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                              KTA Documentation



[1] What KTA presents?
[2] Story of KTA
[3] The creators of KTA
[4] Some tips for the game
[5] Multi player notes! *** IMPORTANT! ***
[6] Trouble-shooting
[7] Programs that were used in making of KTA
[8] Thanks and credits for all who have helped us!


[1] What does KTA have?

KTA demo presents 7 all new levels, new graphics, sounds, powerful menu
system, different saves than DooM has, and a
*new weapon*.

As soon as possible we are going to release ***25 more FREE levels***, so the
KTA is finally going to have all 32 levels! More info about KTA future releases
and about Falling Star Productions can be found from our webpage at


[2] Story

We all know what happened few hundred years ago in phobos, deimos and on
earth, although none of us were there to see it. Although the marines
thought that they had destroyed the hell, they were wrong. Ten years
after the hell revealed, and the horrors came back faster than you can
imagine. After few months the earth was destroyed, and some peoples had
survived to other planets and space stations. The struglle of life has
now continued few hundred years. One day you get a brown letter from marines...

Three days after getting the letter you are on a space marine group and
your mission is to attack to one of moons alien station, and your goal
is simply to destroy it. You all know that most propably this is your
last mission...

Your group gets surprised by the aliens in some kind of a jail-building.
After a short fire-fight you escape to severs with one of your marine
friend, and try to find the way out, but it seems too complicated.
Running in the severs your friend bumps in to some kind of alien (brown,
spiky, fire shooting monster) and gets a bad hit. Your friend falls in to
the slime, but before he dies he gets a good shoot at the monster. The monster
screaches and fells sinking in to the slime. You only have a pistol left,
but seems like your friend had a shotgun with few shells still left.
If you only could find the way out here. Your only mission now is to stay


[3]. The creators of KTA

We are a group called Falling Star Productions, and we are:

* Sir Robin, <email removed>
* Markus S„lliluoma, <email removed>
* Jofa, <email removed>
* Spi, <email removed>
* Syybe, <email removed>

Some of the excellent new sounds in KTA are from Berzerk Skwirblis
sound WAD.

The glass textures are created by Ty Halderman.

Also big thanks go to our beta-testers:

M. Scott Harlan, <email removed>
Kari Westerholm, <email removed>
Markku Steen, <email removed>
Christian "the berzerk" Skwirblis, <email removed>
William Drummond, <email removed>
David Storey, <email removed>
Andrew Robinson, <email removed>
Roger Ritenour, <email removed>


[4]. Tips for the game

Here are some useful tips for playing KTA:

* On some levels you just can't get 100% kills (level 1 for example)
* Listen and look around carefully, and you find the secrets. Use your
* KTA don't work like DooM. Sometimes you can do things that you
  can't do in DooM (climb ladders, use computers...). Use your imagination!
* There are traps that KILL you instantly in KTA. Pushing a button
  with a dead body on front of it is not a good idea.
* Most of all: *** Use your mind to find things, and avoid traps! ***


[5]. Multi-player notes!

These are important notes on multiplayer games! Please read!

* KTA is made for single-player mode, but it can be played with
  co-op or deathmatch mode too.
* Never walk under the bridge when other player is on top of it.
* Never walk over the bridge if other player is on top of it, or under
* If the multi-player game crashes, check the following thing:
  - Is the normal single player DooM still working?
  If it's not working, you have to type following commands at your DOOM2
     + copy kta\doom2.exe
     + del kta\doom2.exe
     + del dm.exe
     + del dm.cfg
     + copy kta\dm.ex_ dm.exe
     + copy kta\dm.cf_ dm.cfg
     + del kta\dm.??_


[6]. Trouble-shooting

Here are some problems that you might run to when playing KTA:

Q: After playing KTA in multi-player mode the normal DooM2 won't run
anymore. It seems to start with KTA, but it has DOOM2 levels. What to

A: Read the multiplayer notes.


Q: KTA doesn't start when I choose to play a random demo from the menu.

A: If you have another version of DooM than 1.9, then the demos won't
   run. Sorry.


Q: KTA is great, but I would like to play it with DooM 95 to get better

A: Sorry. We use dehacked to change things in DooM 2, but there is no
   dehacked version for DooM 95. If a version for that comes, we will
   immediately make a patch that makes it work with DooM 95. Same
   goes to GLDooM, which isn't out yet, but it should come soon...


Q: When I load KTA from Win95, and choose to view the documentation
   I get a nice hyper-text file to view, but from plain DOS I get only
   a simple text file. Why's that?

A: We use Lynx www-browser to show a nice HTML-file for you, but it
   only works from Win95, so in DOS we use a simple text viewer (we know
   that there is a version of Lynx for DOS, but we couldn't found it
   from the net).


Q: Can I run KTA from other machines than PC?

A: No.  It's only for PC, and it only works with DOS or DOS-emulation.


[7]. Programs that we used for making KTA

* DETH - DooM Editor for Total Headcases - was used to make the levels.
* WinTex was used to import the new graphics and sound to KTA
* NWT - New Wad Tool - was used to collect all levels in one WAD
* DeHackEd was used to modify the DooM 2 exe
* DeuSF was used to merge graphics from DooM2 to KTA WAD file in installation

* EditPad was used to make the text- and html- files
* NetScape and Lynx were used to check the html-files

* Paint Shop Pro and NeoPaint were used for making graphics
* Canon Powershot camera and software were used to take a few


[8] Thanks and credits for all who have helped us!

* Id Software for making the best 3d-game (and Quake too...)
* Ty Halderman for the glass textures
* Beta-testers
* Punk bands that have inspired Sir Robin (thanks to all who play real Punk!)
* All peoples who still love DooM for keeping a good game alive!!!



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