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The Games of the Deathtrack

        Not much time has passed since the destruction of one of the devil's
most violent and gory assaults on earth, and as the base of hell itself is
taken off of Earth for good, so goes the very marine who took it out in
the huge explosion.  But in this victory, there comes a need for revenge 
against the rest of the humans, in a quest to totally annialate the human
race by the devil.  He sets his minions on a mission to track down the 
last remaining humans in the space shuttle and kill them off.
        Where are they?  The find themselves on a moon in a distant star
system, a moon called Daelinia.  Here they try to re-build their society,
to start over from scratch on an untouched place much smaller than their
former home of Earth.  This moon orbits the planet Animatronia, where 
the animals have evolved instead of humans, to replace the human form.  All
is peaceful, that was, until the humans need to live carries the evil of 
hell itself following them to this untouched system.  This is where a new
hero is needed.  The leader of the Animatronian legion gets word and sign 
of a large structure eclipsing their moon, and thus Cheetah X knows only
to seek and destroy it before his planet, and his animal-descendant 
people go up in flames as Earth once did.  
        So off Cheetah sent himself in a jet cruiser, but before he can
react, his eyes glimse the large Deathtrack, the devil's new toy.  A giant
rat-maze intended for torturing the humans, both physically AND mentally.
He has infested it with many demons, traps, and weapons.  Cheetah X had just
pressed his lazer cannons to full blast, when in a blink he finds himself 
standing in the dead center of the maze...staring at a glowing "S" on the
floor.  This is where it begins...but where might it end?  Cheetah picks
up the pistol left there by the marine of Earth, as well as some armor, and
heads into the heart, the final "F", to finish this demented plan off.

     I made these levels as more or less the first of MANY.  I have 
many ideas, and have only begun to scratch the surface.  As you search through 
these levels, they may seem quite simple at first, but don't be fooled.  I
have made sure there are many little surprises at almost every turn.  
Sometimes you may turn a corner, walk a ways, and get shot violently in the 
back by someone you missed; sometimes you may find a door that you didn't
see before, a few rooms back or yet ahead of you; sometimes you may turn
a corner and find yourself staring eye to eye in punching distance with a 
cannon-toting demon; and sometimes you may finally catch on, go cautiously,
and jump before you realize "there's nothing there".
        I draw mazes for a hobby, so this was like an offshoot.  It's a new
style for Doomers, as it doesn't just go room by room.  It spirals, it 
turns quickly, and spares nothing in terms of caution.  Even I get shot in the
back and sides, or get hit by one of my own traps, and I have went through
these levels many times.  Here's the low-down of the four levels so far:

Level 1

        This is the blue first attempt at a Doom 2 Level.  I 
first off, have decided to make my first 10 levels (mission 1) color coded.
In this level, there are a lot of secret areas, a few hidden traps, many 
monsters, and is VERY large.  I basically just had fun trying to get hands
on experience with this one.

Level 2  

        This level is the Gray (well...turned out silver) Level.  Please let
me warn you right now...the levels can really kill your eyes at times ; )
This one is more refined, takes use of all three keys (set at different places 
in the level, and all are needed to get to the "F"), and has a LOT more
enemies, traps, and hidden surprises.  Not as many secret rooms, but the ones
you do find are worth it.  This also has my first outside area, accessable 
via a hidden switch.  Beware when you hit the last room (my levels have a
large boss room in each), as it may seem a-okay...but watch your 'step'.

Level 3

        This is the black level.  Now this, my friend, you definitely want
to beware your eye-strain.  The walls and floor give a major appearance of 
a TV when it gets staticy.  Let me please put things to you this way...I LOVE
to play with peoples' minds, and thus my levels will be doing more and more
in the terms of driving a person to near insanity.  This level should be
called the level of switches, as most everything you need to do (and you do
need all the keys for this one too) you  need to find a switch somewhere to 
carry out.  And most switches can be one of four things, or even multiple 
things depending on the switch:
1.  It can open a door to where you want to go (which you have to find 
2.  It can open a room full of enemies, so they can hunt you down.
3.  It can alter a platform somewhere to either help you or kill you.
4.  It can also do absolutely nothing : )

        The boss room in this one is hidden, and yet...well...VERY close to 
the start.  You'll see what I mean when you finally get to that Exit Door.

Level 4

        This is the Green Level.  I used the Slime Falls and Nukage to make
up most of the walls.  The non-nukage sections are marble, so it all comes
off as the long-awaited green level.  In this level you get to experience
a challenging short level, as your eyes can often send you in the
wrong directions.  Watch for hidden rooms behind the falls, or even hiding
monsters just waiting behind a wall, waiting to come out behind you.  I
figured every good plot deserves a short level or two, and seeing as I've
made a habit of making the long, complex ones, this one can be a nice break,
while still leaving you wondering for a while.  Make sure you use your
power-ups wisely though, as you will most likely need every one.

