This is a great demo (tho a bit too short) recorded in ARCHDETH.WAD. This demo fully demonstrates all of the fueatures of the PWAD, from the vertic...

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******************** ARCHDETH.WAD, Archvile DeathTrap ***********************

File Name:      ARCHDETH.WAD
For:            DOOM II

Author:         id Software, really...

Mods by:        Scott A. Smith
Email Addr:     <email removed>
                <email removed>

                CYBRDETH.WAD, CYBRDTH2.WAD,
                E1M1SAS.WAD, E2M1SAS.WAD,


* Play Information *

Map Number:     Map 01
Solo:           No, though there -is- a plyr 1 start.
Co-op:          Cooperative play is for old ladies.
Deathmatch:     Yes
New Music:      Hell yes, and it CRUNCHES! None of those lame 'pan flute'
                vocals here!

Notes:          This levels should be played WITH monsters. There are
                only 4 of them and they are needed to get the full effect
                of the level.

Description:    This is revision C of the first map from ORIGDETH.WAD.
                ORIGDETH.WAD contains four enhanced versions of id Soft
                levels from the original DOOM. This map is identical to
                rev B, which is named ORIGDTHB.WAD, except the name has
                been changed at the request of a couple of different
                people. The two files are completely compatible.

                The map features a number of changes from the original
                design, ranging from a more balanced weapons placement,
                to structural changes. All of the main areas now have
                multiple ways in and out; the outdoor area has 4 ways,
                including two vertical walls that you can climb!

                The main focus of this map is the Archvile trap and
                the trap control room. The trap control room has a
                number of wall switches and floor mounted kick switches
                which are used to control the trap. It is positioned
                above the trap, so that anyone in there will have a
                good view of the trap area and can also see when somone
                is coming for him.
                The trap works by kicking the green floor switch when
                the prospective victim walks into the trap area (which
                they usually have to do, since it's in the middle of a
                bridge surrounded by acid). This will cause a ring of
                waist high posts to instantly spring from the ground,
                surrounding the victim. The next stage of the trap
                uses the wall mounted switch that looks like a demon's
                face. This will instantly lower 4 archviles, all of
                them facing the victim(s) in the trap. The archviles
                will NOT attack anyone in the control room; note that
                the victim(s) in the trap still can shoot up there,
                tho. Once the archviles have done their deed, the
                switch next to the demon switch will raise them back 
                to the safe positions and the red kick switch will 
                lower the posts, completely hiding the trap for the
                next victim.
                There's a switch near the teleporter that will lower
                it back down. In the event that the person in the trap
                control room gets killed while the trap is open and the
                archviles are blasting the crap out of everyone trying
                to get past that area, there is an emergency shutoff
                switch in the corridor behind the control room.

                The extra green kick switch is used to raise the
                teleporter in the outside area out of reach. That
                teleporter is often used to flush a person out of the
                control room, since if you fire a rocket just before
                entering it, there's a good chance that it will hit 
                the person in the control room when it teleports ahead
                of you. If you're in the control room and see someone
                going for that teleporter, kick that switch and watch
                them fire the rocket point blank into the wall that 
                sprung up in from of them!

Credits:        id Software...
                The author's of the DETH and WinDEU level editors.
                All of the players on Greaser's Palace, with the 
                exception of DoomKiller and Toilet, two complete
                morons with the combined mentality of a parrot.
                And finally, YyzDen (forever Keyboarder Scum) for
                suggesting the ARCHDETH name.

********************** ARCHDETH.LMP, DeathMatch Demo ************************

File Name:      ARCHDETH.LMP
Level:          PWAD -=- ARCHDETH.WAD
Skill:          5
Version:        1.9
Mode:           Deathmatch
Length:         13.5 mins (use -timer 13 to view the scores)

Players:        Infiltrator      - Green  - kbd
                ScottAllyn (me)  - Indigo - Mouse/kbd
                Largo            - Brown  - kbd
                Deleos           - Red    - Electrodes attached to his ass

Final Score:    Infiltrator     25
(minus self     ScottAllyn      34
 frags)         Largo           07
                Deleos          29

Description:    This is a great demo (tho a bit too short) recorded in
                ARCHDETH.WAD. This demo fully demonstrates all of the
                fueatures of the PWAD, from the vertical walls that can
                be climbed to the control switches for the archvile trap.
                You'll even see how to get that plasma rifle while still
                keeping enough health to actually use the damned thing.
                You'll also see several different ways to take out the guy
                in the trap control room as well as a few strategies for
                saving your ass once your in the control room and the
                others are gunning for you.

Credits:        Obvious credit goes to the other players in the demo!

                Don, the Sysop of the Greaser's Palace BBS in Tampa, FL,
                which is THE most happenin' BBS in the Bay area and the
                stomping grounds on which we recorded this demo. If you
                want to check out the BBS, give it a call at 813-462-5351.
                We're waiting for you... <G>


Scott A. Smith - <email removed>

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