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  I   I I I I   I   I  I    I  I  I====  I   I  I I  I   I__   I   I
  I   I  V  I   I===   I===\   I   ====I I   I  I  I I   I     I   I
...Or for those of you who can't make a word out of what is written above:
And now for the usual meaningless story....

      You wake up from your soggy bedat 3 a.m. and look out the window of
your New York apartment. As you peer around, you notice an old woman getting 
robbed penniless by a 23 year old man with a patch on his right eye, the 
street vendor throwing hot dogs at the swarming flies, a terrorist holding up 
a bank across the street, and a few 300 pound whores roaming the streets.
You say to yourself "...this is the life." Unable to return to sleep, you sit
on your torn up La-z-Boy and turn on the tube. Jeopardy. After 5 minutes of
guessing every question incorrectly you nearly crap your pants at the sound
of your phone ringing.
        " 3 a.m.?" you say to yourself, as you almost cautiously pick it
up. "Uhh, hello?"
        "Hey, uhh, you may remember me. I'm the president."
        "Oh, you again. What do you want this time?"
        "Well, it's sorta something you're not going to want to hear..."
        "Another intern?"
        "Worse, you remember back when I had you go and wipe out all those
nasty little demons and such? Well, they're back. And I need you to take care
of them again."
        "Big surprise there. Well what's the whole story anyway?"
        "There is, or should I say WAS, this really rich man named Bill Gates.
Well, he is sort of dead. Demons had their way with him. Anyway, they've
apparently got some technological problems at their hell base and figured that 
if they could snatch a few hundred copys of Windows 2000 it'd help them out...
they're definately not from around here. Oh yeah, we have reason to believe 
that they will use the program to devise a plan to completely destroy earth 
"Alright, whatever."
"So we'll send you down to his mansion, but we're low on munitions and 
the best thing we can provide you with is this puny 9mm. Fortunately, sort of, 
earlier on, we sent a ton of troops whom you've worked with in the past down 
to assess the situation. In doing so, they have left lots of ammunition for you 
in various places. Too bad that's all they did - shortly after they were caught 
and apparently thrown into Gates' storage room which is now considered a prison
for your fellow soldiers. So other than killing everything in sight, this is 
ALSO a search and rescue mission."
"Sure, ok. Let me eat some Froot Loops first, and I'll get it all 
"Great. Oooh, by the way. When you're done, can you stop off at 
Micky-Dees and pick up a number 2 value meal, supersized, a couple of barbeque
sauce packages, and a spirte?." -click-.
"..Homo..." you think to yourself as you hang up the phone. Well, off to 
fixing yet another problem started by Bill Gates..."
        And off you go.

Crap about the level:
This is the boring editor info - Vertices: 11,659   /          \
       - Sidedefs: 26,767   |OH MY GOD!|
       - Sectors:: 2,465    \          /

Who built it:  Dave Lizzio  (A.K.A Fizzdude, MetalliFizz, Fizzmonster.)
Time to build: Heh yeah like I keep track. Way too long.
Level:         MAP01 for BooM or ZDooM ONLY (DooM II) Anything else and you're 
gonna be in deeper shit than a midget cleaning out a port-a-potty near the back of
a bran muffin factory in Mexico. 
Single player: Of course.
Co-op:         Nope, I'm a lazy fart.
Deathmatch:    Nope, I'm a lazy fart. Again.
Skill levels:  Well I'm not THAT lazy. (yes) 
Editors used:  DETH, and DETH only. 
To play - go to your BooM (or PrBooM) directory and type:
         (pr)boom -iwad c:\doom2 -file c:\(wherever you put this file)\FizzB1.wad


This level was built using a P233 (not a P2 233) with 32 Megs-o-RAM. And I want you 
All to know that -YES- this level does come with a Reject map in it. It in fact is
unplayable without one. With almost 2,500 sectors and 634 enemies (collect 'em all)
even WITH a reject map built it's performance is hideous. I am frankly very angered.
But, I hope you can all overlook it. After mowing down the first 100-200 enemies, 
you'll notice a DRASTIC change in frame rates , to where it becomes a pleasent 23.3
fps. I apologize for such computer slowdown, I know I'm gonna get bad reviews for
that reason and about 400 others. However I think that almost all textures are 
alligned well, only the very first room has some screw-ups. If you're funning a
P2-333 or better you shouldn't have any problems at 400x300 and maybe even 640x480 
resolution. P2-450s and up should handle it without a problem. By the way, the 634
enemies are on Ultra-Violence Skill level. And that Reject table - took me every 
minute of 4 hours, even more.
Ok, to end any confusion, there are switches with Skull-key logos on the side. These
switches do NOT need keys to operate, they signify that the key with the matching 
color of the skulls on the switch is now available for pick-up. (all keys are in the
same room)

I've noticed a Savegame problem where you have to make sure that you save your 
game TWICE each save - otherwise you get an error message and kicked into DOS upon 
trying to load the game.

There are 4 rockets in the room with the Dome ceiling. Make sure you get 'em, you'll
be needing them. 

Ammunition is strange - in the first half, try and use your shots wisely. But once 
you get the Super-Shotgun, your ammo situation should for the most part stay above
60 shells and 200 bullets for the rest of the game. There is a time where it dips 
down to about 5-10 shells, but you'll immediately pick up another crapload of ammo.
If you're a really good shot, ammo won't be a problem. If you can't hit a Chevy 
Suburban with a 12 gauge at 10 feet, you may want to try Hurt Me Plenty skill instead.

Also near the beginning, after the underground cave with the imps, you will enter an
outside area with a sort of castle. Notice there are about 30 enemies. Notice you 
also don't have much ammo (on Ultra-Violence.) This forces you to RUN out in front 
of the enemies and grab as much ammo and health as you can, then run back into the 
cave. It's the only way to survive that part. 

Secrets - there are 4 of them. I'll give you hints as to where they are and how to 
get them.
SUPERCHARGE ----- When you get on top of the castle, you have to listen for it.
BFG 9000 -------- The marble room with the 3 massive arches - keep your ears open.
MEGASPHERE ------ In the very dark caverns part, find the lonesome candle.
PLASMA GUN&AMMO-- In the brick hallway with the bars on the roof. This one's easy.
It's hard to remember WHERE the gun is though after you've found the secret.
First off, I want to thank King REoL for inspring me to to this level. I greatly 
enjoyed making it and would never have done so if it weren't for him and his very
unique level building style. Thanks Fiffy!

Also, I need to give credit to the author of the WAD "Demonizd" as I stole an 
effect from that level that I found to be great. It's a teleporter effect, you'll 
know it when you see it. Anyway, it was an awesome idea and I had to use it. So
Thanks to you too, whoever you are...

Last but not least, I need to thank (of course) id Software for building this game,
as well as TeamTNT for creating the BooM engine - making levels like this possible.
Also, the creators of DETH and ZenNode, which I relied HEAVILY on to build this.

If anyone out there has enough spare time and nothing better to do, give me an
e-mail by all means! I'd love to hear what you think, even if you want to kill me.
Just send all (hate)mail to:
<email removed>
Well, that's about it for now, hope you all enjoyed it! (I know I did.) 

Oh yeah, I really don't care what you do to my level, so you can use it for a base 
for your levels (if you're insane enough) or whatever the hell else you want to do
with it. Just make sure that you give me credit for the original thing, okeedokee?
Sounds like a deal... Well until Next time, whenever that is...


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