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             _/_/_/   _/    _/   _/_/_/       _/   _/        _/
          _/         _/    _/  _/          _/_/   _/_/   _/ _/
         _/  _/_/   _/    _/  _/_/_/        _/   _/  _/    _/ 
        _/    _/   _/    _/       _/       _/   _/        _/
        _/_/_/     _/_/_/   _/_/_/        _/   _/        _/

                             _/_/_/  _/_/_/
                                _/  _/
                               _/  _/
                              _/  _/
                         _/_/_/  _/_/_/

           by Sebastien Bacquet  <<email removed>>

   23 April 95

! WARNING ! -------------------------------------------------------------
This text is dangerous for people who can not put up with grammatical 
or spelling or phonetic or ... mistakes.
I am French and not a wizard at English, so if your heart is delicate 
stop reading now. :-(

GREAT ! You are brave and you will be rewarded for it. Good luck !

Well :

 _/  You own a GUS with 1024 K on board
     (if you don't it's not too late, it's really worth it !)

 _/  You don't hate DOOM ][  
     (if you think it is the greatest game you have ever played it suits too)

 _/  You love DOOM ]['s musics
     (if you don't try this then you will)

 _/  You play with maxi music volume
     (if you don't why do you have a GUS, a SB would have been cheaper)


But what is it ?
  This is an optimized MIDI instrument mapping for GUS 1024 (like GUS1M 
by Tom Klok for DOOM 1).
  Tom Klok has done a very good job with GUS1M (thanx) but this mapping 
doesn't suit with DOOM ][. 
This is not Tom Klok's fault : DOOM (1) and DOOM ][ don't use the same MIDI
instruments at all. Id didn't seem to note it because they have inserted 
GUS1M in DOOM ]['s directory (DMXGUSC entry), which is not, I repeat, good 
for DOOM ][.

  So, thanks to Joakim Erdfelt, I have converted MUS files to MIDI files with
MUS2MIDI so I could see what instruments were used in the musics. 
Then I made a list of them and made the mapping according to it.

  The result is ... simply great ;) ! DOOM ][ is not yet the same !
This is not a lie : try and listen.

How to use it ?
  This wad (GUS1M-II.WAD) was made for DOOM ][ and not for DOOM (1)
(if you don't have GUS1M.WAD, get it it's excellent for DOOM 1).
  If you use GUS1M-II with DOOM 1, it will do nothing at all 
(DMXGUSC entry is ignored by DOOM 1).
  To use GUS1M-II, just do :

        doom2 -file gus1m-II.wad

  or (better) insert it definitively in DOOM2.WAD (not dangerous) with
DEUTEX for example (a very good tool : thanx to Olivier Montanuy, 
a French guy too) :

        deutex -doom \games\doom2 -merge gus1m-II.wad

That's it !

If you are a music lover you will really appreciate the difference.
Try this : 
   - launch DOOM ][ without GUS1M-II and listen some musics (IDCLEV__)  :(
   - pump up the volume, pump up the volume, pump up the volume
   - launch DOOM ][ WITH GUS1M-II and enjoy the music                   :o
Let me know if you like it (sure you do !)

Copyright / Permissions
     Authors may use this optimized GUS1M-II WAD in their own WAD files,
and may use it as a base to further modify the GUS's GM mapping,
provided they send me (Sebastien Bacquet) a chocolate bar.

     Anyone may distribute this WAD, provided you include this text
file with attributions.  You may distribute this pwad in via any media
(BBS, floppy disk, CDROM, etc).
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