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                           DOOM II PWAD INFORMATION
    Codename              : CONGO (Congo collection #1)
    Filename              : JAZZ01.WAD
    Date                  : Saturday, June 24, 1995

    Author                : Ritche Macalaguim
    Email Address         : <email removed>

    Misc. Author Info     : An artist, writer, poet, computer hobbyist,
                            DoomII Deathmatch Opponent,  and inspiring
                            PWAD designer...  :)

    Description           : This is the first installment of the ... "JAZZ
                            DEATHMATCH SERIES" and also the first PWAD I've
                            ever created.  I put a great amount of time and
                            thought into this piece of work... so I hope
                            you DOOMers out there won't be disappointed...

                            This level is small/medium in size and intended
                            for DEATHMATCHES...  All the weapons are mostly
                            in plain sight (some work is needed to get to
                            them)... except for the BFG... (which is hidden
                            and takes some fancy footwork to get to...)

                            I've also included monsters for SINGLE and COOP
                            play... and the EXIT takes some figuring out to
                            reveal... (HINT: there are no keys) This WAD can
                            also be played at different skill levels.

    Story (Single/Coop)   : Code-named "CONGO", this WAD takes place in an
                            abandoned section of the Congo where the mining
                            of diamonds once flourished...  As part of the
                            United Earth Alien Termination Program the UAC
                            has assigned you and your team to eliminate all
                            evil monsters and discover the secrets of the
                            abandoned mines to return safely...
                            If you enjoyed this PWAD or have any questions
                            about it... please let me know.  You can reach
                            me at <email removed> ...
    Special Thanks to     : Arvin Viernes & Michael Arreola (PWAD testers)
                            David Lea (Phoenix Software), Pavel Hodek 
                            (Doom Guru from Czech Republic), Mark Anthony 
                            Klem (MK3.WAD), Genesis Krzyzaniak (GKDM7.WAD)

    Additional Credits to : Jeff Rabenhorst ............. Edmap 1.40
                            Robert Fenske, Jr. .......... WARM 1.4
                            Sensor Based Systems, Inc. .. DeePBSP 3.1c
                            Denis M?ller ................ NWT 1.3
                            id Software (DOOM II)


    * Play Information *

    Game                    : DOOM II - JAZZ01.WAD
    Level #                 : 01
    Single Player           : Yes
    Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
    DeathMatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
    Difficulty Settings     : All
    New Sounds              : No
    New Graphics            : Yes (JAZZ Signature, Ending Credits)
    New Music               : No
    Demos Replaced          : None

    * Construction *

    Base                    : New level from scratch

    Time to build           : About two months of late night work from
                              ideas sketched on paper to near-finished
                              sectors... and either Yanni, Kenny G, or
                              FourPlay quietly playing in the background...

    Editor(s) used          : Edmap v1.40 (Jeff Rabenhorst)
    OS used                 : MS-DOS 6.22
    Known Bugs              : Slight HOM effect :) (difficult to find tho)
    Testers                 : Arvin Viernes
                              Michael Arreola

    * Copyright / Permissions *

    Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.
    NO MODIFICATIONS PLEASE...  I have invested well over 200+ long hours
    building, testing, aligning and constantly changing this level...  so
    please repect my hard work... THANKS!

    You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with NO
    modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format
    (BBS, Diskette, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

    You MAY NOT include this WAD on a CD-ROM that you plan to charge people
    for UNLESS you a) notify me and b) send me a free copy of the CD-ROM as
    you plan to distribute it.

    JAZZ01.WAD is Copyright 1995 by Ritche Macalaguim
    DOOM II(tm), Hell on Earth is Copyright 1994 by id Software


    * Where to get this WAD *

    FTP sites:

    BBS sites: Head-2-Head BBS (619-426-0073) San Diego, CA USA

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