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Valkyrie 1.22 is a ddf dm mod that will work with DosDoom 0.65 &/or
the Deathbot. This mod takes the sound & graphics of Heretic & Hexen
& combines them for a unique deathmatch experience.

What's new in 1.22:
Aesthetic changes are all that have been made. There are new graphics
for all ammo. Also, some new scenery items & ambient sounds have been
added. There is also new music.

The new items are as follows:
Chandelier: map number 7109 --This is a gothic-looking item that hangs
from the ceiling.

Brazier: map number 7110
Tall Brazier: map number 7108
Bull Statue Brazier: map number 7111--These are torch-like items that
look much better then the Doom torches IMHO.

Ambient Wind: map number 7112
Ambient Thunder: map number 7104
Ambient Water: map number 7105
Ambient Bell: map number 7106
Ambient Drip: map number 7107 --These invisible items will give off
ambient sounds to add more atmosphere to your level.

This mod is not a dehacked patch. It will not work with any port
other than DosDoom 0.65 or later, nor will it work with any current
bot other than the Deathbot. 

Credits:        id, Raven, & the DosDoom Team for the goods
                Fanatic & Gokuma for the inspiration
                Wildman for the mapping support

Tools used: Wintex, notepad, edit.exe

To use:

dosdoom.exe -file valkyrie.wad
ddbot.exe -file valkyrie.wad

To run with external wads:

dosdoom.exe -file valkyrie.wad wildpack.wad
ddbot.exe -file valkyrie.wad wildpack.wad

(substitute any wad name for wildpack.wad if you want)

It would also be very helpful, if running the Deathbot, to add
the following parameters:

-deathmatch -altdeath -skill 5

Valkyrie replaces the following weapons:

Staff: (pistol) The staff is your basic close-combat bonking weapon.

Blue wand: (pistol) This is your starting weapon. You should recognize
it from Hexen.

Crossbow: (shotgun) This fires a fast-moving projectile that packs a good punch.

Gokuma staff: (super shotgun) The Gokuma staff fires a fireball which has a 
devastating explosion. The staff graphics were kindly contributed by Gokuma. 

Blade staff: (chaingun) It looks like the staff, but shoots a stream of razor-sharp
blades. The code was based on the beta version of Fanatic's QDoom nailgun.

Snake Staff: (plasma gun) This thing is pretty similar to the plasma gun
in that it shoots projectiles in rapid-fire fashion.

Spirit Staff: (rocket launcher) It shoots helper ghosts, & definitely adds
a new wrinkle to the dm experience!

Fire Blast: (BFG) This is a different use of the bfg spray attack. All targets
within sight instantly burst into flames. The ambient sound this weapon 
generates will give people fair warning when it's in use.

The above weapons will show up in any dm map that features the corresponding
Doom weapons. I have decided to keep the ammo graphics "as is" to make things 
simpler for players to seek the correct ammo for their weaponry. Let's change
only a few variables at a time, eh?

If Valkyrie weapons do not show up in your map, check a few things:
1. Are you running the stock maps from Doom 1 & 2? If so, please be advised that
any weapons that are flagged "no single play" will not show up, even in deathmatch.
You'll need to either change the flags via map editor, or use a different map.
2. Did you use the -skill 5 command line parameter? If you didn't, then the snake staff
& fire blast will not show up on the map.

Future releases of Valkyrie will have additional weapons.
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