nova.wad is a PWAD featuring 32 maps (Outpost - Primeval, Administration Center - Jaws in Space, Water Treatment Plant - mrthejoshmon, Factory Fact...

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*Template shamelessly stolen from Snakes shamelessly stolen from joshy*

   ___      ________  _____               _____
|\               |   |     /        \   \    \             /    /
| \              |   |    /    __    \   \    \           /    /
|  \             |   |    |   /  \    |   \    \         /    /
                |   \ |   |    |  |    |   |    \    \       /    /
|    \           |   |      |  |    |   |     \    \     /    /
|     \          |   |      |  |    |   |      \    \   /    /
|      \         |   |      |  |    |   |       \    \_/    /
|       \        |   |      |  |    |   |        \         /
|        \       |   |      |  |    |   |         \     /
        |     |\  \      |   |      |  |    |   |          \_____/
                |     | \  \     |   |      |  |    |   |           _____
|     |  \  \    |   |      |  |    |   |          /  _  \
|     |   \  \   |   |      |  |    |   |         /  / \  \
|     |    \  \  |   |      |  |    |   |        /   ---   \
|     |     \  \ |   |      |  |    |   |       /     _     \
|     |      \  \|   |      |   \__/    |      /     / \     \
|     |      \      |      |           |     /     /   \     \
|     |       \     |      \          /     /     /     \     \
|_____|        \____|       \________/     /_____/       \_____\

      T   H   EB   I   R   T   H

C O N T E N T:

    1.1 Compatibility           3.1 Map List
    1.2 Resources               3.2 Map Info
    1.3 MIDI Music             


                              5.  SPECIAL THANKS

  The project that would eventually become known as NOVA: The Birth had its humble 
  beginnings as the brainchild of Doomworld member kildeth, who came up with its 
  initial concept during November 2011. It was intended as a collaboration project 
  for those who were new to the Doom mapping community, as kildeth himself was at
  the time. Over a period of more than two years, the project grew into 32-map
  megawad in limit removing format (complevel 2), using only stock Doom 2 textures.
  In that time, there were plenty of submissions, many willing to participate, and
  more than a few who dropped out or mysteriously disappeared. In the end though, 
  the project in the eyes of all parties involved, was a success.
  The maps contained within varied in quality, from the mediocre and gaudy to the 
  breathtakingly scenic. Despite all the testing, there may still be occasional   
  bugs and glitches present, but let's face it, we were (and some of us, still are)
  a team of newbs who had little experience at mapmaking for a Doom megawad - most
  of us didn't know any better as we were constantly figuring everything out as we 
  went along.
  It took us quite some time to complete the 32 maps necessary for full megawad 
  release, but we eventually made it, tying the map sequence up in a rather loose 
  plot to go with the story screens of NOVA, adding some graphics and fancy skies, 
  and then finally calling it a day. It certainly was quite the experience.

  Hope you enjoy playing this, and if you don't, well, YOU TRIED.

  - Hurricyclone and kildeth.

[1.1 Compatibility]

  This wad was designed for limit-removing ports. All maps have been tested
  in various ports, but usually PrBoom+ on -complevel 2.

[1.2 Resources]

  Only stock Doom 2 textures were used. However, EvilNed was kind enough to donate
  skies of his own to the mapset, so credit goes to him for that.

[1.3 Midi Music]

  Comes from various sources, see [3.2 map info].

  Drag 'n' drop onto your source port of choice. Or feel free to use the command
  line prompt, if that's your bag.


[3.1 Map List]

  MAP01: Outpost
  MAP02: Administration Center
  MAP03: Water Treatment Plant
  MAP04: Factory Factor
  MAP05: Hazard Facility
  MAP06: Sewage Processing
  MAP07: Service Station Sick
  MAP08: Compound
  MAP09: Suspend
  MAP10: Hell's Furnace
  MAP11: Phobus Anomaly
  MAP12: Incubator
  MAP13: Warehouse District
  MAP14: Man Cub Up
  MAP15: The Prisoner
  MAP16: Teleportarium
  MAP17: Sewer City
  MAP18: Power Core
  MAP19: Bad Blood
  MAP20: Castle Bloodletting
  MAP21: Beta Base
  MAP22: Broken Confluence Point
  MAP23: Immaterium
  MAP24: Ring of Gyges
  MAP25: Vile Arterium
  MAP26: Hell's Playground
  MAP27: Sensorium
  MAP28: The Seventh Circle
  MAP29: Extorta Nova
  MAP30: Megiddo
  MAP31: Iron Exuviae
  MAP32: Riptide

[3.2 Map Info]

  Level Name: Outpost
  Author: PRIMEVAL
  Music Track: "Pumped Up" by PRIMEVAL, slightly ripping off Fight's song "Into the

  Author's Comments: A quick and simple tech-base map that kicks off with a bit of
  action. Originally it was going to be the starter map for a megawad I wanted to
  make with custom textures, but I scrapped the idea with only this map finished. I
  didn't want to release such a small map by itself, especially one with custom
  textures, but when I heard about Nova, I quickly removed any custom textures used
  and donated it as stock, happy to have finally given it a purpose.

