gonow10.wad is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on HERETIC

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This is GONOW10, a 11:30 level I made for Doom II (should take you
longer to complete the first time). It is a modified version
of GONOW6.WAD, which I also made.
If you have any multi-player demos (Deathmatch or Cooperative),
please send them to me at <email removed>

Here is the documentation of GONOW6:

This is a new level I made for Doom II.

GONOW6 origanally started as a level for the original DOOM, only I 
converted it for DOOM II, added some DOOM2-only features, changed
it some more, and called it GONOW6.

When I first made this level, it was designed with single player
play in mind. However, I realized Co-operative was good for this
level, and so was Deathmatch. I had to change a few things around
to make this level good for Deathmatch, but finally, all modes of
play are supported, with thought put into each one.

This level is pretty big, at least for me (I usually don't make
levels this big). Every time you activate a switch, you will wonder
just what it did. There are quite a few switches in this level.

You will face some places that I think are pretty neat-looking, as
well. There is even a secret area.

There is also new music in this level, but I forget what it was
called. If you don't like the music, simply use the music change
code to hear something else. (My favorite code in the game. :) )
(Example: IDMUS18)

Also, if you record a multi-player demonstration (either Co-operative
or Deathmatch), could you please send it to me? I'm <email removed>
Thanks. (I love to watch multi-player demos, but I've never seen
one in any of my levels. :( )

If you are lost in this level and don't know what to do next, I will
record a single player demo that I plan to upload later.

Here's what I did to this level since it was GONOW4:

I changed the Soul Sphere into a Mega Sphere.
I replaced the 3 demons in the room with a couch and television set into
a Mancubus. (It doesn't show up in skill levels 1 or 2.)
I changed the music. (I was getting tired of FUSED-GS, and I think this
fast-paced tune is better.)
I replaced the imps and demons in a certain room with Wolfenstein Nazis.
I added some light switches for 2 purposes:
        So you can fool around with them (You're never too old to have
        For Deathmatch players to surprise others. (Turn the light off
        and hide in the darkness, armed with a rocket launcher. Shoot
        the other player as he/she enters the room.)
I added some fast doors.

Here's what I plan to do to this level later:

Add the missing texture (hardly noticeable). - Already done in GONOW10
Move one of the teleport exits.
Make another secret area.
Add an extra room with light switches in it (control the lights for
every room. This can annoy multi-players when they are walking around,
and suddenly the lights go out).
Change 2 of the textures I don't like. - Already done in GONOW10
Add bars to the prison-like room.
Add an extra room. - Already done in GONOW10


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