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                              Triton Lunar Base              
              An all new level for the registered version of DOOM  

E-mail address:  <email removed>

Files included in 01TRITON.ZIP 

        NEW00.GIF - NEW04.GIF

TRITON.WAD replaces E1M4
FYI:  Triton is a moon of Neptune, which has a very thin atomoshpere.
                - you do learn something new everyday!


        I'd like to start off by saying everyone who plays this level is sure
to be impressed.  One could say that I'm a vet when it comes to making DOOM
levels, I've been at it for well over a year now.  So far I've designed and 
distributed 9 levels on the Internet, all of which have gotten pleasing
feedback.  If you have tried my addon DOOM episode 01FAVA.ZIP, i.e., "Fava 
Beans" (E1M5 was made by Ben Gates, King of Vermon), then you would know that 
my levels are worth you download, but...obviously that's for you to decide.
        Well, after compiling "Fava", I swore to never touch a DOOM editor 
again, but most everyone who sent E-mail asked for more, etc., so I gave in.
This level was really made to replace E1M4 of "Fava" due to my pure disgust 
with the original level that I included.  Eventually I will have completely
redone "Fava" so I can rezip everything under the new name of 01MERGA.ZIP 
(i.e., "The Madness of Mergatroid" -- original episode distribution name),
I have completely redone E1M4 (this, obviously) and E1M7, as well as some
significant changes to all of the other levels.  All I have to say is that I'm
a perfectionist, and I want my episode to be as perfect as is humanly possible
(don't bother trying to figure out why...I think bordem plays a role).  Well,
I'm getting sick of typing so here's the short version:  The level rocks.  It
is not only an actual solitare level, but it is also a fun deathmatch.  So,
click your little Netscape cursor and download 8-).

        Level #         My other creations (01CHARON was made by Ben Gates)
        -------         ------------------
        E1M1            01GASPRA.ZIP
        MAP01           18HANGAR.ZIP  (DOOM2)
        E1M1            01IMPALE.ZIP
        E1M4            01TRITON.ZIP - this
        E3M1            01CHARON.ZIP
        MAP01           2SHADOWS.ZIP  (DOOM2)
        E1M1            01TITAN.ZIP
        E1M1            01CREEP.ZIP - unreleased
        E1M1 - E1M9     01FAVA.ZIP - Episode of the above
        ZIP file         Level Names 
        ------------     -----------
        01GASPRA.ZIP     Gaspra Armory
        18HANGAR.ZIP     Hangar 18
        01IMPALE.ZIP     Impalement Station
        01TRITON.ZIP     Triton Lunar Base
        01CHARON.ZIP     Charon's Lab  
        2SHADOWS.ZIP     Shadows of Darkness       
        01TITAN.ZIP      Titan's Anomaly       
        "Fava" E1M8      Orion Outpost     
        "Fava" E1M9      Creeping Death    

- The editor of choice has been DEU521GC until recently when I found the DEU 
  port dubbed DETH, which is even better :)  01CHARON.ZIP was made with the 
  shareware version of DEEP.  BSP1.2x was used for nodes on everything
  except 01IMPALE.ZIP and 01CHARON.ZIP.  There is a bug in BSP1.2x which would 
  not allow me to nodes build Impale, so I had to use DEEPBSP.  Charon was 
  nodes built with DEEPBSP as well.  All of my levels were done on an Am486DX2 
  80 with 5Mb of RAM (I just got 8Mb :), Charon was done on a 386DX 40 with 
  4Mb without a math-co (I really do feel bad for Ben ;).

01TRITON.ZIP was designed by Sean Birkel of Bangor, Me.  Register DOOM if you 
haven't already, the guys at id deserve the money for making the greatest game 
ever (...until spring of '96 when Quake is released -- DOOM will most likely
look like Atari Pong then ;)!

Other stuff

        Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, and Cringe (kick-ass local 
band) have been the music of choice to help us through the long hours of 
level making.  If you appreciate phenomenal guitar playing, check out some
old Ozzy stuff and Quite Riot, Randy Rhoads was undoubtedly the greatest 
guitarist who has ever lived!


        Please send E-mail in response to this level.  I'd like to hear from
ya!  ==>  <email removed>

Note:  The GIFs included are graphic files displaying an upcomming level
       enhancement for Fava Beans, E1M7.


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