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.WAD File for DOOM with the following level(s):
� BioMech level documentation                   For levels 1,2 and 3        �                                                                  
� Bonus : General storyline enclosed along with some helpfull hints         � 

{---Level 1 Documentation---}

Updates           : Episode 1 - Map 1
Skill levels      : Fully active (Enemies and items affected)
Player support    : Solo, co-op and deathmatch
Multi-Player bonus: Chainsaw
Creation time     : Approx. 18 glasses of ice tea (I always loose track of 
                    time when editing levels, but I can remember how much ice 
                    tea I drank while working, so thats how I time my work:)
Hints & tips      : Look carfully for doors that look like walls. Be carefull 
                    of the second automatic door, it doesn't look like its 
                    opening when it's opening. This is because the texture is 
                    un-pegged, it is not an error. The fire breathing wall can 
                    be killed, it just takes a few lucky shots. If you want to 
                    know how it was created I plan to up-load a document on 
                    DEU 5 soon.
Known errors      : One 'hall-of-mirrors' outside the room with the skull key.

{---Level 2 Documentation---}

Updates           : Episode 1 - Map 2
Skill levels      : Active on enemies only
Player support    : Solo, co-op and deathmatch
Multi-Player bonus: None
Creation time     : Approx. 8 glasses of ice tea, and 2 glasses of water
Hints & Tips      : Make sure you get the rocket launcher near the end of 
                    BioMech level 1 or this level will be much more difficult.
Known errors      : One 'hall-of-mirrors' near the spinal cord door.
                    One transparent wall near the begining of the level.

{---Level 3 Documentation---}

Updates           : Episode 1 - Map 3
Skill levels      : Fully active
Player support    : Solo, co-op and deathmatch
Multi-Player bonus: None
Creation time     : Approx. 19 glasses of ice tea, and a glass of water
Hints & Tips      : This level is far supperior to the first two. It took
                    me a while but I finaly got the hang of DEU. There are a
                    couple of secret doors in this level, but they stand out
                    noticably. The keycards are very important and fairly 
                    well protected. Finaly, make sure you explore the 'locker
                    room' with the radiation suits and light amp goggles. You
                    can't really survive in the lower area without them. OH
                    I almost forgot, all the green stuff is 10% off or 20%
                    off healthwise. 
Known errors      : 'Hall-of-mirrors' effect if the big gray door in the 
                    hallway with the blue keycard closes while your inside.
                    'Hall-of-mirrors' effect in the lower area if the far 
                    left wall is viewed from certain angles.

{---level 4 documentation---}

Modifies: E1L4
Skill levels: Fully active
Multi-player Bonus : None
Creation time: 16 glasses of ice tea
Hints & Tips: The level starts out VERY dark but, fear not, it soon
  will get much brighter. Be careful when taking items
  what you may take right away, you may miss a great 
   deal later...
Special Info: Modifies music for E1L1, this is not a perminate 
  modification, and the music will be normal when 
  running DOOM without this PWAD.

Good Luck :)


{---General Story---}

        In September of 2819 an alien ship drifts out of the sky and lands
in the Cape Cod area. The ship carries a huge biomechanical factory which
creates artificial wariors. All atempts to stop the invasion have failed,
reluctently the world calls out one last hero, Roy Ideer. Within an hour
Roy appears carring his trusty pistol and spitting wildly on to the ground. 
He is flown by helicopter to the alien ship and prepares to infiltrate the
alien defense systems and destroy the core, but due to a faulty stabilizer 
the helicopter goes down and he is killed in a very large explosion. Or so
the world thinks, in fact he is now inside the alien ship and must battle his 
way out! Good luck!


        You have probably read about these codes but if not here they are:

IDKFA      -       Use this anytime in DOOM to get all the weapons and ammo
IDDT       -       Use on the map screen to show all the walls, the second use
                   displays all the things the third use returns the map to 
IDSPISPOPD -       Turns no clipping mode on or off, lets you walk through 
                   walls when no clipping is on. 

There are other codes, but I don't want to give everything away... yet :-}



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