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We were sitting around together one Christmas Eve day and thought to ourselves "Let's make a doom 2 patch WAD with some wacky homemade sounds ...

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Filename        :MR-SILLY.WAD
Authors         :Bloodngore, Richard, David

Description     : We were sitting around together one Christmas
Eve day and thought to ourselves "Let's make a
doom 2 patch WAD with some wacky homemade sounds
of our own. NOTE: These sounds are authentic and
homemade. Not a single one of these sounds was
taken from some type of multimedia thingie.

List of sounds

Player  Hurt- Hi gong
Die- A faggy death
Die 2- Fat cheeks mumble
Tele    Port- Little indian chant
Slop    Slop- My wonderful chewing sound.
Switch  Up- cough
Down- "rrreeeaaap!"
Elev.   Start- Mike saying "Yay!"
Stop- Mike saying "AH!"
Moving- Mike in sadness
Weapon  Pickup- "Pass me the ammunition."
Door    Open- An upward tune
Close- A downward tune
Open quick- Chipmunk tune
Close quick- Chipmunk tune
Troops  Spot 1- Rich using his Mr. Anderson accent
Spot 2- "All right goodnight, guys!"
Spot 3- Rich using his father accent from "Life with Louie"
Search- Same accent as before, but mumbling to self
Die 1- Me doing a wierd moan
Die 2- David's "E-EEEE!"
Die 3- "Boobs!" (I just thought that needed to be there)
Imps    Spot 1- My Cookie Monster voice
Spot 2- Mr. McVicker
Search- David's little giggle.
Die 1- Rich's strange screech that only he can do
Die 2- Anderson voice on an answering machine
Hurt- Gong (or a hit in the head)
Demon   Spot- Me sayin' "I will shoot you in the head!"
Search- Quiet wind
Hurt- Julie's "Dah!"
Die- Me sain' "My hand hurtz!"
B.O.H   Spot- I like the original sound
Die- I like this original sound too
H.K.    Spot- "The store is closed. Go home!"
Die- "Attention, everyone, my legs gave out and I'm falling down!"
Cacs    Spot- Spit sucking
Die- Yum!
Lost S. Zoom- "OOH!"
Fball   Shoot- I have no idea what it is
Xplode- Fireworks bang
Punch   Punch- "Whack, AH!"
Pistol  Fire- Little pop
Shot G. Fire- Big ding
Saw     Start- Me drummin' my lips
Idle- Me drummin' my lips again
Fire- I'm not sure what it is
Hit- Microphone sucking sound
Item    Pickup- You slurp it down
Rocket  Fire- A bathroom sound
Plasma  Fire- Mike being fried with 20,000 volts (not really)
BFG     Fire- Me gurgling my spit
Xplode- Me gurgling my spit for a second time
Arch V. Spot- It's fine
Fire- Rich saying "My pants are on fire!"
Search- Richard's beat
Hurt- It's fine
Die- It's fine
Barrel  Xplode- Mike being blown to smitherenes!
Flame   Flame- ???
Cyber   Spot- I like the original one
Hoof- Squash
Metal- Boom
Die- A stupid explosion

@Copyright stuff

Distribute this in it's original .ZIP format.

You may use these sounds anywhere you choose to. You don't
have to give me credit, but don't take credit for yourself, cause
you didn't make these sounds. If you take credit for these sounds,
I will use my psychic mind powers to rip your tongue from your
throat, or some other bodily part.

Where to get some of my other WAD's

The Wall - (214) 286-8291

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Bloodngore -96

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