  Level Name: Administration Center
  Author: Jaws In Space
  Music Track: "brace2.mid" by Paul D, based off of "Brace Yourself" by Jochen

  Author's Comments: This is the 6th map I've posted to Doomworld, uploaded on
  March 1st of 2013. At that time Nova was in a slump with nothing happening to it
  so it was going to be released with about 20 finished levels. I was actually busy
  with my first submission to the Switcheroom project so I basically took a day off
  from that & threw this thing together in about 6 hours. After that I became a lot
  more involved with Switcheroom & also finishing up maps for the Monochrome
  Mapping Project, so I kind of abandoned this map until mid October 2013. The
  secret outdoor area wasn't added until the very end of October.
  Even though it's not that great, I can't say I'm disappointed with this level.
  It's got a lot of stuff in it that comes from the pre Doomworld days, such as the
  zombie on the blood fountain in the hub room, a fancy desk & awesome toilets.
  It's also got new designs that I've learned to use more after the disastrous
  Monochrome Mapping Project, such as thinner doors, curved walls & better use of 
  lighting. Adding the outside area was going to be an attempt to mask the hub
  spoke layout of this map. I was going to expand it through secrets to where the 
  exterior would completely wrap around the interior, but I simply ran out of time
  before I could implement this properly. Several people have commented on how some
  of the areas in this map seem inspired by TNT, which I think is funny because
  I've never played TNT. I still have a lot to learn about making maps for Doom so
  I'll definitely be there for Nova 2.

  Level Name: Water Treatment Plant
  Author: mrthejoshmon
  Music Track: "Going Too Far" by nub_hat

  Author's Comments: This map used to be an attempt at vanilla mapping, of course I
  went over the visplane limit and crashed the game. This is also MAP01 of my (as 
  of now WIP) Megawad: Thy PrBoom Maps (used to be Thy Vanilla Maps, changed for
  obvious reasons). This map pays homage to both MAP01 and MAP04 of TNT: Evilution
  as TNT is my favorite IWAD, the starting room is a replica (to some degree) of
  the switch room in TNT MAP01 and the tunnels are a replica (also to some degree) 
  of the tunnels in MAP04. This would actually lead to Incubator, but not in this
  megawad ;)

  Level Name: Factory Factor
  Author: EvilNed
  Music Track: "Flatstomper" by nub_hat

  Author's Comments: One of my first maps. Heavily inspired by TNT, which I used to
  play a lot when I was younger. This map was started in the spring of 2010, so
  it's taken roughly 4 years to be finished.

  Level Name: Hazard Facility
  Author: kildeth
  Music Track: Midi version of "She Is My Sin" by Nightwish, midi composer unknown

  Author's Comments: This was the very first map of mine that I was ever to see
  through to completion. I had dabbled in various Doom map editors over the years
  but nothing seemed to come together in a big way, until I joined Doomworld forums
  and took interest in a project known as 'Doom the Way ID Did' and decided to 
  contribute a map that would later become 'Hazard Facility'. I did not stay in 
  that project for very long and decided to start my own megawad project consisting
  of works from other newbie mappers. That project of course became Nova: The Birth 
  and the rest was history. 
  Hazard Facility itself is a diverse map that takes inspiration from John Romero's
  works in the Doom episode 'Knee Deep in the Dead', having originally been
  targeted for 'Doom the Way ID Did' and containing all of the excitement a newbie
  mapper should have about their first work. Overall, I am very proud of what I
  created and think 'Hazard Facility' holds up very well as a mapping debut from

  Level Name: Sewage Processing
  Author: Arjak
  Music Track: Midi version of "Slaying the Dreamer" by Nightwish, midi composer

  Author's Comments: This was only the second map I've ever done, after Caves of 
  Hell (coh_v2.wad). Caves was a learning experience for me, and it showed, with 
  its mishmash of themes, odd structure, and weird design in general. With Sewage
  Processing, which was the first map I made for this project, I tried to have a
  focused techbase theme, play with lighting a bit more, and create balanced 
  encounters that flowed through the level. I do feel that I got a little lazy on
  this one, as the end comes somewhat abruptly with not much of a payoff and I 
  didn't use all of my ideas for this level. I probably could've made it a bit 
  longer, but my laziness won in the end, and what you see is what you get.

  Level Name: Service Station Sick
  Author: EvilNed
  Music Track: "Escape Pod Theme" from Might and Magic V: Darkside of Xeen, midi
  sequence by Joseph Collins.

  Author's Comments: I don't know what inspired me when I made this map. This was
  more of a "I'll start drawing and see where I end up" kind of deal. It sort of 
  shows as well. This map was started in the spring of 2010, so it's taken roughly
  4 years to be finished.

