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                        Hangar18 DOOM2 Deathmatch WAD

Files that should be in this zip :  HANGAR18.WAD

     This deathmatch, in my opinion, is the best deathmatch PWAD you'll
ever find.  This is like no other PWAD in the sense that it is complex, 
well thought out and creative.  Not to say that there aren't good PWADS
floating around on BBS's, but normally when you download a DOOM PWAD you 
find a sloppy level that has no symmetry or complex design patterns.  
This is my 5th level (worth counting), and I believe it is my greatest 
accomplishment to date.  It has taken me about 3 1/2 months, some weeks 
with little or no work, but none the less I have worked very hard on this!  
Being a frequent deathmatch player I incorporated all the elements that I 
have observed are the best for DOOM combat.  There are no monsters since 
they just distract the player from his opponent and the weapons only appear 
when DOOM2 is set for deathmatch.  All the textures "fit", there are no
"that's good enough for fuck'n us" jobbies, and the layout is full of 
nooks and stuff so you can surprise your opponent with a rocket or two.
So, have fun with it and keep in mind that you may freely distribute this 
all around to as many BBS's as you can!  Just please don't change anything!
If you do screw around with DEU2 or something please don't distribute any 
alterization of this level.  Thanks, you know that wouldn't be too damn 
prudent.  Bu-bye.

This level was made with DEUII for play with DOOMII.  It will not work with
DOOMI since I have used some of DOOMII's new features (mainly textures).  

FYI:  If you don't already know, to play this level type:

      "DOOM2 -file <path> HANGAR18.WAD"

      IF you think you're ready for deathmatch you must connect both sides
      with data comp and error correction off in your modem init string.  
      You will probably find it usefull to connect with a small terminal
      program first then "shell-out" to DOS and start DOOM2 up through
      command-line parameters.  
           Here's an INIT string that usually works for HAYES compatible
           modems:  AT&Q0      This should turn off data compression and ec.
           For an INTEL fax modem this works:  AT &F \N0 \Q0 \J1 \V0
           If these examples don't work try finding your modem in the DOOM2
           Setup program, after selecting it check the MODEM.CFG to see you
           modem's INIT string.

      Once connected shell to DOS and run SERSETUP.EXE in the DOOM2 dir.
      *It is good just to have HANGAR18.WAD in your DOOM2's dir.
      Type:  SERSETUP -port <your port address> -deathmatch -com <modem's 
                      COM port> - <baud rate> -file HANGAR18.WAD
           *for COM port address use MSD if you have MS DOS.  COM2 is 02f8h.       
           *It is good to make a batch file for this command-line junk.  

      Remember both ends must load HANGAR18.WAD and have the correct settings.        
Well, I don't think I forgot anything so happy DOOMING!  Make 'em splat!

Designed by:  Sean Birkel
Designed with:  DEU521GC and DEU2
Nodes built with:  BSP 1.2x
Completed:  Check the date on the file if you really give a shit!
From:  Bangor, Me      ...yup, it is colder than hell here right now!

*  Remember not to modify this is you distribute, please.  And if you do use 
   this in one of yer levels give include something lame like:  "And the shitty
   part of my level is from a guy in Maine."

Thanks, I hope you enjoy this, I sure as hell did (making levels is a pain).  


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