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##########     REoL TOUGH: The Under Arms 5-star hotel     #########
     IMPORTANT INFO IS ENCLOSED! Please read the following text!

              (C) 1994 SNESPC U.S.A.   COPYRIGHTS:
   You may, if possible, modify, add to, or delete from this WAD
   WORKMANSHIP! I hope you'll enjoy the DOOM level! GOOD LUCK!

                        - - - S T O R Y - - -

     So, you have won the great TOTAL WAR II battle (FIFFYWAR.ZIP on
AOL, 1FIFWAR.ZIP elsewhere), and the day is done. It's getting dark
outside, and as you reach the SHORES OF HELL, you decide to check
into hell's finest hotel, the Under Arms. (Get it?)
     As you aproach, all of hells creatures that are checking in,
checking out, and the employees see you, and they come to you for
one reason, as if you didn't know what they want to do to you!
     Well, all you have for a good weapon is the shotgun (heh,heh,
heh!). Hope you'll do alright, as if there isn't any helpful items
anyway! You'll experience the best structurally correct level you
have ever seen! (There was not enough memory for bathrooms any-
where!) Go into the maid's closet and get the master key to raid
all the rooms! Go into the 5-star restraunt and go hunting! Go into
the kitchen and cook up what you kill in there! There are many
"emergency exits" that lead you to many unreachable places! Hope-
fully you will be able to check out of this hotel! It gets quite
NASTY at the higher levels of difficulty, almost like TOTAL WAR II!

EXCELLENT DEATHMATCH! Gives each of you a shotgun and shells, and
   yes, a BFG9000 with an energy pack to waste the better of your
   opponents with. USE YOUR WEAPONS CAREFULLY! What you get is all
   you will get! (unless you cheat, which is worng. God says so!)

-NOTES: Notice how the lifts have realistic-looking elevator doors!
  To opperate the "elevator", click the switch to lower the lift.
  then open the door to it. Open the other door on the other side
  to get out. ELEVATOR DOORS ARE NOT AUTOMATIC! It's the same going
  down, but it's faster that way!
  TO PLAY: Type the following at the DOOM prompt:


- This has an automatic demo that'll play at the title screen. It's
  played on HEY, NOT TO ROUGH (It's a nasty level!).


* SNOW BARS: This weird effect occurrs in ultra-tall rooms, where
  at the entryways, alcoves, etc, a band of dots will appear. This
  is NOT a PWAD error, but a flaw in the DOOM.EXE file. Just pre-
  tend it doesn't exist! It acts that way too! Also, the imfamous
  HOM Effect (Hall Of Mirrors) may also occurr in ultra-tall areas.

* HALL OF MIRRORS EVERYWHERE!: God knows why this happened! In
  many places, the HOM effect occurred a lot durring construction,
  and seemed to somewhat dissapeared after adding THINGS to it.
  Some areas may still have it. Where it did (and may still do)
  occurr is at the northeastern-most corner of the map (where the
  swimming pool is).You look at the edges of the building at the
  left and rightmost corners of the outside walls, and the HOM
  would be there. Also appeared (or appears) leaning next to the
  right front window (when entering) looking into the restraunt.
  It would appear in that window, and above the seats at the
  restraunt, as well as in the door to the kitchen. I think that
  is still there!

  COMMENTS? QUESTIONS? E-mail me at <email removed>!
  PLEASE fill out questionaire at the bottom of this file!

  (1) Hell On Earth interpretation (1FIFFY.ZIP). Try to reduce
      the burden Earth will have to pay from hell's creatures!
      open the right doors at the right time, and you'll survive!

  (2) Satan's Castle (1FIFFY2.ZIP). Payback time! Satan is mess-
      ing up your home, so you go to his castle and mess up his!
      Experience TRUE lighting effects, and excellent construct-
      ion, as well as some eerie effects! It's been called "A well
      thought-out level", and "Impressive" on Software Creations
      BBS! A must have for the DOOMsdayer!

  (3) Total War Package (1FIFWAR.ZIP SWCBB, FIFFYWAR.ZIP AOL):
      Includes the original Total War level, with modifications to
      toughen it up, and to make it better! Two other levels will
      test your DOOM playing experiences TO THE LIMIT, especially
      E1M2, the WORLD'S TOUGHEST DOOM LEVEL! That was backed up
      by AOL! FLOODED with requests for it to be e-mailed to all
      interested people, the most I ever had recieved (and may
      still be more requests!)!

  To get these files, go to SOFTWARE CREATIONS BB, or AMERICA ON-
  LINE and grab a copy! Please note newer files may not yet be
  available, and AOL libraries take up to a month or longer to
  get posted. If you have AOL, and you want any of the above
  REoL TOUGH levels directly through me, e-mail me at GEORGEF551!
  You'll get to play them before the world does!

  I hope you'll enjoy this level! Fill out this questionaire, and
  send this portion of the file back to GEORGEF551, or if you don't
  have AOL, e-mail portion to <email removed>!

                  !! Replace blanks with typed text !!
                  !! Add more space(s) where needed !!

  (1) How would you rate this level in...
        (a) toughness:_______
        (b) design:_______
        (c) playability:_______
        (d) other:_________________________________________________

  (2) What would you like to see in the future REoL TOUGH levels?

  (3) Could there be any improvements you would like to see in
      the future levels?

  (4) Would you recomend or give this file to friends/ family/etc.?


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