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Insane Weapons Patch v1.0
1st Release (may add more sounds/graphics and bug fixes in the future)
For Doom ][ v1.9 ONLY
By Michael Gummelt


Hello again!  For those of you who don't know me, I have done ONE previous
add-on, Aliens Doom 3: Aliens vs Predator.  Actually, I have only released one
beta for that (look in the themes/aliens/aliendm3 dir at ftp.cdrom.com, the file
is AD3.ZIP), it is still in production (it's a Total Conversion).
This new patch I made because I had so many cool weapon ideas that simply
wouldn't be appropriate for the Aliens theme.  So I decided to make a super weapons
patch that could be played with Doom ][ levels (unlike Aliens Doom 3 which would
only work with levels specifically designed for it).  In the process, I decided to
modify a few monsters and try my best at modifying or creating new graphics.  I
have playtested it extensively with Doom ][ and other people's add-on levels and
it works just great!  My only problem was deciding which of my new weapons I
could keep and which ones I couldn't.  So I made 2 patches, Insane1 and Insane2.
They are exactly the same except that they have different weapons in the 6th and
7th slot (see details under NEW/MODIFIED WEAPONS).
I also intended to include some of these weapons (and possibly monster
changes) into the D**M ]I[ project I'm working on with Joel Heunik, so this may
be a sneak preview of a much larger TC with all-new graphics, sound, etc!
I hope you enjoy the patch.  If you do, or if you have any criticisms or
problems, you are encouraged to e-mail me!  I love to hear what people think of my
work (keeps me motivated and always helps me come up with more good ideas!)

Mike Gummelt
<email removed>

Our Hero has returned once again, but he's got some new weapons from UAC, and they
KICK ASS!  Only, Hell's been busy too and many of the monsters have improved their
deadliness as well!

2-Punch combo & kick:  This makes you throw a two-punch combo followed
by a kick.  Not bad, especially when a berzerk box is picked up.

Laser Sword:  An extremely dangerous close range weapon, a sword with
a laser for a blade, can kill most lower-level monsters with a single

Double Pistols:  Two pistols which can do some nice damage.  Watch your
enemies fly when hit just right!

Double Barrel Shotgun:  Your old pal from Doom ][, but you've gotten
much faster with reloading it.

Mega Shotgun:  Uses larger shells which fire from 5 different barrels,
does an amazing amount of damage- can take down a cacodemon with one shot
at close range.

Vulcan Gun:  A faster version of the chaingun- like Predator and T2.

Grenades:  Lob them at your enemy, or over a ledge to clear out hiding
monsters you can't see.  Also has a radioactive charge that screws up
the vision of any human (player- in DM or co-op) it coomes in direct
contact with.

Weapons 6 and 7 vary from insane 1 and insane 2:

Rocket Launcher:  That's right, your old friend is back, and exactly the same
(except you've been working out so you can carry more rockets, and the rockets
now have a cool smoke trail).

StrikeBack (tm) Force Shield:  A revolutionary new design from the UAC, it's a
Unit that places a Lasr-Grid Force-Shield that severely damages any monster (or
any player except the one that layed it) which comes in contact with it's grid.
It blocks all incoming bullets and projectiles (except the archvile attack).
If it is shot at and hit, it fires back a tracking missile at the attacker!
One must be careful not to step in front of the shield (it is not an obstacle to
the player who layed it) when it fires, you will be hurt bad and most likely killed.
As well, you must not place one in a short room (anything less than 1 1/2 your height)
or the shield will collide with the cieling, think it's being hit, and fire at the
nearest target- you.  The shield will collapse and explode when it has taken a
certain amount of damage.
Health Booster:  An electro-chemical boost that sends a chemically-laced
pulse through your body.  The drugs are more effective when you first use it,
but you will grow a bit immune to it's effects.  Generally, you will get more
benefit from the drugs the first 10 times you use them.  In addition, the
electric charge contracts your muscles to a degree that makes you leap
into the air- this could be useful for getting on top of areas you usually
couldn't.  Collect the glowing blue health vials to use with this device.

Crucifix of Destruction:  A gift from God to aid you in your battle against
evil.  To use, place four of them in the formation of a cross, all facing each
other.  If you use less, they will be less likely to intervene.  Once placed,
any monsters you see will be struck down by lightning and flames by God.
If you place only one, this will only happen every now and then.  If you
place all four in the correct configuration, every monster you see will be
struck by lightning until dead.  The crosses also act as a shield against
projectiles.  As a bonus, the first time you use a crucifix in the game, you
will recieve the laser sword instead (only if you don't already have it- if you
do, the crucifix will behave normally).  A crucifix will drop to the ground and
become inactive if it has taken a lot of damage (a LOT of damage!!!).

