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T2 - a single-player level for Doom II featuring new monsters,
weapons, sound and music, and a few textures. T2 is a combination of
several Doom addons including Theme Patch and AliensDoom.


This is a modified version of T.ZIP (containing the latest file
tryit.bat dated 20/4/95).  The original author of the compilation
is unknown, but the authors of the original material are:
  Theme14 and Theme16 (weapons, monsters, sounds, etc.) - Werner Spahl
  AliensDoom (weapons, sounds, etc.) - Marc Gordon, David Lobser,
     Mike Dickson, Dan Goldwasser, Bernd Kreimeier
  predator.wad (sound effects) - Dream Warrior & Time Traveler
  techbar.wad (status bar) - Josh (aka Phallus)

The original was a poorly designed and put together addon for
Doom II.  The author took two excellent Partial Conversions (AliensDoom
and Theme Patch), joined them together (badly), added some stuff, and
the result was a confused mess!  Just to add insult to injury, the
wads supplied in were bloated with OVER 4MB OF WASTED SPACE!!!
Because was badly conceived and implemented, this updated version
is not much better than the original.  The only reasons I've updated it
is to:
  a) allow you to play it with the Doom Source Ports,
  b) save you over 4MB of hard drive space!

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- combined the 6 wad files into a single wad (T.wad) and removed all
  the wasted space.  The original wads were a total size of 5.5MB and
  this new one is only 1.5MB (due to a combination of wasted space and
  duplicate resources in the wads).
- as the original author supplied theme14.deh and theme16.wad, I
  replaced his theme16.wad with the original theme14.wad (I don't know
  why the original author did this because it introduced even more
- updated the DeHackEd patch theme14.deh to Patch Format 6 for use
  with Doom II v1.9 and the various Source Ports.
- deleted the speaker sounds - they were a waste of space.
- the original wads contained two levels named MAP01 - I deleted the
  unused one as it was nothing at all like the intended MAP01.
- replaced the rocket launcher from weapons.wad with the one from
  aliendm2.wad (it's better without the gunsights as most Source Ports
  add their own sights).
- replaced the plasma rifle from theme14.wad with the one from
  aliendm2.wad as it had a more complete set of sprites.  Fixed the
  frame sequence in the DeHackEd patch.  Put the plasma blast from
  theme14.wad back in as it didn't hinder the player's view as badly
  as the one from aliendm2.wad (also adjusted the vertical offsets
- adjusted the vertical offset of the shotgun sprites so that it at
  least looks like a new shotgun (I think the sprites are actually from
  the Doom Press-Release Beta, but the original author didn't say).
- rebuilt the wad using DeuTex to get all the resources in some kind of
  order. This process also fixed the colour pallete of some graphics,
  and fixed the length of one of the sounds.
- the original distribution contained 14 files, this version has only 3
    T2.DEH   T2.WAD   T2.TXT

This version is designed to be used with a Source Port, so patching
is not necessary.  Just use T2 as-is.  For example:
   zdoom -deh t2 -file t2
   mbf      "        "
   smmu     "        "
   boom     "        "
   prboom   "        "
   legacy -deh t2.deh -file t2.wad

Known bugs:
- the police officer from Terminator 2 sometimes disappears after it
  regenerates itself (this was probably one of the things fixed between
  Theme14 and Theme17).

Where to get this:
  The Alien/Predator/Terminator Theme directory on Walnut Creek:

The original text file follows:


T.wad is a compilation of the sound patch predator.wad, the
techbar.wad, arn.wad (some extra sounds I threw in from terminator2),
aliengfx.wad from aliensdoom,  and the theme14 and theme16.wads.
It has been designed to work with any version of either doom or doom2!
If your doom wad is in a different directory than c:\doom2, you must
edit the dehacked.ini text file to reflect the path to your doom

Credit goes to the authors of these great pwads, deutex, nwt, and of
course id software. Type termin from your doom directory every time you
reboot your computer and want to play t.wad. T.wad is great to use with
other wads and regular doom play to spice up the action! After typing
termin, just run t.wad like any other wad: doom2 (or doom depending)
-file t.wad or if you are using sirdoom, just add the -file t.wad to
the extra arguements section. BE SURE YOU TYPE TERMIN from your doom
directory FIRST!! 

