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HELLDROP.TXT���8"��`B@���r�r�dqjxt����s6TEXTMSWD�p��y��y���gWTitle: Hell Drop:The Invasion of Hell
Author:                  piXel Rex   
Website:Cybrary of DOOM
E-mail:                  <email removed>


You've have always been the one who got invaded, and the one who is trying to escape.  
Why not have you be the intruder for once?  In this WAD, your mission is th invade Hell 
itself,  your goal is not the exit(except for the last 3 levels), it is to KILL.  Shoot for 100%.  
But you'll win if you get 90% or better.

Play Information:

Game:  Doom2
Level #:  MAP 01-07
Single Player:  Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player:  Yes, but not as fun
Deathmatch 2-4 Player:  Oh yes!
Difficulty Settings:  Of course
New Sounds:  No
New Graphics: No
New Music:  Optional
Demos Replaced: None


Base:  New levels from scratch
Editor Used:  Hellmaker 1.2 b2
Known Bugs: none


Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels, but must
first ask for permission, using the e-mail address above.

You MAY distribute this WAD in any format, as long as you include this
text file.(Warning: These levels are as tough as Thy Flesh Consumed or the later levels in 
DOOM ][.  Drop by one difficulty level from 
the one you normaly play in.  If you normaly play in I'm too young to die, you have an 
excuse for cheat'n on Ultra-Violence.)

PC add-ons


This WAD does use patching, therefor, you will need DeHackEd.  Go to Cybrary of 
DOOM at and click on the link to Hell 
Drop homepage.  Go the the download link and you should find a .zip file of DeHackEd.


Since Hell Drop is Mac-made, PC music is not availible(I don't know how to port Mac 
.MID! to .LMP files in the WAD, if you think you can do that, please email me).  I 
suggest you to turn music off completely because DOOM ][ 's music does not match.

Mac add-ons


Download DOOMinator at Cybrary of 


Remove the old DOOM ][ music folder(don't delete it) and replace with the music folder in 
Hell Drop's folder.

1: Top of Hell

Par Time:30:00
Build Time:60 hours

You are dropped off at Hell, the outer layer of defense is fairly strong, expect heavy battle.

2: Free Kill

Par Time:23:00
Build Time:55 hours

You are now in the tech section of Hell, this shouldn't be as bad as the Top of Hell.

In most DOOM levels, you try to get to the exit, if you can do that, you win.  That sort'a 
the idea of DOOM, it seems like escaping comes before killing.  That's why I made this 
Go ahead and run straight to the exit if you're chicken.  But you're suppose to ignore the 
'til you're in bad shape, or your sure that you've killed 100% of the monsters.  Count 
yourself as a winner with 90% o' more.

3: Keen Hunt

Difficulty:Very Hard
Par Time:25:00
Build Time:65 hours

The entrance to the center of Hell is blocked by a heavy defense system, it so strong, it's 
impossible you are going to have to use the longer way, too bad the entrance is also 
blocked here.

Your goal here is to find and kill every Commander Keen on the level, Commander Keens 
them little hang'n carton guys with a yellowish helmet.

4.Icon of Sin

Difficulty:Depends on how fast you are
Par Time:???
Build Time:60 hours

Finally, you're in the center of Hell, killing him is similar to DOOM ][, but you have to 
find all 22 eye switches to rise the lift in front of the face yourself.(Don't believe what he's 
saying, he's trying to throw you off!)

5.Tox'n Death

Par Time:10:00
Build Time:30 hours

When the big Demon exploded, the ceiling of the path back fell.  Now you must take 
another route back(if there is one), another route that has not been cleared of monsters.  
Luckyly, you found one, and it is a direct path from hell, to earth.

6.Punch Frag

Par Time:10:00
Build Time:40 hours

Your back on earth again, you begin to contact UAC, as you were setting up the 
connection, you found a berserk box. 
"What's this doing here?" You ask yourself.
You looked around and realized that the buildings looked strange too, like one of the 
demon's buildings.   
"This must be the place of the demon refugees!  I think I'll clear them off too, this shouldn't 
be too hard"
You were wrong, as you were searching around the area, you found no guns or ammo!  
How the heck are you going to fight without a shotgun?

Difficulty:Very Hard
Par Time:16:00
Build Time:80 hours


The demon refugees have escaped to an abandoned industrial zone.  Reconstruction of the 
Icon of Sin will take place in that area.  Since only the mancubuses has the skills for 
construction, you must enter this construction site, and kill every mancubus found. And by 
the way, don't underestimate the defense there.When you destroyed the unfinished Icon of 
Sin.  The entire base bursted into bloody flames.  Brining justice to the demons for the 
betrayal they had done.  "Now wait 'a minute" you said to yourself as you slowly float up 
to heven.  "I'm not a demon and I didn't betray anyone or anything(other than the demons), 
why do I have to join the bloody mess too?  How come I can't go back home and enjoy 
having the girls chasing after me for the rest of my life?

Then, the light bulb went on, YOU were the one who were betrayed by the demons.  
When the demons rise to bring genocide to the humans, you too, rise, to take them down.  
But it isn't true that when the demons go extinct, you have to die too, right?  To your 
dissapointment, your immediate response was "Maybe, maybe not".


It took an average of 50 hours to make each level, and the levels are BIG.  I can't garantee 
that there are no bugs on this entire WAD.  Some bugs that already found are listed below, 
if you happen to come across one, email me immediately!

Level 1
(This level may run very slow)
When looking through the boundary of high(invisible) ceilings and low(invisible) ceilings, 
there may be a block of sky texturethat overlaps the objects behind(usually tall objects).

Level 3

Make sure you kill EVERY Commander Keen you see.  If you missed some at the very 
beginning of the level, it is immpossible to go back.  And therefor, you're stuck.  Load a 
saved game and try again.

How to know if you're stuck:
A huge edge of the biggest battle ground should open when you are finished with the 
Keens, you will engage a Cyber Demon, a Spider Mastermind, one or two Arch-Viles, and 
a few barons.
If they don't open and you believe you've killed every Keen, then start over.

Level 6

HOM(hall of mirrors) may occur when you try to look upon the entire main field.
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