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'D64sprites' 18/08/10
by Cybershark (<email removed>)

Doom64 - not that I've played much of it - was probably a far better 'sequel'
to Doom2 than Doom3 was, and that's pretty good going for something that was
only really a remake.  But it added a lot to the game - rather than trying to
rebuild it from the ground up - and so it deserves the acclaim.
Hell, comparitively then Doom64 was probably a better sequel to Doom2 than
Doom2 was to Doom.  Although of course it lacked multiplayer capability so I
guess we must subtract points for that.

Annnnnnnnyways...  there were a couple of mod packs floating around the
Zdaemonverse already:

D64monster - replaces most of the monster sprites/sounds with those from the
N64 version.  Not all, because the N64 cart didn't have the storage to take
all of them.  Things like the Spidermastermind and Revenant were simply not
present in the N64 version.  This mod has the Mother Demon take the place of
the Archvile.

D64weps - simple cosmetic weapon mod.  It changes the looks and sounds of
the guns.  A full DEHACKED version would be more satisfying, but not having
to worry about clashes with other WADs is a relief.  Besides, I'd pay money
to see DEHACKED handle the Unmaker in addition to all the other guns  XD

These were both fair attempts but they bugged me in a couple of places.
Why change the monsters but keep the original Doom2 projectiles?
Why alter the look of the weapons but leave the pickup items bearing no
likeness to the replacement?
If you'd bother with either of these projects then why not just go the whole
hog and replace ALL the game sprites?

So I made this companion pack in order to address most of that stuff -
although it's not really been tested so don't be surprised if it crashes
your game and shuts off power to your house.

Stuff it does:
Changes the player sprites to the Doom64 version.
Replaces all pickup items.
Replaces a few decorative/obstacle items.
Integrates the N64 monster projectiles that were missing from the other mod.
Replaces the default 3 Doom2 skies with some Doom64 ones.

Maybe ideally, one day, then all these mods could be in one combined form.
As things stand there are shortfalls with all the existing mods:
The weapons could have some more frames added for plasma n'such.
The existing monsters are resampled versions of the originals.  They don't
even look like very clean rips really.  They'd look so much better if the
original sprites were used and scaled down by the engine.
I only included some decorative/blocking sprite replacement in this mod.
The rest I was not willing to take time to make fit.
None of the sprites in this mod have been scaled down in any way.  As a
result then some will appear a little oversize.  This was done for reasons
of time constraints.  I'd have simply used DEHACKED to resize everything,
but that was not convenient at the time.

Midway Games
The 'Doom64: Absolution' team

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use this shit as a base for modification or re-use.  None of
the resources are mine to suggest otherwise.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.
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