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WAD Type
WAD Name: DemonGate v.1.0

WAD Author: Tony Lipscomb  (<email removed>)
Levels Replaced: E1M1
Demos Replaced: 3
Sounds Replaced: None
Graphics Replaced: None
Cooperative Play: Yes
DeathMatch Play: Yes
Difficulty Levels: Easy, Medium, & Hard
Base: New level from scratch
Editors Used: DEU 5.0 - 5.21 for level editing
              Doom Editor: The Real Thing for building the nodes
Where this level can be found: Cajun Clickers BBS 504-752-9658
The Cutting Edge: 504-273-3238
Wherever you put it <HINT,HINT>


     You have been sent to a high security complex to find out why you have 
lost communication with the building. When you arrive via teleporter, you
discover that the building has been overtaken by demons. They have established
a gateway to the Underworld in the caves west of the building, and you must 
stop them from getting out. Since the building was highly secured, you will
find weapons and ammo to help you out, but you will also encounter the security
system in a few places. The locked doors can be unlocked using key cards, or
by shuuting down the security system for that sector. You must go in and kill
anything that moves, and hopefully close the gate to the Underworld. 

Additional Info:
     This is my first attempt at creating an Add-on WAD file, but, hopefully,
it will not be my last. I hope to be able to make a sequel to DemonGate in
which you actually venture into the Underworld, but I doubt that will happen 
any time soon. 
     If you have any questions, comments, complaints, or whatever, leave a 
message at the InterNet address listed above, or on Cajun Clickers or Cutting
Edge BBS (both in Baton Rouge,La.) I will try to get back to you as soon as 
possible. I would really like to hear what some of you think about the level
so that I can improve on it, or so that I can do a better job on any new levels.


How to run this level:
     From the command line you can type DOOM -FILE DMNG8.WAD to run this level.
     The easiest way to run this level and all other levels is by getting Doom
Control Center. This program is probably available from wherever you found
this level, and it will allow you to run multiple WAD files at once and has
many other useful features. I recommend it to anyone who plays Doom regularly.


You may distribute this level in any form as long as it is not changed in any
way and it includes this text file. You may use the level as a base to build
your own as long as the name is changed, and I am given credit for some of the
work. Upload this level to as many places as you can, especially on the Net.

Special thanks go to Fred Leger and Dennis Wallette for helping to test this 
level for bugs, and to Id Software for making Doom so asy to make new levels
for. Also the makers of DEU because they have made the easiest Doom editor 


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