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  REoL TOUGH: Satan's School of Warfare    An E1M1 replacement for DOOM!
  Contains a self-playing demo for your enjoyment. (aprox time: 15 min.)
   NEW MUSIC! A special thanks to Mike Slusher for making the music for
      this level, with his version of Pink Floyd's ANTOTHER BRICK IN
         THE WALL. It's kind of hard to hear, but it's well done!

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: You may add to, delete from, or modify this level, so
                  long as you give the authors credit for the original
                  work. As for the music, contact Mike Slusher!
                                MUSIC IS NOT COPYRIGHTED

                !!! FEEL FREE DO DISTRIBUTE THIS LEVEL !!!

          DESIGNER/BUILDER: REoL (George Fiffy)

          MUSIC: MATSUO (Mike Slusher)

                              AOL            INTERNET
REoL (George Fiffy)       GEORGEF551    <email removed>
MATSUO (Mike Slusher)       MATSUO        <email removed>

have SOFTWARE CRESTIONS BBS access, but you have no AOL or INTERNET 
access, I will relay your questions about the music, or I'll talk to you
about the actual level construction.

PS: If you have any suggestions for the next REoL TOUGH levels, contact me!
   I can't change the graphics (SOB!), and someone else does the music
   (NO RAP, dance or hip-hop please. It doesn't fit in DOOM).
  This game can be played in all modes. In 1 or multi-player games, you'll
all start out in the same room. You'll have a shotgun to start with.
  In DEATHMATCH, there's no exit. Some of you will start in the same areas
(uh oh!). You'll start off with a shotgun, some ammo, a backpack, a plasma
gun, and a energy pack. USE YOUR SHOTS WISELY!

At the DOOM prompt, type:          DOOM -FILE WAR4.WAD

Although you can choose the level of difficulty, it's gonna' be one hell
of a battle! I hope you're good, and have a Pentium!

PS: A 486 cpu of at least 20MHz will play this game somewhat decently, but
   will be awful jerky! A high speed 486 (50+MHz) or a Pentium will make
   this playable at even the highest levels of difficulty.
    From all the complaints I recieved about TOTAL WAR II and TOTAL WAR
   III that I read (all 3 of them!), The easy levels of difficulty has  
   significantly fewer monsters than the medium level of difficulty. Plus,
   a much simpler building design also helps reduce jerkyness even more.
  Didn't you wish that you could go to school one day and get even with
the teachers or professors, as well as the staff and bullies? YOU CAN! Go
into classrooms. Inturrupt class! Shoot 'em all dead! REVENGE IS SWEET!
  WE DON'T NEED NO EDUCATION.... You'l all be toasted anyway!
  HEY, TEACHER, LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE!.... I'll belt them for you!


   Somewhere on the moon of Phobos, a school sits in a big crator. This
school takes dumb daemons from hell and teaches them how to become REAL
FIGHTERS! They go to classes durring the day, and they go out and do
their "homework" on the streets of the inner Phobos city at night. YOU
   Well, well, well. Looks like they hide the entrance to the school
grounds fairly well, don't they? But you, B.J. BLASKOWICTZ, are too smart
for them! (You'll see.) You go through the corridors of the building, and
you're suddenly telleported into a classroom! The daemons, as well as the
"professors", turn their excercises into applicastions! But you'll blast
them all to kindom come, even the Barron "professors"! As you go on a
classroom rampage, many daemons in the cafeteria will be shooting at you!
  After all of that, you might take a trip to the Administration Offices
are share a little of your lead over there as well. You finally reach the
"final exam" room, filled LITERALLY with about a couple hundred daemons,
and could be as high as SEVERAL hundred ALL AT ONCE! And if that wasn't
enough, when you get on the balcony, up to TWENTY Barrons Of Hell will
join in on the fun! (Now you know why this is soooooooooooooooooo jerky!)
No need to pannic! You got a GIGANTIC room full of ammo!
  After giving your best educational lesson to the daemons of Hell, you
go through the exit, and you can play a level you'll have control over!
                              PLAYING TIPS:

(1) The action is jerky beyond human belief! Don't try to "floor it" in
    areas where you'll fall off the edges of ledges and into pools of
    toxic waste. Make small movements and you'll have good controll over
    this horrifying School of Hell (and the scrolling).

(2) In order to get into the cafeteria, you will need to get the "lunch
    card" to open the door (yellow key). Geting in here could LIFT your
    spirits (hint, hint, hint!).

(3) When you're telleported into your first classroom (you'll walk into
    the rest of them thereafter), try to shoot your way towards the door.
    This way, when the invulnerability wears off, you can fight what
    remains without YOU ending up AS remains!

(4) Secrets, even with cheat codes, will NOT show (heh, heh, heh! Get
    used to it.) on the map. One's fairly obvious though, like the door
    that is in the middle of "nowhere". (See tip #2 for accessability.)

(5) There doesn't seem to be any large places to fight those Barrons!
    As you walk away shooting, lead them into the green weapons room (this
    is the classroom area). PLENTY of space to dodge and move around in! 
(6) The teachers (barrons) conduct class behind a potium in front of the
    blackboard. On the blackboard side of the potium is a switch to open
    up the next area to be discovered (the Administration Offices can be
    entered at any time you wish). You'll go through four classrooms.
    (There is a fifth classroom. Can you find it?)