(Note that the only changes in  monster GRAPHICS I have made is that the Imps' hands
are on fire when they throw a fireball, I may add more graphics in the future.  The
following list of changes applies only to the monster's behaviour).

The soldiers have returned, but they're ghosts of their former selves.  Basically,
this means they can walk through walls!

The shotgun seargants are undead now, so when you kill one, it may come back to
life a few times before staying dead.  And they've also caught on to you a bit,
they no longer drop their shotguns when they die!

Chaingun Seargants (Heavy Weapons Dudes) fire a little faster now (they have upgraded
to Vulcan Guns).

The Imps now fire flaming fireballs.

Spectres (invisible demons) are now COMPLETELY invisible except when they are hit,
die, or are attacking.

Mancubi now fire a tracking missile instead of a spread of fireballs.

Revenants, having given their tracking missiles to the Mancubi, now run up to you upon
sighting you and give you an uppercut that knocks you up into the air!  For scrawny
guys, they sure pack a wallop!

Cacodemons now fire 3 caco fireballs at a time in a spread.  The fireballs are also
faster now.

Archviles have evolved into something much more dangerous.  When they see you,
they will bring down lightning and flames on you, chucking you up into the air
and causing quite a bit of damage.  When killed, they release a floating sphere
that follows you around but doesn't harm you.  It will ressurrect any dead creature
it passes over (archviles themselves no longer do this).

Demon Spawner
You can now see (partially) where demons will be spawned, and these "Demon Spawn Spots"
(Where the cubes fly to) are obstacles and follow you around!  Nasty!

There may be some other changes I neglected to mention (hee-hee!), but I wouldn't want
to spoil ALL the surprises!

Ammo and weapons have been switched around a bit, and so have some of the other items,
so if you play old Doom ][ levels, you won't neccessarily find the Shotgun where you'd
found them before.  Explore a bit.

You now start with 250% health, and your maximum health is 500%.  Health Boxes (medikits)
now give 50 health and can be picked up even if you don't need them- so be careful, don't
go near them unless you need them.  Small health boxes give only 1% health.
Also, you can always use the Health Booster when you can't find any more medikits (playing
insane 2).

Our Hero has undergone more than a little stress in the series, so, like Travis Bickle,
he's let the pressure get to his head (check out the mohawk and the mole on his right cheek,
goes nicely with the double pistols, no?)

When you are killed, you get a little retribution, five things happen
after you die:
1:  You explode
2:  You lift the thing that killed you (sometimes)
3:  God strikes down the thing that killed you (sometimes he strikes
        down several people by him also)
4.  Lost Souls are shot out of you.
5.  A tracking rocket is fired from you at your killer.

Works in DM and 1-player- so if you frag a friend, you better run like hell!

This patch is for Doom ][ 1.9 ONLY!  If you have a lower version, get the patch
to 1.9 from ftp.cdrom.com (or ftp.idsoftware.com) in the idstuff/doom2 directory.

It may not be a bad idea to re-install Doom 2 for this patch if you have the room.
If not, don't worry, it doesn't do anything to your original files.

Installation requires at least 6-7 MB free on your hard drive.  Be sure you have the
space needed before installing.

Installation is as simple as 1-2-3!
1.  Unzip the insane.zip archive into your Doom2 directory.
2.  Type "insane".  Answer yes to the questions (if any).
3.  Type "insane1" or "insane2" to play!

Note:  This patch assumes your Doom2 files are in a directory labeled "c:\Doom2".
If they are not, you can either:

1.  Change the name of your directory to "c:\doom2" ("c:\doom2" meaning it's in
your root directory, not some subdirectory like "c:\games\doom2".

2.  Edit the files insane.bat, insane1.bat, insane2.bat, insaned1.ini, and insaned2.ini
so that all references to "c:\doom2" are replaced with the correct path.

I have only had one bug that I'm not sure I fixed or not (I haven't had much chance to
test it out):  The game will spontaneously crash in DM for seemingly no reason!!!
I encountered this bug with a previous version of insane2, and have not had a chance
to test insane1 or the new insane2, and I haven't tried co-op.  So, if you all want
to test it out and get back to me, I may be able to fix the bug!

Lynn Stevens, Mike Jaworski, and Perfecto Cuervo.
Also, I believe the kick and double pistol graphics come from some other .wad, but I
can't remember which one, the graphics had been extracted a long time ago and I found
them sitting on my hard drive.  If anyone knows who made them, please let me know!

Mike Gummelt
<email removed>
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