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    === FLORZOO1.WAD === for E1M1 ===

    This level started out as a way to view all the textures in situ, as it
were. The east side of the map has all the floor/ceiling textures (they're
both the same), in ten rows of ten, plus an 11th row of a few stragglers. The
rugs, as I like to call 'em, are in alphabetical order as listed in the DEU
select box, left to right, top to bottom. Some of the rugs look the same, like
the Blood, Water, and Lava textures. All texture samples are 256 X 256 units.

    After I made the floor textures, I decided what we needed was a Zoo, so
as to be able to view the monsters in a relaxed fashion. The Zoo is in the 
upper west side of the map. Please observe the Zoo Visitors rules that follow.

    Next, we needed a Weapons Display gallery, so as to admire all the fun 
toys. Down at the bottom of the Rug Room, a door will lead you to the display. 
Please do not touch the displays. Thank you.

    Also down that hall is the Thing Room, with all the non-bonus Things on
display. They are lined up by category, in the same order as in DEU:
        Decorations -- light sources
        Decorations -- dead bodies
        Decorations -- hanging bodies

    Lastly, the Wall Textures. Sorry, no wall textures. I count about 280
separate wall textures in this game -- I don't know when I will be able to
make (a) room for them all. I'm uploading this file now, or you might never 
see any of it. Eventually I'll get it done. That's why I numbered this file 
FLORZOO1. #2 is under construction.

    By now, you're probably thinking "Gee, it'd be nice to kill all those 
monsters". Naturally. Please read the following...

                            ZOO VISITATION RULES

    If you want to look at the rugs and admire the monkeys, fine. Just observe
    a few of the Zoo Rules:

    1) Do not feed the beasts.

    2) Do not approach the cages.

    3) Remember to duck.

    4) Loud noises upset the beasts. Please be quiet.

    5) Please do not touch the Weapons display.

    6) Please do not climb on the furniture.

    7) Discharge of Energy weapons anywhere inside the Facility is strictly
    8) Above all, do NOT enter the restricted areas. Restricted areas are not
       to be entered except by authorized Zoo personnel. The Zoo will not be
       responsible for any injury to a Visitor if this rule is not observed.


    However, if you want to have some fun and kick some butt, all you have to
do is break ALL of the above rules.<G> I put a couple extra rooms and traps in
just for fun/experimentation. Light levels, funky doors, animated walls, that
sort of thing. It's fun to figure it out the first time, but after that it's
easy. This is not a real level, just a lark.

    There is no Exit installed as of yet. There are a few Mirror spots, dang.

    I think this level is suffering from "banana" syndrome -- like the little
kid said, "I know how to spell it, I just don't know when to stop".


John L.
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