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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03
TBD21 by Tony Baxter.


This is a set of three wads for Doom 2. My intention is to release further 
sets of three in the future with the next set due around Christmas `95.
They comprise levels 1 to 3 of the registered version of Doom 2 and were
constructed using Waded by Matthew Ayres to whom I am gratefull. These wads
are for use by anyone who wants to use them and may be freely distributed.
I would ask however that in the unlikely event that someone wants to use them
for financial gain that they contact me by email.


These wads are NOT particularly difficult. They are NOT particularly big. They
are NOT particularly clever and they are NOT particularly original. They were 
designed to allow me to win a deathmatch game (SOME HOPE!).

Level 1. Small linear level with four secrets 3 easy one hard (V. Hard on a
386 m/c). Depends on finding one secret to complete unless you are a complete
Doom anorak. Deathmatch - plays O.K and seems reasonably fair. However, once
the radiation suits are all used some loss must be incurred by one player
to close the level. C`mon guys, this was my first attempt. Cooperative - too
easy for words as long as you take your fair share of ammo and shots!

Level 2. Bigger level (but not by much) with four secrets, 1 easy, 2 are
straightforward and the last is silly. One lift may be difficult to reach 
using a 386. Deathmatch - Small enough but not very exciting really unless
you manage to squash your opponent. You don`t need to press the exit switch
to leave the level. If you find out how to do that then you will get the
plasma rifle in level 3.Coperative - Get all the secrets, kill all the
baddies and you may get some entertainment.

Level 3. Same size as level 2 and starting to get more difficult. The bad guys
are not the problem its hitting the right switches etc. There are two secrets.
Both are difficult. The secret to get off the level has been seen before in
Doom (registered version), the secret to get the plasma rifle may be new. I
would be pleased if anybody who has seen this done before would let me know.
This secret might not be considered cricket in some circles, but you don`t
need it to complete the level. Deathmatch and cooperative - fun!

There is supposed to be a pro -forma for doom level submissions to but I couldnt find it so you are stuck with this. Should anyone
wish to contact me regarding these levels please do so. I will reply no matter
how scathing you are. Better that than being ignored I say.

The next set of levels will be somewhat more difficult unless of course you
want them easy. But, don`t bother to download the next set if you like `em big
`cos they won`t be. There`s nothing worse than spending hours stalking the
other guy round a huge map only to find him and then `Player one has left
the game...`

Tony Baxter
<email removed>


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