  Level Name: Compound
  Author: mrthejoshmon
  Music Track: Original midi composition by nub_hat

  Author's Comments: This map is one of the few "good" maps I have ever made, it
  takes place in an old storage compound that had been taken over by the demons
  during an invasion. This is also MAP03 of my (as of now WIP) megawad: Thy PrBoom
  Maps and would come after Incubator. With this map I wanted the player to explore
  an old but not quite so abandoned compound, the gloomy outdoors and pitch black
  warehouse are key elements that remind the player that this is an old and dreary

  Level Name: Suspend
  Author: Fuzzyfireball
  Music Track: Midi version of "The Kinslayer" by Nightwish, midi composer unknown

  kildeth's Comments: Unfortunately Fuzzyfireball disappeared early on in the
  project's creation and thus could not be contacted when it came time to writing a
  blurb for their map in this textfile. :(
  Guess I'll just have to fill in for them. 'Suspend' is a long snake-like level
  and one of the first three maps to be created and compiled for the first Nova
  demo. At the time this project was simply named 'The Newbie Megawad Project' and
  no-one knew where it would eventually be headed. I was very impressed at this map
  when I first saw it and still have fond memories of playing it now. I was
  responsible for choosing its soundtrack off a website with a set of Nightwish
  midi's, which is also where several other Nova maps get their soundtracks from.
  The map itself, despite being linear is quite fun and challenging and fits in
  well with later Nova contributions.

  Level Name: Hell's Furnace
  Author: EvilNed
  Music Track: "Grinder" from Red Alert 2, midi credits go to Hazvex

  Author's Comments: Another TNT inspired map. I deliberately tried making a map 
  with a theme, or a central thematic point, much like many maps of Doom 2 had. So
  it's sort of a Doom 2 / TNT mashup. Hope you like it. This map was started in the
  spring of 2010, so it's taken roughly 4 years to be finished.

  Level Name: Phobus Anomaly
  Author: Phobus
  Music Track: "Hellfire" from Soul Calibur II, midi composer unknown

  Author's Comments: Whilst I'm aware that a project aimed at giving newbies their
  first showcase in a big megaWAD isn't really appropriate for me, I've always 
  loved community projects where there's no pretension and thatpeople's work can
  be accepted even with flaws and so felt compelled to make a contribution. The
  result is me cutting loose in a non-linear, vanilla-compatible little base map
  with no real cohesion to theme and a hellish battle at the end. I kept it short
  and simple so I could get away with having some bite in the set piece battles,
  going for that arcade-y experience I enjoy so much in Doom. I chose the name
  because the map seems unusual in my body of work and me being in Nova also seems
  unlikely... Plus it was an easy pun!

  Level Name: Incubator
  Author: mrthejoshmon
  Music Track: "Kitchen Ace (and Taking Names)" by Bobby Prince (E1M4 of Doom)

  Author's Comments: This is my first real tech base map, I don't like making tech
  base levels. This map is also MAP02 of my (as of now WIP) megawad: Thy PrBoom
  Maps and was a direct follow up to the map "WTP".
  After you stepped on the teleport you realized that the UAC has a strange
  interest in plants, but not just ordinary plants, they like half dead plants. You
  have no idea what this strange collection is for (and you don't want to find out)
  but going through is the only way out. I wanted this map to be a straight up
  action packed blast through a tech base environment, the incubator idea just came
  out of the complete blue. This map has gone through 6 different versions just for
  project NOVA, I hope it was worth it and I hope you have fun!

  Level Name: Warehouse District
  Author: sgt dopey
  Music Track: Midi version of "Feel for You" by Nightwish, midi composer unknown

  kildeth's Comments: Unfortunately we were unable to reach sgt dopey before Nova's 
  release, and thus this map has gone without a written commentary by its own
  author. Pity, as it is a decent map with a mix of urban cityscape and storage
  facility type themes.
  I chose the midi for this one as well, another Nightwish song, this time from the
  album 'Century Child'. I feel the midi I chose was appropriate, although maybe
  slightly too short considering the map's length. I remember the soundtrack
  playing over a few times the last time I attempted this map, but otherwise, all
  is good.

  Level Name: Man Cub Up
  Author: EvilNed
  Music Track: "Sangy2.mid" by Paul D (midi transcript from "Final Liberation",
  composer unknown)

  Author's Comments: Another map designed around a theme, which I think I'm quite
  fond of. This time, the theme was Mancubus and lots of slime. I also decided at a
  very early stage to make this a sort of non-linear map. There's some exploration
  to be done here, should one want too. This map was started in the spring of 2010,
  so it's taken roughly 4 years to be finished.

  Level Name: The Prisoner
  Author: cannonball
  Music Track: Vile Flesh Map07/Map28 music by Gwyn "GMan" Williams

  Author's Comments: This was a very early map of mine, early 2012, maybe
  earlier??? This map has taken a lot of abuse, firstly from Paul D back in it's
  first incarnation and rightly so, due to gameplay issues. The second was later on
  in a pre-beta test which actually involved other issues with my mapping at the

  Hello Tarnsman :)
  Overall I'm pretty hapy with the map now, given that the map has had major
  overhauls but somehow the original layout and skeleton is still visible. 

