGHBORS.YOU SIT BACK AND WAIT FOR DEATH, CONTENTTHAT YOU HAVE SAVED YOUR SPECIES.BUT THEN, EARTH CONTROL BEAMS DOWN AMESSAGE FROM SPACE: "SENSORS HAVE LOCATEDTHE SOURCE OF THE ALIEN INVASION. IF YOUGO THERE, YOU MAY BE ABLE TO BLOCK THEIRENTRY.  THE ALIEN BASE IS IN THE HEART OFYOUR OWN HOME CITY, NOT FAR FROM THESTARPORT." SLOWLY AND PAINFULLY YOU GETUP AND RETURN TO THE FRAY.Second (New):Quinn finds dead bodies everywhere. Seemslike a lot of people from this world havedied already. Quinn summons his fellowSliders via his trusted radio.                                                    "My ass is just fine, thank you." Quinn  says to Wade.                                                                     Wade laughs. "You still have your sense  of humor. Great! If I had to do what     you're doing, I'd probably go insane!"                                            "And it's not over yet!" Quinn says. "Wishme luck!""Good luck, Quinn." Wade says as Quinn   walks off by himself. Third (Old):Text 312 315YOU ARE AT THE CORRUPT HEART OF THE CITY,SURROUNDED BY THE CORPSES OF YOUR ENEMIES.YOU SEE NO WAY TO DESTROY THE CREATURES'ENTRYWAY ON THIS SIDE, SO YOU CLENCH YOURTEETH AND PLUNGE THROUGH IT.THERE MUST BE A WAY TO CLOSE IT ON THEOTHER SIDE. WHAT DO YOU CARE IF YOU'VEGOT TO GO THROUGH HELL TO GET TO IT?Third (New):Once Wade and co. get to Quinn, they seea TV commercial in a store window abouta "Cryin' Man" concert."My double is performing on this world?"Rembrandt asks, surprised."Apparently so." Arturo says."Quinn, what if those demons wannasabotage the concert?!" Wade asks."Then I gotta stop them." Quinn says. Win (Old):Text 494 495THE HORRENDOUS VISAGE OF THE BIGGESTDEMON YOU'VE EVER SEEN CRUMBLES BEFOREYOU, AFTER YOU PUMP YOUR ROCKETS INTOHIS EXPOSED BRAIN. THE MONSTER SHRIVELSUP AND DIES, ITS THRASHING LIMBSDEVASTATING UNTOLD MILES OF HELL'SSURFACE.YOU'VE DONE IT. THE INVASION IS OVER.EARTH IS SAVED. HELL IS A WRECK. YOUWONDER WHERE BAD FOLKS WILL GO WHEN THEYDIE, NOW. WIPING THE SWEAT FROM YOURFOREHEAD YOU BEGIN THE LONG TREK BACKHOME. REBUILDING EARTH OUGHT TO BE ALOT MORE FUN THAN RUINING IT WAS.Win (New):Finally! Quinn has destroyed the evilbeing that has terrorized this worldand nearly ruined this Earth's "Cryin'Man" concert! But all is well now.Quinn radios for Wade, Rembrandt, andProfessor Arturo to come and join him."Man, am I glad to get off of thisfuckin' world!" Wade remarks."Yeah, besides, my throat was gettin'dry as Hell!" Rembrandt adds.                             Everyone laughs. Quinn opens up theGateway and they Slide off of thisEarth and to a better one.       Cast Listing At End Of Game (Old):Text 8 11OUR HEROCast Listing At End Of Game (New):Q-Ball!Plus, there are changes in the messages during the start-up for both games,all of which are clearly visible, so I don't need to list them here :-).A NOTE ABOUT THE LANGUAGE-------------------------In a few of the text sequences in Doom 1 and Doom 2, language that somepeople might find offensive is used. If you're one of these people, thenplease don't use the DeHackEd patches. Just use the WAD file.Also, if Sabrina Lloyd happens to be reading this, if I have offended you byhaving your character use "bad" language, then I'm sorry. Please e-mail meif you feel this way. You'll find the addresses near the end of this textfile.CREDITS-------Here's a list of all the great people I have to thank for making thisprogram possible:id Software for making Doom and Doom 2!!!Robert K. Weiss and Tracy Torme for creating SLIDERS!!!Jerry O'Connell, Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks, and John Rhys-Davies forgiving life to these wonderful characters!!!Jerry O'Connell, Sabrina Lloyd, Cleavant Derricks, John Rhys-Davies, JohnNovak, Clinton Derricks-Carroll, and Tom Pickett for lending their voicesfor the game (albeit unknowingly :-) ).Packard Bell for making my computer!!!Microsoft for making Windows, Sound Recorder, Paintbrush, and Notepad.Radio Shack for making a Communications Headset With VOX and a Karaokemachine.Emerson for making a VHS VCR.Whoever made the A/V cables I used. It says ARCHER on them.Voyetra for making WinDAT.Chris S. Craig for making GoldWave.Leonardo H. Loureiro for making LView Pro.SuperSet Software Corp. for making WinGIF.Denis M''ler (TiC) for making NWT.Macintosh for making the hardware and software to let me get a screenshot ofWade (which I decided to use AFTER I got it, by the way) and to scan thepicture of Jerry.Mr. Mike Taylor, my Television Production teacher, for letting me use hisMac to get the picture of WadeBOP magazine for the picture of Jerry O'Connell.Greg Lewis for making DeHackEd.FUTURE PROJECTS FROM ME-----------------------I'm not sure about other stuff right now. Whatever I come up with, I'llmake. Right now, though, I think I'll take a break from Doom (what?!!!!!)and get back to my writing.WHERE YOU CAN SEND COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS-----------------------------------------You can E-Mail me at <email removed>. I'd LOVE to hear from you!!!Especially the cast of SLIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Note: My Internet access will expire on January 19 at the latest. Afterthat, use my new e-mail address: <email removed> YOU CAN GET A COPY OF THIS GREAT PROGRAM----------------------------------------------You can get it by e-mailing me at the above e-mail addresses and requestingit, although I assume you already have it since you're reading this! :-)And wherever you just got it from, I guess!!! :-)CONCLUSION----------Well, this is the end (sigh). Now I'm gonna PKZIP the files using MaximumCompression and upload it somewhere on the 'Net. I don't know exactly whereyet, though. Then I'm gonna play the game!!!Thanks for reading, now go and play!!!Remember to e-mail me!!! I wanna know what you think of this program!!!You can spread this file around and do whatever you want with it. Ain'tfreeware cool?! :-)And most of all, keep on Dooming - and Sliding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mark MooreHomosassa, FloridaJanuary 1, 1997, 6:52 PM, EST
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