I threw in a blowem up level map 01 (don't bother with it if you are
using doom). to try it type tryit from the doom2 directory.

Have fun!! Here are the some of the text files from the wads used to
create t.wad:

                    THEME DOOM PATCH 1.6 !!!
Do you ever wanted to see ALIEN vs PREDATOR vs TERMINATOR in Doom? 
Now it is possible!  The Theme Doom Patch modifies Doom and Doom 2
to feature the deadly monsters from your favorite action movies: 

- Pillars with skulls and hearts are turned into Alien eggs and 
  Hugger tubes (shoot them to release the Facehuggers).

- Lost Souls and Revenants are turned into Facehuggers (mostly
  harmless but quite annoying).

- Sargeants and Chaingunners are turned into Aliens (beware of the 
  acid and don't kill them on short distance).

- Demons and Knights of Hell are turned into young Alien queens 
  (a little bit harder than normal Aliens).

- Spectres and Mancubuses are turned into Predators (hunting you 
  down invisible until their cloaking gives in).

- Imps and Baby Spiders are turned into T40 Terminators (early 
  battle models armed with plasma rifles).

- Cacodemons and Pain Elementals are turned into T800 Terminators 
  (try to prevent them from standing up again).

- Barons of Hell and Arch Viles are turned into T1000 Terminators 
  (looking like policemen but able to morph injuries away).

- Troopers are still Troopers (so there are some easy killable 
  moving targets around).

- Spiderdemons and Cyberdemons are turned into chaingun and plasma 
  rifle Troopers (for use in battle scenarios).

- Potions and Helmets are turned into fellow Marines (bullet fangs
  with shotguns and plasma rifles).

- Berserk packs are turned into fellow Marines with Pulse rifles
  (more bullet fangs with motion trackers).

- Invulnerability spheres are turned into T800 Terminators repro-
  grammed as bodyguards (who will only attack on defense).

Players, weapons and some objects have been modified as well:

- all player graphics are turned to the same uniform colour but
  different helmet colour (so deathmatches will be more fair).

- punch and pistol graphics are turned to right handed usage (just 
  for fun).

- the rocket launcher has got more power (BFG like hit radius using
  rocket fuel units).

- the plasma rifle has sligthly changed (to match the T2 plasma 

- the BFG 9000 is turned into a flame thrower (limited range weapon
  using rocket fuel units).

- all ammunition has been increased (you will need it).

- blood splats will remain some time and tortured bodies can be shot
  (thanks to the originators of these ideas).

- poles with skulls and skewered heads are turned into open Alien 
  eggs and sucessful dead Facehuggers (just some decorations).

- eyes in symbols and flaming skulls are turned into Terminator arms
  and Predator skull trophies (just some more decorations).

- soul spheres and blur spheres have changed to look more technical
  (but you will recognize them).

- yellow keys are turned into data boards (use them together with
  door textures for information exchange).

- red keys are turned into hostages (which need to be rescued to 
  open red doors, so don't get them killed).

- electrical lamp columns can be shot (to turn the lights off).

Usage (important!): 

1. DEUTEX -APPEND THEME16.WAD             (DeuTex >3.1 needed)
   creates the complete wad file (about 2/4 MB large)
2. DEHACKED -LOAD THEME16.DEH             (DeHackEd 2.3 needed)
   patches the doom.exe file (reload to original first)
3. DOOM -FILE THEME16.WAD                 (Doom/HOE >1.6 needed)

(actual deutex and dhe versions can be found on in pub
/idgames/utils/graphics_edit and exe_edit. DeuSF and NWT may be used 
instead of DeuTex, but no longer Dmadds.  Thanks go to Bill Neisius, 
Bernd Kreimeier, Denis M”ller, Olivier Montanuy, Greg Lewis and id!)

Most graphics are just modified originals to keep the feeling right!
The sound effects were taken from various sound wads  (thanks to the
creators) or direct from the movies (special thanks to Pete Nilson).
Sorry, but different coloured blood splats were not possible, please
change the  graphics for dedicated  Alien or Predator scenarios. Due 
to some necessary tricks, the patch will only work when the dehacked 
file and the wad file are used together.

This patch is freeware! You may distribute it on any media, provided 
you include all files without modifications.  Feel free to use it to 
create special theme levels (preverably name them th(level).wad). To 
experience  a completely different  Doom environment right now, just
play  (on in pub/idgames/levels/doom/s-u) 
or any normal level and die!