  Level Name: Teleportarium
  Author: Paul D
  Music Track: Original midi composition by nub_hat

  Author's Comments: This map really didn't start out as much, and since I am so
  new to mapmaking I didn't go into it with an overall thematic concept or much 
  sense of cohesion. I had the idea for entering a fortified bunker-looking base,
  but didn't think much as to what would happen next. The rest of the map ended up
  being a patchwork of rooms that I would add over the next few months, and the 
  original version of this map was much shorter.
  Looking back on it, I would like to have made it a bit more open and
  interconnected, and the room-door-room design of it seems like it kind of stifled
  gameplay a bit. My favorite Doom 2 map was actually Tricks and Traps, so I guess
  that's where I got that from. I think the best thing I did was add the
  teleportation gimmick if you decide to grab the blue key and try to make a run
  for it instead of fighting in that room.  It was my first complete original map.

  Level Name: Sewer City
  Author: EvilNed
  Music Track: Level 1: Cargo Hold from "Cyril Cyberpunk", midi sequenced by Zero

  Author's Comments: In some ways, my magnum opus of Nova I guess. Started working
  on this much later than the other maps of mine, and it turned out to be one
  massive map. I didn't set out to make a massive, epic map, it just turned out
  that way. Out of all my maps for this project, I'm still most proud of Map10 and
  Map14, as they are more concise and action packed. There's a few moments in this
  map I'm kinda proud of, however, such as the subterranean dark city part where
  arachnotrons and revenants are at your throat from behind the crushers. My 
  experiment here was to make it as difficult as I could. I added lots of monsters
  and tweaked this area a lot.

  Level Name: Power Core
  Author: cannonball
  Music Track: "Circle of Fire" by David "Tolwyn" Shaw (MM2 Map28)

  Author's Comments: I made a map which has the exact same level progression as
  Map15 by complete accident... heh.
  This was made later on to replace a previous map I made for the project (Map21 of
  sparta.wad). Fair to say this had less drastic changes and most were based on
  people playing through the map, and noting down certain flaws which I didn't pick
  up at the time. Maybe I should have made a hell level. :P

  Level Name: Bad Blood
  Author: mouldy
  Music Track: Original midi composition by nub_hat

  Author's Comments: This was my first doom map and was basically something I did
  to get the hang of using Doom Builder. I spent more time working on the scenery 
  than thinking about the gameplay so navigation is awkward in places, and because
  I was trying out a lot of visual things its a fairly disparate collection of
  areas, but it was a good learning exercise.

  Level Name: Castle Bloodletting
  Author: Arjak
  Music Track: Original midi composition by nub_hat

  Author's Comments: My third full map, and the one I'm most proud of so far. It
  definitely came closer to my original vision than any of my previous works, and I
  feel that for my experience level, it is quite solid. To be honest, I suck at
  detailing, and I feel that the gameplay and flow are the real stars here. I
  worked really hard on balancing, creating better secrets (Sewage Processing's
  secrets were WAY too obvious), and trying to give the map character and an epic
  At first, I didn't care for nub_hat's music track because I saw this map as very
  action oriented and deserving of something faster and punchier, but it grew on me
  and now I love it for the atmospheric qualities it gives this map. A map CAN be
  both action-packed and atmospheric, after all. Originally, this map was supposed
  to be longer, with a part where you'd teleport up to the ramparts of the castle
  and fight your way around, but that idea was scrapped due to my laziness and
  inexperience. The map as it is ends with the teleporter that would've originally
  taken you up to the ramparts. Besides that though, the map was all I could've
  hoped for. I tend to not plan my maps in advance, and instead just make it up as
  I go, but with this one, I actually tried to at least come up with a general
  outline of what I wanted. I think it shows, and I hope you enjoy playing this one
  as much as I did creating it.

  Level Name: Beta Base
  Author: joe-ilya
  Music Track: "Push On the Gas" by Sam Woodman (HR2 Map01)

  Author's Comments: Back when I was a kid and played random Mario ROM hacks, I
  didn't know how to map very well for Super Mario World. I had some ideas in my
  head, but never could map for SMW because it was far more complicated than you
  think, I mean it.
  So after I found Doom, I was playing it so much I wanted to make my own maps, so
  then an idea popped in my head and I decided to call it Doom0; the maps were all
  about being with just one weapon. When I finished those, I tried to make a
  normal map and I didn't finish it, then I found this project for newbies. I
  decided to remake the map into a base with hell around it, and what I got:        

  Bad reviews, but that's okay because I know it's cheesy and random, so I don't

  Level Name: Broken Confluence Point
  Author: Hurricyclone
  Music Track: Descent Level 6 (Mercury Solar Lab) composed by Parallax Software

