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WAD Type
DOOM: The Final conflict
Revision number  : 1.1

Constructed by   : Cliff Pennock
                   Haarlem, The Netherlands
Compuserve       : 100067,2353
Date             : June 21, 1994
Original filesize: 395683 bytes

Please give this DOOM PWAD to anyone who might be interested, but
do not change anything in the file. This PWAD is so large, changing
one tiny thing may totally crash your computer!

Because of the size of this wad file, playing this may be a little slow.
If so, change the size of your play-window with the - (minus) key or
buy a 66 Mhz 486!

Also on my machine, whenever a try to save a game I get the message
"Savegame buffer overrun".
As soon as I figured out how this happens and how to avoid it, I
will upload a new version.

This version is a beta version and has not been fully tested. Please
drop me a note when you encounter any errors or strange things. Again,
do not try to change this yourself!

From Gredan's logbook:

Day 389: Damn this place! We have been stuck here for over
         a year! Last night Yudrin returned from his trip
         to the north sectors. He said he heard about a place
         on the far side of the mountains. This place is
         supposed to be the home of all evil. Could this be it?
         Could this be our destiny?

Day 390: Dear god... Yudrin died last night of his wounds. Nobody
         left but me now. I vow by the holy Comeshi I will kill
         this pest from hell! I will wait no longer and begin
         my crusade over the mountains.

Day 395: Five days has past since my last entry. Some troopers
         caught me and dumped me in some kind of labyrinth. Too
         bad for them they left some Light-Amp's behind. Shouldn't
         be that bad to find my way out of here.

Day 396: A whole day it has cost me to get out of the labyrinth. It
         turned out the exit was clearly marked! Outside the labyrinth
         I found a heavily garded structure of which I do not know the
         purpose. I'm tired now... I will rest and continue my quest

Day 397: It is true! This truly is the place where they dwell! I've been
         able to capture a keycard to what might be the exit!

Day 400: Disappointed... The card gave only access to a strange puzzely
         place. The ports of blue light didn't gave the awnser easily.
         Must have missed a clue somewhere...

Day 401: I'm hesitant to say it but.. I have found another keycard for
         the north gate. I will rest first.

Day 402: The city is truly violent! It was however a place with great
         resources. I'm now better equipped, better armed. The hospital
         was able to cure my wounds for now. I've prayed my quest will
         soon come to an end. They have been partly answered for I now
         hold the key to the big structure.

Day 405: I've rested long and good and will now enter the strange
         structure. This will be my last entry for a while...



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