(9) After going through the four classrooms, a door in the hallway opens
    up to reveal a big room full of ledges. You must note (it's VERY
    important!) that the ledges YOU stand on have five sides. Two sides
    make an "arrow" at the ends of the ledges. Jump off the ledges in the    
    direction these "arrows" point! If you don't, you'll parrish in the
    toxic waste pool below.

(8) To do away with the secretaries and others in the main room of the
    Administration Offices, it's best to shoot from the OUTSIDE. Stay in
    the main hallway on the other side of the windows and shoot away. DO
    NOT LET DAEMONS OPEN THE DOOR! If you shoot while the door is open,
    the faculty in their offices will come out after you! These are not
    typical scum, they're MEANIES! Wait 'till you kill everyone inside the
    main room first.

(9) You might want to check out what's inside the Administration Offices!
    There's some neat stuff in there...

(10) Also in the main hallway is the cafeteria (remember, you need the
     "lunch card" to open the door), there are quite a few daemons eating
     lunch. They see you, they come at you. Take this slowly. Expose a few
     daemons at a time. You get them all going, you'll be full of holes
     so fast...

(11) At the actual war room (remember, the "final exam" area), when the
     walls lower, turn around and take the nearby lift to the balcony! DO
     NOT LEAVE THE BALCONY AREA! You don't need to, since it has it's own
     ammo room (grey) and health. You won't get mauled on the ground.

(12) If you need to duck into the doorway (while on the balcony), you need
     not waste valuable time turning around to walk in the doorway. This
     room was designed so if you miss the door, you'll "slide" into the
(13) IN DEATHMATCH: When going against friends, you will note that you
     will have NO ACCESS to the exit! This means you'll actually have to 
     FIND your friends and kill them all!
Known "Boo-boo's":

(1) BLACKOUT! There is an error in the DOOM.EXE file where rooms that are
    too tall have some sort of "snow bars" between sectors. This happens
    in the "room of ledges" when you grab the lift (remember the hint?).
    If you stand DIRECTLY in front of the lift as close as you can, the
    screen seems to "black out". Stand back a hare.
      If you do NOT have a sound card, you'll NEVER know when the lift 
    came down! You DEFINATELY should stand back a little!

(2) HALL OF MIRRORS: If you're in the dishwasher room next to the kitchen
    of the cafeteria and open the metal door, you may experience the in-
    famous (and dreaded) Hall Of Mirrors effect. This is because the cafe-
    teria has so many sectors that it exceeds the limit DOOM can draw on
    screen. This happened in HOTEL as well (REoL TOUGH: Hotel).

(3) INVISABLE ENEMIES, AND SHOTS! Well, the usual REoL TOUGH problem of
    disapearing enemies is in here (gee, what a suprise). What you did
    NOT expect is that the flames and toxic waste that the Imps and the
    barrons throw can ALSO be invisable (uh-oh big time!). If you hear
    them shoot, MOVE! If you want to be nuked or cooked, don't.


Hell On Earth interpretation            Daemons from hell are atop Mt.
(1FIFFY.ZIP)                            McKinley to wreak havoc on Earth!
                                        STOP THEM!

Satan's Castle                          One of the most popular levels in
(1FIFFY2.ZIP)                           the United States! 
                                        Since Satan is trashing Earth,
                                        why not trash his castle?

TOTAL WAR II:                           Included a hevily modified TOTAL
(1FIFWAR.ZIP)                           WAR I with nearly impossible DOOM
(FIFFYWAR.ZIP in AOL)                   levels! Too tough for the average
                                        DOOM player!

Hotel                                   You decide to check into hell's
(1FIFFY3.ZIP)                           fanciest hotel, the Under Arms.
                                        You checked in, but the question
                                        is can you check out?

TOTAL WAR III: Land Of Weirdness        The DOOM level with the weirdest
(1FIFWAR2.ZIP)                          visual effects! It has invisable
                                        buildings, invisable doors, dark
                                        rooms you can see well in, and
                                        other weird wonders.

The Pit                                 The Mt. McKinley detention camp
(1FIFFY4.ZIP)                           prisoners are out of control!
                                        You need to access other areas
                                        of the camp via The Pit.

TOTAL WAR IV: Satan's School            You go through a school building
              of Warfare                on the moon of Phobos interupting
(1FIFWAR3.ZIP)                          classes on hell raising. Don't
(Satan's Castle sequel!)                you just LOVE it?
REMEMBER: I want to hear form you if you have something to say about this
         or any other REoL TOUGH level! Just E-mail me with the address
         above. If you have questions about the music, contact Mike
         Slusher, who's address is also above.

Thanks for downloading REoL TOUGH: TOTAL WAR IV: Satan's School of
Warfare! I enjoyed making this level. Hope you'll download all the others
and the ones to come in the future!

Resident Expert of Leominster           TODAY'S MORAL: Cats do not land on
                                                       their feet if their
                                                       paws are cut off.

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