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This resource wad contains every enemy, item and weapon created for Virus, as well as the player class and various other resources definitions, so you can make your own levels and creations for it now that I've acknowledged how unlikely it is for me to finish the whole thing. Briefly speaking, here's the run-down:

Player Character:

Shorter and wider than Doomguy. Also moves more quickly and, most importantly, has no gravity. Levels need to assign flight capability to the player on start up and resurrection in order to work properly (see scripts 901 and 902 in ACSHUD.txt for an example)


1: Basic Blaster
Infinite ammo projectile weapon that fires rapidly, but doesn't do much damage. Also has a minor spread and can be powered up by the "Instakill" powerup, which gives it one shot guaranteed to kill pretty much anything, but must be used as the next shot from the gun when active. The player starts with this gun, but it can be placed in levels as well

2: Blaster
Louder, slower firing weapon that does much more damage per shot and has faster, larger projects, with no spread. Max ammo is 100 before backpack and 200 after

3: Wall of Death
Shoots slowly, but fires 8 projectiles in a box formation at high speed. Very powerful when all projectiles connect and fairly useful for hitting densely packed crowds with, although each individual projectile is weaker than that of the Blaster. 20 shots max before backpack and 40 after

4: Mini Missile Launcher
Rapid-fire missiles that have a slight homing capability, but are also slightly erratic in the projectile paths and move very quickly. Quite powerful, with a bit of splash damage. 75 shots before back and 150 after

5: Laser
Shoots slowly, but fires a large beam that disperses over distance. Probably the most powerful weapon shot-for-shot out of the 5 included. 30 shots before backpack and 60 after


All items (including weapon pickups) have no gravity, so they can be placed at heights in the map for flying players to collect.

Health comes in +5, +20 and +100 types, with the +5 maxing at 150, +20 maxing at 100 and +100 maxing at 200

Shield (read: Armour) always saves 50% damage and comes in +50 and +100, both of which max at 200

The Disruptor powerup is just an Invisibility which lasts for 4200 tics

Instakill has been covered above in the Basic Blaster. You can only have one of these active at a time, but they can be picked up when not useful

Speed Boost functions much like the Heretic equivalent and lasts for 2100 tics

Mega Power gives the player 300 health and 300 armour, which works at 65% damage reduction

The Ammo Pickup is a general purpose ammo giver, which gives 5 shots each for the Mini Missile Launcher and Blaster and 1 shot each for the Wall of Death and Laser

The 2x Ammo pickup is just a Backpack full of Ammo


The same as the player character with regards to dimensions and appearance, with 100 health and a relatively high speed. Fires a weakened version of the Blaster, which does 50% damage, and drops the Blaster pickup on death every time. The general purpose grunt of Virus

Slimmer than the spore, but slower and with only 60 health. The Prism is mainly intended for swarming, as it has a rapid-fire attack of 3 weak projectiles and a rare chance to duplicate. It can duplicate indefinitely, so the more of them there are, the more likely they are to keep increasing in population. Should be dealt with quickly due to this. Shatters on death and fires off non-damaging shards when flinching too

With 200 health these are quite tough for a starter enemy, but as they are static and only use the Basic Blaster projectile (fired in a slow, constant stream) they're still quite low threat. They come in floor and ceiling mounted varieties and will barely move at all when hit, so they should be fine wherever there is enough space for their 32-unit radius. There's a weak explosion when they die and their sight and death sounds are heard all throughout the map. Turrets will not change from their first target, so will only infight if they're not already aware of the player, or the player has died

2000 health and a height of 112 units makes these one of the more physically imposing enemies in the game. They are land-based and walk quite slowly, but fire a stream of half-strength Blaster projectiles, occasionally mixing it up by using a twin set of large missiles. You can tell when it's going to fire missiles as it freezes in place and beeps a short countdown - these missiles are easily dodged but powerful. Has an immunity to radius damage to give it better longevity. Designed to tank and harass the player, primarily

Although dimensionally similar to the Prism, the Virus has 500 health. It also cannot be targeted intentionally by other monsters. This is because it has a very long wind-up for it's projectile attack, which flicks gently damaging little bits of goo around as it charges. The projectile itself is a fast moving ripper that does quite a lot of damage. It snaps in half when killed. Something of a sniper when in a large crowd of enemies, but otherwise a formidable 1-on-1 foe

The weakest of the bosses, the Leader is the boss Spore, effectively. Fast moving, with 3 different attacks (either a full-power Blaster shot, a dual stream of Basic Blaster fire or a twin missile attack like the Meshwalker), 2250 health and a reflective shield in place and an immunity to radius damage, this enemy can cause havoc in groups of lesser foes and give the player a good fight on its own. In Virus E1 a script to make it immortal is in place, which has to be deactivated before it can be fought properly, but even without this it should serve as a reasonable miniboss encounter