  Author's Comments: I played CC4 Map24 and had the idea to make a small map that
  replicates that style, a base ramshackled by Hell's forces, yes, even the barrel
  explosions included. It will have the player going from techbase to hell, and
  back, and around again. Dobu had a hand with a number of thing placements, this
  is my mapping Achilles' heel AFAIK, and his stuff helps.
  Small, but rather tight on supplies. A lot of newb mistakes, like 1x1 grid
  bullshit, wrong brightness levels, and other stuff. The ending may provide a
  quick scare in the dark. On the bright side, I seem to have the 3D bridges
  working already, but they're only in the deathmatch portion of the map. I may
  just retool the ENTIRE damn map in the future, getting rid of all the shit stuff
  and further expanding on it ;).

  Level Name: Immaterium
  Author: Paul D
  Music Track: "Ordos Mentat Theme" from Dune 2 by Frank Klepacki and Dwight

  Author's Comments: I originally had many more plans for this map, but I got
  bogged down in actually making it, and I actually lost a few drafts of it with 
  hard drive reformats and stuff. The concept was actually fairly hard to get to
  work properly in complevel 2, and although it was interesting to learn the limits
  of roughly vanilla, I think I'll stick to boom compatible and zdoom in the 
  I think the map is conceptually strong and has an interesting theme - I don't
  actually like the whole "stone and wood" hell theme, preferring the more
  psychedelic "distorted version of reality" type of hell, where the lines between
  the material and immaterial world are jumbled. I don't think I managed to 
  accomplish particularly compelling gameplay, but oh well. It was during making
  this map that I regretfully got kind of burnt out on the whole Doom scene, but I 
  am looking to get back into the thick of things soon.

  Level Name: Ring of Gyges
  Author: Stygian
  Music Track: "Ring of Gyges" by nub_hat

  Author's Comments: This is a terrestrial/hell-themed map with many large outdoor
  areas and places to explore. Although  it is possible to complete the map very
  quickly, initial playthroughs can be slow and tedious due to a high monster count
  and heavy use of monster-blocking lines.

  Level Name: Vile Arterium
  Author: mouldy, based on a map by Death Egg and with some support from dobu gabu
  Music Track: Midi version of "Rebellion in Dreamland" by Gamma Ray, midi composer

  dobu's Comments: I did a large amount of gameplay tweaking here, switching around
  enemies and throwing in a handful of traps (the revenant warp-in is mouldy's
  doing; don't blame me!) This was all based on Death Egg's original arrangement of
  baddies, but I tried my best at making sure each pathway is clogged with nasties
  and running ahead gets you punished (well, runners easily found ways around 
  that). Hopefully my layout does the map justice.

  Level Name: Hell's Playground
  Author: joe-ilya
  Music Track: "Rock My Emotions" by Kitsune^2 (Renard Queenston), midi version by

  Author's Comments: I decided to make another map, but this time it takes
  inspiration from WOS.wad's Map10: Playground of Caesar. It has the same concept:
  Challenge in every room, like Super Mario.

  Level Name: Sensorium
  Author: kildeth, based on a map by AlwaysDoomed
  Music Track: Midi version of "Sensorium" by Epica, midi composer unknown

  Author's Comments: Once 'Hazard Facility' had been mostly completed to my own 
  satisfaction, I wanted to start on something really big and epic to expand my 
  mapping ability and challenge myself. The result was 'Sensorium'; a map
  originally created from a rather boxy and featureless ZDoom work by Alwaysdoomed.
  I went at the piece room by room, expanding the entire level several times in the
  process and making the necessary adjustments as I added more and more detail and
  height variation in an attempt to make the most awesome map possible.
  The creation of 'Sensorium' was not without its toll though, there were times
  where I would be burnt out for months as I chipped away at the map in increments,
  never feeling quite satisfied and always wanting to get everything just perfect.
  Eventually though, it all began to come together, and now finally, the map is
  here and complete. As with 'Hazard Facility', I am also very proud of how this
  map turned out, and think it to be a fitting tribute to the Epica song
  'Sensorium', from which this map takes its inspiration and midi from. 

  Level Name: The Seventh Circle
  Author: mouldy, based on a map by PRIMEVAL
  Music Track: Original midi composition by mouldy

  Author's Comments: This started life as a scrap map from Primeval, which I turned
  into an orgy of destruction. The idea was to set the player running for their
  life and fighting all the way, with a gratuitous amount of killing and complex 
  pathways that allowed for multiple routes for both player and monsters. The 2
  keys are entirely optional, but it will hurt if you don't get them. I also made
  the music for this map.

  Level Name: Extorta Nova
  Author: fiend-o-hell, based on a map by Memfis
  Music Track: surge.wad Map15 and Map29 music

  Author's Comments: 'Extorta Nova' is a map inspired by my other map
  'ExtortaMontra', which is in turn from my standalone project. The former borrows
  its namesake and many of its elements from the latter. Since this was meant to be
  an end map, be prepared for extreme difficulty...

