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Credits to the original novel\movie Stargate belong to Dean Devlin
and Roland Emmerich. Stargate2 was created by Dave Oblad, 1995.

Special thanks to id Software for an incredible game and Renegade
Graphics for a super Doom level Editor.

Put stargat2.wad in your doom2 directory. Play using command:
Doom2 -file stargat2.wad [enter]


It has been many years since the Stargates have been discovered and
exploited. While duplication of this device has escaped mankind, it
and many others around the galaxy have been activated, bringing many
different species together for the first time.

All was well until one of the Overlords, a clone of Ra, discovered
the network set up by the Human Race. Under Ra's direction, the Gates
have been placed under control of local military forces, which now
take orders only from the new Overlord.

You are one of the best agents still operating freelance. Having been
hired by the underground resistance, your mission is to destroy the
the network. This can be achieved by destroying the Nexus Computer
located in the same secret base as the Earth Node Stargate.

The military have built in a self destruct mechanism, but access to
the Master Destruct Switch can only be accomplished by the use of
three keys. These keys are scattered and under guard at the Desert
World Stargate Node.

The resistance has managed to sneak you inside the Nexus Base and
from here on the show is Yours! Starting out, you remember the final
words of the resistance leader: You will have no friends, no help,
you are our last hope, and if you fail... then We are all Doomed!

You take a deep breath, focus your senses, and set out to kick some
major alien ass! Good Luck....

PS. From the author: Enjoy and SAVE often!


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