More of a barrel replacement than anything else, these are intended for use as objectives in levels, which is why they make a lot of noise to attract the player and explode on death

Not an enemy at all, but merely something to float around teleporters in the abstract game world of Virus, so that they can be marked out nicely. Their random wandering makes them good dynamic props in general

Very small (just 16x16x16 units), quite fast and with very low attack power and health, the Drones are hopeless foes alone and best dispatched with the Basic Blaster, so as not to waste ammo. The eyepiece shoots off when they die

Large, noisy and imposing, this is the ariel equivilant of the Meshwalker. At 1200 health it swaps endurance for speed and maneuvarability. It also has no Blaster and instead uses twin Mini Missile Launchers - fortunately not rapid fire, but as they're fired by an enemy, the homing works better. It does drop a Mini Missile Launcher on death though, so it's not all bad! These enemies are probably best used similarly to the Mancubus or Revenant in Doom 2, as they have a high potential damage output. It's immune to radius damage

Kind of like a large, fast Pain Elemental that can drop 1 Turret and spawn up to 4 Drones (if given time). If it hasn't dropped a Turret it fires 3 Basic Blaster shots from it in quick succession. If it has, it settles for a single, even weaker shot. With 750 health they tend to survive long enough to drop off most of their payload and, when they die, they explode and fire off their two engines as very lethal rockets. A high priority target, but one the player has to be wary of killing. The good news is that its death throes tend to kill some of its spawn

5000 health, taller than a Cyberdemon and the radius of a Spider Mastermind - these driving battle platforms are the second boss enemy and particularly good for overwhelming a player. They work much like the AirCarrier, but can deploy 2 AirCarriers (one at a time) and up to 40 drones (2 at a time) - with the AirCarriers also coming fully-loaded. A LandCarrier will roll around at a leisurely speed, firing Basic Blaster projectiles off around itself as a general deterrence when it can see its target. It's proper attack is to spray some Basic Blaster shots directly at the player and then consider deploying an AirCarrier. It will arbitrarily send out Drones just in the course of rolling around, so it needs to be fought quickly. On death there's plenty of explosions and it's two tracked sections roll off on their own, although these do no damage. The central platform leaps into the air amidst the destruction and lands on the ground as a corpse. There is also a prop version that just sits there for the cameo at the end of Virus E1. Notably not immune to radius damage

Greater Prism:
As the name implies, it's a Prism, just better. 240 health, a larger volume and some better attack patterns mark the improvement. It won't randomly replicate whilst it's alive, but unless you gib it (which can't be done with the weapons in Virus) it will spawn 3 Prisms Pain Elemental-style on death. If anything these are best left to their own devices until higher priorities are dead, as their rotating spam of projectiles is a good incitement to infighting

A flying enemy with 400 health that uses the Laser against the player. Easy to dodge, but painful to absorb and with a 1-in-2 chance of dropping it's gun for the player, the Mill is essentially a step up from the Spore, but with an explosive death

Another tougher land-based variant, with 800 health and plenty of speed, the Treadmill revving around on the ground acts as an anti-air deterrence for the player, spraying an arc of Wall of Death projectiles in front, above and behind itself. Whilst this does make it popular for infighting, it also keeps the player on his toes and at a distance. Like the Mill, it explodes on death, although this time with no countdown and a bump into the air

Based on the Mad Cat/Timber Wolf from the Battletech Universe, the Felix is a full on Mech, with tons of firepower and 2750 health. It also has no weakness to radius damage and a range-based approach to fighting. At long range it fires 4 Mini Missiles, complete with homing and erratic flight pattern. Medium range (closer than 1600 units and above 512) it fires the Wall of Death from one hand and four normal Blaster shots from the other. At close range it lets rip with it's Laser and fires 4 Basic Shots. However, it it is below 750 health it Alpha Strikes instead, firing all 5 of it's weapons at once and then overheating briefly, with plenty of smoke to be seen. On death there's tons of smoke and then it pivots over at the waist. This is the pure power boss, when compared to the Leader's projectile bouncing and LandCarrier's swarming tactics

A weak boss with only 500 health that floats around relatively slowly, sparking and smoking. It does fire off a very powerful, fast, instant kill projectile if given the chance, however. The idea with this is that it pops up after the final fight of the game (say against the Felix) as a surprise extra fight and then triggers a script upon death to resolve the story
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