  Level Name: Megiddo
  Author: kildeth, dobu gabu maru, cannonball, mouldy and Arjak
  Music Track: Midi version of "Silent Screams" by Rob Halford, midi arranged by
  Paul D

  dobu's Comments: The name "Megiddo" comes from the Tel in Israel, more commonly
  known in Greek as "Armageddon" (a battleground in the end times, according to the
  Book of Revelation). I chose this largely because using "Armageddon" feels a bit
  trite, and I have a large fascination for Abrahamic theology.
  If you are to blame anyone for the nightmare experienced in trying to max kills
  in this map, it can probably be me. I had this idea around Slaughterfest 2013 to
  have every author contribute an arena to encapsulate the project. I suggested a 
  trimmed down version of this to the NOVA project (5 authors instead of every
  author) and it was well received. I went ahead to create the central room and
  final battle (which was stolen from an abandoned map of mine initially intended
  for the Panophobia project). Due to the length of each of our sections I believe
  cannonball suggested needing 3 keys to finish the map instead of completing all 5
  portions, and it worked out for the best that way.
  My section (top right) was a bit roundabout in its conception. While working on a
  map ultimately removed from the project (Immundum), I struggled with fitting the
  hell arena in the linedef-heavy monstrosity I had created. Considering that I
  might have to cut that section, I moved it over to be included in my slice of
  Megiddo. Squeezing out some more lines in Immundum allowed me to keep the hell
  arena, and so I got the gnarly idea to also keep it for Megiddo as the intro to
  my vision of hell. Wondering where to go from there, I got another idea to
  revisit prior areas in the megawad as a sort of homage, attempting at first to  
  include every map until I realized how overambitious that was... so I reduced it
  to one area per author. I liked how it worked out in the end, allowing me to
  tinker with various rooms and enemy placement akin to my work in Vile Arterium.
  While my Immundum section had to be scrapped since the wad was withdrawn, I opted
  to reuse the furnace battle from Iron Exuviae and make it decisively more cruel
  as it's completely optional to tackle.

  cannonball's Comments: I made a section loosely based around the types of Doom 2
  maps I had been making at the time (note the similarity to the end of Map15 of
  D2INO). I wanted a large slaughter arena but had to plan on using monster closets
  as of course teleport ambushes would fail miserably here. It took 2 attempts but
  I think it turned out well on the difficulty front, maybe not so on the time to
  beat front. As an aside I would like to give major credit to dobu gabu maru for
  the idea for this map, I think it's a pretty decent one :)

  kildeth's Comments: After finishing work on Map27: 'Sensorium', I was given the
  option to work on a final piece for NOVA: The Birth's grand finale. Being the
  one to start the whole project in the first place, I couldn't forgive myself had
  I turned the opportunity down, so away I went with some leftover inspiration and
  a half-baked set of ideas as to what I was going to make, and put together a
  small map featuring a pyramid and a lava river.
  What happened next was rather unfortunate at the time as I accidentally deleted
  my work and couldn't retrieve it. I didn't give up though, and went with my
  original plan to make something many magnitudes greater than the first work,
  whilst still being based around the lava river and pyramid idea. I'm still not
  sure what I think of my contribution to 'Megiddo', to me it feels slightly rushed
  in comparison to the meticulous work I performed on 'Hazard Facility' and
  'Sensorium', but given some time and distance from the project, I'm sure I'll
  grow to appreciate it just as much and am very proud of my work here also, which
  is more than I could say of my original (deleted) plan. :P

  Arjak's Comments: To be honest, I'm disappointed with this piece. I didn't know
  how long to make it because all I knew about Megiddo was the concept, that
  several mappers would each make a section of the map. With a supposed deadline
  coming up (which we missed), no guidelines on length, and my general laziness, I
  decided to keep it short, and the result is lackluster.
  I wanted to make something amazing and striking, but my fear of it being too long
  compared to the rest of the level made me cut down on my idea a lot. Well, it
  turned out to be one of the shortest and easiest sections. It's one of those maps
  where I wish I could go back and redo it with more time available, because I
  really like the concept of a map taking place inside a volcano.

  mouldy's Comments: My Megiddo section is blue and a bit of a bastard. There are 3
  alternative routes to the exit switch, originally I made it so you had to do all
  3, but it was taking too long so I simplified it. The ethos behind the design was
  a mixture of constant threat and awkward cover. I also learned that teleport
  traps don't work very well on map 30, hence the bolted-on monster closets.

