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---General Level Information---
Level name -     PARADOX
Map Number -     MAP01 (Doom ][)
Author     -     Darryl Ashton
E-mail add.-     <email removed>
Date       -     5th March (X-Files starts!!!), 1996

Misc Author Info - I (Darryl) am the founder of the reletively
                   new Doom PWAD editing group, Doominion. We are
                   a small and selective group, consisting of 6
                   members. If you would like to join this group,
                   type PARADOX (to run the level) and read the
                   I am 14 years old and still at school (no PWAD
                   editing lessons yet :-( ...). This is my first
                   (decent and working) level so far. Look out for
                   the classic by Paul Howard (member of Doominion)
                   and me, entitled BigTime, and the very very
                   unavaible level entitled Level1. Keep your eyes
                   open for Hexen levels, and the best of Dehacked
                   patches by me.

Special Fanx To  - Paul Howard, for really annoying me during level
                   creation time... <g>
                   My English teacher for mentioning the word Paradox
                   while discussing Julius Caesar, thus giving me an
                   idea for a level
                   Lee Howard, for letting me thrash him at various
                   deathmatches... (apart from that one :-) )
                   id Software for creating Doom (doesn't everyone
                   thank them?)

---Play information---
Single Player        - Obviously... Quite easy <?>
Co-operative play    - Yep. Even easier!
Deathmatch play      - Ah-ha! I put this in at the last minute, so
                       the only place you can get weapons is the
                       big crack room.
Difficulty Settings  - Certainly. The easiest is I'm Too Young to Die.
New Graphics         - No. But it still looks good!
New Sound            - Errr, alot of noise at once??!??
New Music            - It is on mine, but not on yours. (And I can't
                       change it back!!!)
Demos replaced       - I may have sorted it out. So... maybe.

Base                 - New level from scratch. Good though, 'init?
Time taken           - Oh God. Er, About 10 days, 3 hours each, that
                       equals about 30 hours. Maybe.
Software used        - Windoze 95 (my hard drive goes on and on and
                       on...), WadAuthor 32bit (the best editor, and
                       it works brill in Win95! Register though) and
                       DM, for testing the deathmatch-ablity.
Known Bugs           - That drop after the little chasm has a naff
                       wall texture, and maybe the lifts as well.
                       A few doors are supposed to be secret, but
                       I've left them out because I couldn't be
                       bothered - er, because it's easier for you to
                       get the best places to hide.
                       No HOM, at least!!!
Testers              - Paul Howard, and maybe Lee Howard (if he wants
                       to). And maybe loads of other people as well.

---Copyright stuff---
Right. I like the look of this level as much as you do (unless you
think it's garbage, in that case I like it more than you do). It took
me a long time to sort it out, build it, test it, scrap it, rebuild it,
test it, get mad, erase my hard drive, curse when I find everything's
gone, install it all again and rebuild the level correctly. Because of
this, I can't let you take this level and move a line one centimetre,
and claim you built it. So you can use the idea of the level (y'know,
Hell and Hi-Tech), but can't copy any of the rooms. You can put this
level where-ever you want as well, as long as you don't change anything.
 --- One thing you can do, if you can be bothered, is sort the lighting
     out for me. I forgot to do it, and would really appreaciate (I've
     spelt it wrong AGAIN!!!!) it if you would do it. Send me it before
     you upload it though.

Well, that's another level over and done with. Goodbye. Er, well I'll see
you when I've made another one. Maybe.


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