Werner Spahl (<email removed>)             16.3.1995
 "The reason of my life is to make me crazy!"

                      Predator Sound FX
                              -- Dream Warrior --
                              -- Time Traveler --
                  -- "I don't want my handle on it." - ??? --

Ok, so here are the Predator sounds for Doom, tested with Doom v1.2.  We
wasted the better part of a night's rest to put them together.  A few notes
regarding some of the sounds in Predator:

The sound of the BFG is a spliced sound of the Predator's laser.  It has two
parts, three beeps and a whoosh.  In the movie the beeps come after the whoosh
but in the BFG, well, the beeps come first.

Many lines in the movie were "chopped" for clarity.
"I'll bleed you (2 second pause) real quiet."
"I'll bleed you real quiet." (no pause)

The chaingun sound was a total compromise.  We would have loved to have used
Blane's minigun, but when sampled and run with doom, instead of a chaingun it
sounded like industrial machinery, no matter how many times we tried.  So
instead we settled for the sound of normal machine gun fire.  In pistol mode
it sounds terrible and even in chaingun we found the sound to be mediocre.
But oh well.  What can we say.  T2.WAD and ALIENS2.WAD are two instances
where the chaingun sounds good for different reasons.  T2 just looped a single
pistol shot.  In ALIENS2 the compromise is that the pistol sounds cheesy while
the chaingun sounds at least halfway decent.  The same could not be said about
(Ultimately a gunshot from a Doom audio package was selected.  Not my
idea, but D.W.'s - T.T.)

Questions or comments may be addressed to: 
Jin H. Kim aka "Time Traveler," <email removed>

For those curious enough to want to know which sounds were replaced,


01 Single machine gun shot
03 Blane cocking his chaingun (I think it's unused)
08 M203 fired from Dutch's M16
10 Predator's laser sound
14 Door opens, and then "Knock Knock" - Dutch
19 "I ain't got time to bleed." - Blane
20 Misc death sound
21 Misc death sound
22 Predator pulls out Billy's spine (gross)
23 "I'm gonna have me some fun" - Mac
24 Blane cocks his chaingun, followed by "Payback time!"
25 "Get to the chopper" - Dutch
27 "Anytime" - Mac
28 "Overhere" - Mac
29 "Showtime, kid" - Dillon
30 "I see you" - Mac
31 "You're in a world of hurt" - Blane
32 Squeal of the pig
33 Billy's laugh recorded by Predator
34 The predator pins down Dutch's head with razor claws
36 "I can make it...I can make it." - Poncho
37 Misc death sound
38 "Stick around." - Dutch
39 Misc death sound
40 "If it bleeds..we can kill it" - Dutch
41 Misc death sound
42 "Jesus-you killed a pig!" - Poncho
43 Predator scream (removing bullet)
44 "I'll bleed you..real quiet" - Mac
45 Predator sound
46 Predator sound
48 Combat explosion sound
49 Predator punches Dutch
50 Predator laser sound
51 Edited Predator laser sound
52 "You are one ugly mother fucker" - Dutch
53 Predator roars at Dutch (after removing helmet)
54 "Kill me I'm here" - Dutch
55 Predator sound
56 Billy's death scream
58 Predator scream (removing bullet)
59 Predator scream (removing bullet)

"Every day is Doomsday." - T.T.

This is a graphic patch file to alter the status bar.  It is in a 
PWAD so that the 10 meg file won't be altered.   It changes
your standard status bar to one with LED readouts on a circuit board type
of display.  The patches altered are the status bar itself, the numbers that
are displayed on it, and the small numbers in the ammo area to prevent 
multicolor effect. 
        I spent a bit of time ensuring that all graphics were inserted 
correctly to ensure a good match.  If you wish to use this new status bar in
YOUR wad, please contact me.  I'll be happy to let you do it, I just would 
like to know what wads its in so I can grab them. ;)
        Also, if you can't contact me at the address below, feel free to 
include it but give me some credit somewhere. Thanks.

Blue Skies!
Josh aka Phallus

        Fallonjb95%<email removed>

To use:     
                1) Put the wad file in your doom dir.
                2) Doom -file techbar.wad


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