Basically a modified Marine Doom for Co-Op players (or people looking for one hell

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MOUTH2 - MOUTH FOR WAR - Version 2
A Multiplayer Cooperative level for DOOM II (v1.9)

NOTE: this updated version requires a Doom Port which can import
      DeHackEd patches and PWADs containing sprite data - such as
      Legacy, Boom, ZDoom, PRboom, etc.

This is a modified version of MOUTH.ZIP
Original author:      unknown - based on MARINE1.ZIP by
                      Sergeant Daniel G. Snyder, USMC
                      <email removed>
Version 2 Update by:  Sparky of KISS Software     <email removed>

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
* deleted all the original DOOM II sprites from the PWAD
* deleted all the original DOOM II flats - I don't know why they
  were in here at all, 'cause I checked every single one and
  nothing at all had been modified!  This reduced the size of the
  WAD from 4.7 MB to only 360 KB !!!
* reset the enemy speeds to normal Doom II speeds as they were
  rediculously fast.
* reset the initial player health to 20% - same as the original
  MARINE1 (10% was rediculously hard!).

MOUTH2 has only been tested with Legacy (DOS v1.28) and Boom (v2.02)
but it should work with other Doom Ports such as ZDoom, PRboom, etc.
Note also that running MOUTH2 with a Port also gets rid of the HOM
present when run with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II.

No patching is required, just use MOUTH2 as-is.  For example:
    LEGACY:    doom3 -file mouth2.deh mouth2.wad
    BOOM:      boom -deh mouth2.deh -file mouth2.wad

The original text file follows:


<>      Mouth For War!      <>

Description:  Basically a modified Marine Doom for Co-Op players (or people looking for one hell
of a deathmatch), but with many more enemies some new sounds,real mission objectives (see below) 
and lower health (10%,not as bad as it sounds trust me!)

Briefing:  Your mission is to retrieve three data cartrigdes (keys) that have been stolen
from a reserch facility.  The location of the cartridges in the base is unknown but it is
sugested you first take control of the sniper towers to the north east of your starting location
and co-ordinate any search from there.  You will start in a weapons store house at the south of 
the base it is suggested you salvage weapons from it.

Arms:  Light Machine Gun:  Very weak weapon only use only when out of ammo for other weapons.
       Heavy Machine Gun:  This will be your primary weapon, it is capable of ripping most
                           enemies to pieces in short time.
                Grenades:  Extremely powerfull weapon with just as much potential to damage you
   as the enemy because of short range so it is most efficiently used
   to kill enemies from higher evelations.

I hope you enjoy this patch thanks go out to the maker of the Apocalypse Now and BestFX
sound wads for many of the sound fx in this wad.  As well as the original maker of Marine Doom,
it was great it just needed a few changes to make it perfect.  I'm assuming you have dehacked 
and deusf if you don't have them get them!


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