  Level Name: Iron Exuviae
  Author: dobu gabu maru
  Music Track: "quickfast.mid" by Paul D

  Author's Comments: Iron Exuviae (initially titled "Seance") was created for the
  Doomworld Mega Project 2012 as an offhand attempt to see if I could create a
  single "cool" room. The plan was to have no monsters and just let the journey be
  the experience, largely because the project was a haven for oddball entries. As
  2012 came and went my project sat in the recesses of my HD, gathering the binary
  analog to dust. While mapping for my NOVA entries I decided "what the hell" and
  worked on the wad some more, eventually submitting it as a secret map.
  My feelings are quite mixed on it. Inspired by Pottus I attempted to map using 45
  degree angles but SURPRISE! It doesn't really work unless you stick to the grid,
  so I returned to x and y axes halfway through. The puzzles I tried my hand at are
  somewhat obscure but it was worth a shot as I'm unlikely to do so in my other 
  works. The central chamber, while perhaps striking upon first glance, is the same
  structures copy and pasted eight times which removes some of the genuineness. I'm
  most content with the fights as they provide a good level of challenge but allow
  plenty of leeway in maneuverability, prompting the player to mess around a bit.
  It's unfortunate in retrospect that my "unique" contribution to NOVA is a map I
  initially designed as a throwaway, but it is what it is.

  Level Name: Riptide
  Author: Hurricyclone
  Music Track: World 3: Under the Ocean theme from Super Monkey Ball (GCN), midi
  credits to Matthew Seldon

  Author's Comments: I really wasn't sure about this map for several reasons. One,
  I joined the project late and it seems that all they wanted were E3 maps at the
  time. And two, I wanted it to be a part of a (since scrapped) project of my own.
  But it got accepted mainly because there wasn't a Map32 yet and I basically went
  "fuck it" with the supplies on the whole. Also, the theme is pretty darn
  atmospheric, not many people make aqua-themed stuff.
  Yep, and this one is almost entirely chainsaw and pistol oriented, unless you
  find the secret shotgun, but then again I still don't give enough ammo. 
  Continuous players probably won't have a problem if they have plenty of ammo, but
  they're still gonna lose lots of it ;).


  Author            : Collin "Arjak" Pierce
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : coh_v2.wad


  Author            : Matt "cannonball" Powell
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : cbspeed.wad, cbpandemonium.wad, sparta.wad, wtbhnn.wad,
      ragstron.wad, mayhem2012.wad (maps 10, 11),
         conC.E.R.N.ed.wad, sf2012.wad (maps 01, 05, 09, 10, 20, 22), 
      Map01 of DMP2012.wad.


  Author            : dobu gabu maru
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : Pesha.wad


  Author            : EvilNed
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : E1M3 in HYMN, E4M9 in Switcheroo, CCore.wad.


  Author            : fiend-o-hell
  Email address     : n/a
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : n/a


  Author            : Fuzzyfireball
  Email address     : n/a
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : n/a


  Author            : Hurricyclone
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : 32in24-13 Map40, pier.wad, "Aquafresh Crescents" in SF2013, 
      "Courtyards of Bodycount" in  Five Rooms of Doom, DMP2013


  Author            : Jaws In Space
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : Maps 3, 6, 7, 11, 16 & 19 from the Monochrome Mapping


  Author            : joe-ilya
  Email address     : Ilyadude1999@gmail
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : Doom0alpha.wad, doom0.wad, Map20 & Map14 from 100linet.wad.


  Author            : Michael "kildeth" Kilderry
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : n/a


  Author            : mouldy
  Email address     : n/a
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : n/a


  Author            : mrthejoshmon
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           :
  Other files by me : wastes.wad, AIRBSE.wad, WTP.wad, Inc_v4.wad, Term.wad,
      Temp.wad, Comp.wad, WOOO.wad.


  Author            : Paul D
  Email address     : n/a
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : n/a


  Author            : James "Phobus" Cresswell
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           :
  Other files by me : Scourge (, White Light (, Warpzone
       (, Scars of the Wounded Prey (,
           Too Much Brown Texture Pack demo room (, zctcmaps
                      Map05 (, Twisted Joke (, Community Chest
      3 Map18 (, Justice - Infernal Mechanics 
      (, ZPack - Random Maps for ZDoom E1M2, E2M1,
                      E2M0 (, Coils of the Twisted Tale (,
      Ten Community Project Map05, Map16 (, Virus Episode 1
      "Shareware Demo Release" (, Tiny Pack 1 - "Tiny
      Chances of Survival" (, Claws of the Enraged Beast
      (, The Mouth of Death (, Phobus'
      Fragments of DAC2009 (, White Light: 2010 Edition
      (, Small Dark Twisted Computer Lab (,
       Doom 2 Unleashed Map10 (, Plutonia Revisited
       Community Project Map14 (, Tactical Chainsaw, 
      Stocked Player and Pistol Start Enforcer (, 1994
      Tune-up Community  Project Map16 (, 32in24-11:
      Occupy Doomworld Map25, Map40 (, Doom The Way id
      Did E3M6 (, Blood Red (, MAYhem 2012
       Map01, Map06 (, Community Chest 4 Map03, 
      Map07, Map13 (, Phobus Pre-'13 Grab Bag
      (, Escalation I: The Breach (,
      ZDoom Community Map Project: Take #2 (


  Author            : PRIMEVAL
  Email Address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           :
  Other files by me : Music for Reverie (reverie.wad), Unholy Realms
      (ur_final.wad), Plutonia Revisited Community Project
      (PRCP.wad), PsychoPhobia, Arcadia Demade (arcadia.wad),
      Alkylation (alk-ep1.wad), Flashback to Hell (FTH666.wad),
      Hadephobia (h_phobia.wad).


