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                           T W I L I G H T   L A B 
                               by Andy Badorek

*** General Info ***

This package includes:  TWILAB.WAD - map data
                        TWISFX.WAD - sounds + music
                        TWILAB.TXT - this file
                        TWILAB.LMP - demo ver 1.666

TWILAB.WAD for DOOM2 is something like a sequel to SPIRIT.WAD. If you don't 
know SPIRIT then check it out now! By the way, I have just released an 
improved version of SPIRIT.WAD: a little bit larger, a little bit better
and without custom graphic patches.

I included some of my favorite sounds from various DOOM sound collections and 
a nice piece of music in TWISFX.WAD. They sure make the DOOM feeling much 
more intense! I think the music is from one of the higher levels in the 
shareware version of Heretic.

TWILIGHT LAB was designed for single player mode but Multi and DM starts are
there as well. It is quite large - if you want to get 100% for everything 
you might be busy for some 20 or 30 minutes.  

The demo TWILAB.LMP (ver 1.666) shows the complete level with 100% Kills 
and Secrets on Skill 4.

*** Play Info ***

Version:        DOOM2 1.666
MAP:            01
Single Player:  YES
Coop:           yes
Deatchmatch:    yes
Skill levels:   4,5 - lots of monsters, few goodies
                3   - lots of monsters, more goodies
                1,2 - few monsters, lots of goodies
New graphics:   no
New music:      yes, in TWISFX.WAD
New sounds:     yes, in TWISFX.WAD
New demos:      one in TWILAB.LMP for DOOM2 1.666

*** Technical Info ***

I have not tested this WAD on anything slower than a 486-80 and I suggest 
you don't either.
Editors used: DEU521GCC, DEU2, DCK20, IDBSP11b, DMAUD11, TED12

To play TWILIGHT LAB your command line should be like this:
        DOOM2 -file (path\)TWILAB.WAD (path\)TWISFX.WAD -warp 01 -skill 4
Try Single Player Deathmatch (it works) to use different start points:
        DOOM2 -file TWILAB.WAD TWISFX.WAD -deathmatch -skill 2 -respawn

The demo included (TWILAB.LMP) was recorded with version 1.666. In order to 
watch the demo you have to copy the LMP into your DOOM2 directory and type:  
        DOOM2 -file (path\)TWILAB.WAD (path\)TWISFX.WAD -playdemo twilab        
Of course TWISFX.WAD works with any other DOOM level or PWAD as well.

*** Additional Credits ***

Thanks to Migru for up-loading.
Send any comments, criticism, LMPs, WADs or whatever to Migru:
<email removed>

Authors of:     DOOM, DOOM2, HERETIC
                DEU521GCC, DEU2, DCK20, IDBSP11b, DMAUD11, TED12

*** Copyright / Permissions ***

You may use TWILAB as a base to build other levels provided you give credit 
to the original author.
You are encouraged to distribute the TWILAB package (TWILAB.WAD TWISFX.WAD 
TWILAB.LMP and TWILAB.TXT) with no modifications.

Check out SPIRIT2.WAD by the same author!


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