     Those are the 4 that are included.  On the way so far I have planned
levels 5-9:

Level 5

        This will be the brown level.  It's a maze where you might find
a great many opposites.  Basically said, you start on the fine line of a
mirror's plane, as you can go to the left or right and the two sides are
reflections of each other.  It's a symmetrical level so far, but will
include hidden surprises or even obvious things that may cause you to wonder
if you have finally gotten somewhere or if you still being fooled.

Level 6

        This is the yellow level.  I have some good (eye-straining) textures
for this one at my disposal, so you know I'll be using them : )  Anyways,
the main concept of this one is LOTS of doors.  You may find yourself having
to choose wildly between what doors to open and what ones not to open.  It
should have a lot of dead ends, and I'm NOT making the same mistake that a
lot of Doom-makers have done.  I don't believe making you have more than one
way through a maze as an 'added' challenge.  So if you find a door, it will
most likely not take you where you've already been unless I think it makes
the game funner and/or reduces the repetion of having to retrace your steps.
I'm actually quite optimistic about it, and I'm going to see about making all
the rooms secrets so you can't tell what it look like or anything until you
open it up and see for yourself ; )

Level 7

        In this level you encounter...well...I wanted it to be orange but
I am trying desperately to get the "doom" feeling by using only the textures
already there, so it's more of a "lava" level than a color level.  It gives
you the feeling of being maybe in the core of the earth or in a volcano.
Anyways, in this level I'm combining two of my ideas.  First off, you have
to do a lot of running as it's made up of a lot of narrow platforms and
scattered platforms which come up from deep pits of lava.  Not only that,
but I added the element of trial/error by using a LOT of transporters that
take you to different platforms.  I got this idea from a maze in a book of
mazes where you had to choose which square to go to in the right order by
the number of spaces it would let you go.  Anyways, this is more of a
thinking level than one of reflexes, and should become very big if all goes

Level 8

     This shall be my...well...again, supposed to be purple.  But Doom 2 has
NOTHING that's purple, so I got smart.  I made a COMPLETELY different idea
that I have never seen done.  This level is actually the two levels.  You
switch back and forth between the red copy and the blue copy of the same level
via transporters so it seems as if your surroundings are changing.  It's
going to take a long time to create, but the effect should have you
backtracking finding completely different toys, enemies, rooms, etc.  I got
this idea from the Super Nintendos version of "Zelda" when you could switch
between the Light and Dark side of the same land.  I'm very excited about
pulling this one off.

Level 9

        This is the pink level.  Yeah, okay...not so interesting, color-wise,
but it should do JUST fine : )  It's the principal of the thing.  My first
idea was to have a level that had no walls or ceiling but instead only a floor
but that just wasn't coming off in terms of realism.  The stars made it a
little easier, but the closeness of the walls being different from the
sky made it too obvious.  So I'm still working on the ideas for this one, but
feedback would be very appreciated (it should be a while before I start heavy
on that level anyhow, any ideas???)

Level 10 (yes, not planned yet...but here's why:)

        This level is...well...a combination of the first 9 I guess.  I mean
it will have a lot of doors, teleporters, need all 3 keys, probably have
all types of enemies (won't have millions of cyber demons or boss spiders
though...I always thought that was retarded anyhow), have platforms, areas
with all the color schemes, plus a new red scheme for the second probably
half of this hopefully ENORMOUS level, and just all that sort of thing.
Heck, it might even have a hidden "second dimension" like I said level 8
has.  Keep me up to date on suggestions for any of these as they're still
in the works.


        Okay...well, to play this level:

Just unzip CHEETAH4.ZIP into your Doom 2 directory, and then, from your 
Doom 2 directory, type:


After it's through installing, type DEATHTRK and it should work just fine : )
Then you can type RESTORE afterwards and there's no harm done.  

Then, from the Doom2 menu, just start a new game on any difficulty, and go 
for it.  Level one is the only one that supports any multiple player, but
I suggest against it.  It's way to large and'd be better off
just playing it all solo.  I know I still love it, and I really should be
sick of it by now.  LOL.

        I don't require any money for this.  I might once more levels are
made available, but I'm much more into this for the fun of it.  But what I do
ask of you is that you possibly e-mail me at:

<email removed> (or just Cheetah X on America Online)
or "<email removed>" (on the Internet)

        I basically welcome anything.  You can complain, reward, give advice,
you know...just tell me your thoughts on this game, and I will gratefully 
keep you up to date on my new levels, and even take ideas into consideration 
if you can tell me some good ones, okay?  


P.S...and if you do want to send money, it is, of course, appreciated.  LOL.  
Let me know ; )


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