  Author            : sgt Dopey
  Email address     : n/a
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : n/a


  Author            : Stygian
  Email address     : <email removed>
  Webpage           : n/a
  Other files by me : n/a


Special thanks to: Firstly, you, for playing and/or reading these textfiles.
                   nub_hat for music compositions.
   Whoever made those Nightwish midis, they can be found here:
                   EvilNed for awesome skies, plums for getting them to work.
                   kildeth for various graphics.
         dobu gabu maru, Hurricyclone, and kildeth for story screen
   cannonball for creating demos.
   Snakes for offering advice and assistance to mappers very early
   in the project's development.
                   Everyone who did extensive beta-playtesting of the mapset,
    including Demon of the Well, plums, Veinen and several of our
   own mappers. Also marineController for spotting lots of errors
   in our maps!
                   Hurricyclone for taking the time to write this textfile and
    the other one.
   Jaws In Space for testing the maps in Coop and DM, and for
   implementing Deathmatch to Maps 1, 2, 11, 12, 13, 16, 21, 23,
   24, 25, 26, 29, 30, 31 & adjusting Deathmatch on Maps 3, 6, 8,
   9 & 20.
                   And finally, kildeth (again!) for starting the project idea,
    even though dobu took over the majority of the project whenever
   you were absent :P.
Outpost - Primeval (MAP01)

Outpost - Primeval (MAP01)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Administration Center - Jaws in Space (MAP02)

Administration Center - Jaws in Space (MAP02)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Water Treatment Plant - mrthejoshmon (MAP03)

Water Treatment Plant - mrthejoshmon (MAP03)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Factory Factor - EvilNed (MAP04)

Factory Factor - EvilNed (MAP04)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Hazard Facility - kildeth (MAP05)

Hazard Facility - kildeth (MAP05)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Sewage Processing - Arjak (MAP06)

Sewage Processing - Arjak (MAP06)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Service Station Sick - EvilNed (MAP07)

Service Station Sick - EvilNed (MAP07)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Compound - mrthejoshmon (MAP08)

Compound - mrthejoshmon (MAP08)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Suspend - Fuzzyfireball (MAP09)

Suspend - Fuzzyfireball (MAP09)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Hell's Furnace - EvilNed (MAP10)

Hell's Furnace - EvilNed (MAP10)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Phobus Anomaly - Phobus (MAP11)

Phobus Anomaly - Phobus (MAP11)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Incubator - mrthejoshmon (MAP12)

Incubator - mrthejoshmon (MAP12)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Warehouse District - sgt Dopey (MAP13)

Warehouse District - sgt Dopey (MAP13)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Man Cub Up - EvilNed (MAP14)

Man Cub Up - EvilNed (MAP14)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
The Prisoner - cannonball (MAP15)

The Prisoner - cannonball (MAP15)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Teleportarium - Paul D (MAP16)

Teleportarium - Paul D (MAP16)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Sewer City - EvilNed (MAP17)

Sewer City - EvilNed (MAP17)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Power Core - cannonball (MAP18)

Power Core - cannonball (MAP18)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Bad Blood - mouldy (MAP19)

Bad Blood - mouldy (MAP19)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Castle Bloodletting - Arjak (MAP20)

Castle Bloodletting - Arjak (MAP20)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Beta Base - joe-ilya (MAP21)

Beta Base - joe-ilya (MAP21)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Broken Confluence Point - Hurricyclone (MAP22)

Broken Confluence Point - Hurricyclone (MAP22)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Immaterium - Paul D (MAP23)

Immaterium - Paul D (MAP23)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Ring of Gyges - Stygian (MAP24)

Ring of Gyges - Stygian (MAP24)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Vile Arterium - mouldy (MAP25)

Vile Arterium - mouldy (MAP25)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Hell's Playground - joe-ilya (MAP26)

Hell's Playground - joe-ilya (MAP26)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Sensorium - kildeth (MAP27)

Sensorium - kildeth (MAP27)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
The Seventh Circle - mouldy (MAP28)

The Seventh Circle - mouldy (MAP28)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Extorta Nova - fiend-o-hell (MAP29)

Extorta Nova - fiend-o-hell (MAP29)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Megiddo - Various (MAP30)

Megiddo - Various (MAP30)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Iron Exuviae - dobu gabu maru (MAP31)

Iron Exuviae - dobu gabu maru (MAP31)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
Riptide - Hurricyclone (MAP32)

Riptide - Hurricyclone (MAP32)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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