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MAP01, MAP02
|                                                             |
|         W A T E R   F L O O D   F R O M   H E L L           |
|                              &                              |
|                G O R I L L A   G O R E   I I                |
|                                                             |

Title (Once Again)      : Water Flood from Hell                                    
                            Gorilla Gore II

File List               : WATERFLD.WAD - The WFFH WAD file.
                          WATERFLD.TXT - This text file.
Release Date            : 08-07-95
Author                  : Michael Lundy
Posting From            : <email removed>
Email Address           : None. I can't stress how much I don't
                          want you to email me in each of my
                          text files. (No, I'm not a grumpy old
Misc. Author Info       : Ok, this is the thing that probably
                          makes people not want to get
                          someone's WAD stuff. Ok, here goes...
                          I'm 13. The other thing that gets
                          people is when they say that this is
                          their first WAD. Well, this is
                          my 9th WAD I've made so far, and I'm
                          proud of all of them.... Enjoy!
Other WADs By Author    : Houses 1.3                       
                          Another Heretic Cathedral
                          Pond of the Deathmatch Crater
                          Cargo Landing Pad
                          (The two above are Deathmatch levels)
                          Two Houses
                          Gorilla Gore (Don't get it, because
                          it's in this WAD.)
                          Dark Forces Rifle Patch
                          Heretic Textures for DOOM II

Brief Description       : Two new levels for DOOM II

Cool Stuff              : + Go underwater on level 1
                          + It's a lot easier to win level 2
                            than it was in the Original
                          + Designs of both levels make good
                            Deathmatches, too
                          + Team up on Co-op

WAD Info in More Detail : Level one lets you go "underwater" in
                          a weird way. All the skill levels are
                          set on both levels. Level two is the
                          same thing as the original Gorilla
                          Gore, except that it's a little more
                          fair, and a bunch of textures 'n'
                          stuff have been changed to take
                          advantage of DOOM II.

Really Dumb Story Line  : Yes, the demons are back from hell,
                          just because of all the new
                          adventures the DOOM marine has gone
                          through. Things like Obituary, The
                          Evil Unleashed, and a bunch of house
                          levels from Houses 1.3. Anyway, 
                          Demons has flooded the level with 
                          water (when he could of used lava) and 
                          is controlling the water in a weird 
                          way. The UAC marine force has asked 
                          you to clear out this level alone, 
                          because everybody else was a wuss 
                          about it. But be careful, because a 
                          spawn of hell brings back something 
                          you remember. (only if you've 
                          downloadedGorilla Gore.) The stone is 
                          cracked and weeds are growing in 
                          places. But all you have to do is 
                          finish the level.

Won't fully work with   : Nothing.

Won't work at all with  : Anything else but DOOM II

Big Thanks to           : Jason Hoffoss for DMapEdit 4.0.11
                          Adrian Cable for ADE II 5.25
                          Id Software for DOOM/DOOM II/Heretic

Additional Credits to   : Oliver Montanuy for DeuTex 3.6
                          OSCS for NeoPaint 2.2
                          Raphael Quinet for DEU 5.21
                          The Innocent Crew for the Handrail
                          Microsoft for the text editor
                          A bunch of hippies for the computer
                          Life in general

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II
Map Number              : MAP01 and MAP02 
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No. Use the sound patch I made with
                          only my microphone.
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None
Anything Else Replaced  : Yes. The ending screen.

* Construction *

Base                    : New WAD from scratch
Main Editor(s) used     : DMapEdit 4.0.11, ADE2 5.25
Other Editor(s) used    : DEU 5.21, DeuTex 3.6, NeoPaint 2.2,
                          MS-DOS editor.
Build Time              : 2-3 weeks.
Known Bugs              : None. 99.9% perfect texture alignment
Other Problems          : Well, my brother says that the level
                          doesn't make you look like you're
                          underwater. Also, take a look of what
                          stuff is dumb underwater in this WAD.

                          Fireballs, Rockets and other stuff
                          Bullet Puffs
                          Sound is Fake
                          You can run really fast
                          You never float
                          and that's about it...

Future Improvements     : Well, I can't make the water part any

* Installation *

Put the WAD in your DOOM2 directory.

Required to Have in Dir : Nothing else but the WAD.

* Troubleshooting *

If you can't run this, then there's something wrong with you.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this WAD as a base to build additional
WADs. (because I like this too much)

(One of the following)

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:

BBS numbers: None.

Other: None.

* Final Note to SysOp/FTP Crew/Or Other People *

FTP operators: please delete HOUSES 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. don't
               delete the two level HOUSES thing made by some
               other guy. If you want to, you can delete the
               Original Gorilla Gore (GGORE.ZIP). That's all

              You aren't still reading this text file, are you?


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DM Spawns
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