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I love to write these little texts!!!!!   it's fun to play with
computer talk! I don't even know what it means! 

Anyhow here's the backround of my story:

    You step into some sort of port, and realize your there for different 
    reasons other than to kill... Your sent to fiend of whatever comes across 
    your face... You don't exactly want to do this, but you know what you have 
    to do.... GET YOUR BUTT TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!!  You find yourself in the 
    main supply base, containing all the supplies you could ever want...
    you collect what you need for now and head out...
    you look out at what seems the longest distance in the world...
    You know you have to get to the other side.. You want this to end...
    The forces against you are also out there. There looking for only one thing 
    ... The OTHER SIDE... You step into the darkest place yet... They have what 
    you have, but do you have the strategy? If you don't I suggest you don't 
    try this....
    The main piont of this level is for a COOP + Deathmatch  Kinda game...
    Players 1 & 2 are placed in a secret base... While players 3 & 4 are placed 
    in another secret base... Players 1 & 2 have the better end only players 3 
    & 4 have an advantage... THE DARK.  You get the dark too, but they get more 
    places to go behind, and " Snoop "   This level is fairly darkened, but 
    gives off the feeling of " Why did I do this? "   The point of the game is 
    to get to the  OTHER SIDE of the battle feild to the opponents BASE...
     You could easily 
    switch it at 
    your own base, but that would suck.... Have fun with this... Use 
    strategy!!!  The one thing that's annoying is you have to FIND the base 
    before you can flip the switch.. Meaning your gonna have to run around..
    Dark forces ( The other players )  are looking for you, or gaurding thier 
    base ( BAD IDEA... It gives it away! ).  The main thing I suggest, since 
    it's dark in there, is to get possessed at let your feelings GUIDE you.
    If your lucky you'll be able to find the bases.  I, of course, know where 
    they are, but I will leave that up for you to find out where they are for 
    yourself.   This is pretty interesting, in fact you can think of it as 
    WWIII    WARNING!... Use Strategy!!!!  Go back to your base every 
    once and awhile to plan attacks... As far as you know they don't know where 
    your base is!!!  remember places and what they look like, so you can 
    describe them to your teammate... I hid the BASES for the reason of getting 
    to pause, and snatch a breather!  Also, the BASES are supplied well with 
    health and extra stuff, so in case you get into a serious battle!!!
    Another thing... To make it really fun... Say that you can only die twice, 
    or once.. It makes it pretty interesting... Your more pushed to plan 
    attacks instead of flying in there and demolishing everything...
    It is kinda fun to play it only two player Deatchmatch, but it gets kinda 
    stupid, becuase you don't start in the last base you had before, and that 
    could stop the game easily... I hid A couple of secret bunkers for the 
    people to benefit from... If you can find them you'll life will be made 
    easy!  I had some Node problems, because of it's size in the battle feild.
    I realized I couldn't just keep placing borin walls in there so I added 
    some trees and crap to make it more realistic. I had to take out the river 
    that ran down the border lines, because it started causing problems.
    Even though your about to play this so called Finished level, I'm still 
    improving it.. This is just version 1.99    the next version, 4.99  will be 
    tweaked to perfection! Plus some things will be remodeled.
    Hope you enjoy this Coop + Deathmatch  Kinda level!!! Do NOT try it on 
    Deathmatch!!! It's not implemented yet!!!! This version is strictly for a 
    network game of 4 players!!! You can, however, try to play it on coop 2 
    player. Just give the other player some time to run!!!!
    You'll like the supply rooms I have made! Heck, I loved them!!! I 
    especially liked how they help you energize and give you ultimate power!
    I also Suggest you use the supplies carefully, because once there gone...
    Prepare to die!  That's another reason why I put it on Coop... You can't 
    get the stuff back after you collect! Like semi- real life! There is
    one bug, however, It's nothing big at all! One of the textures isn't really 
    complete... You can see through it at certain angles.. IT'S OK!!!
    Just enjoy my WAD!!!  It won't effect game play at all.
    I wanted to make this level as realistic as I could... Hope YOU enjoy it!!!
    If there are any problems E-mail me at <email removed>
    I'll see what I can do....   SEE YA!


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