Tei Tenga is not responding.

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Date                    : August 5 2004

Author                  : Brendon Chung
Email Address           : <email removed>
Site                    : http://www.planethalflife.com/blended

Description             : Tei Tenga is not responding.

Thanks to               : ZDoom         http://www.zdoom.org
                          Lexus Alyus   <email removed>
                          FreeDoom      http://freedom.sourceforge.net
                          Looking Glass Studios

* Play Information *

Barista functions only with ZDoom. Download ZDoom for free at:

Unzip ZDoom and Barista into the same directory. Then run:

NOTE: Barista does not require Doom or Doom II. Barista is a self-
      contained game with all-new graphics and sounds.

NOTE: Barista is best played on the following video resolutions:     
        640 x 480
        1280 x 960

NOTE: If you do not wish to use the batch file, run Barista with:
        zdoom -iwad 01 -file barista


* Story *

> Excerpts from
  "Like a Fish in Water: The Untold Story of Tei Tenga"
  (Hobbs 20xx)

> Chapter 22
  The Dutch East India Company (DEI) was not without its merits,
  however. Their application of Wising technology in their Mesa
  Tykes program was simply ingenius, bringing about a golden age
  to the residents of Tei Tenga. (...) But the fact remained
  that DEI was and would forever remain the primary target of
  saboteurs. It was not until their merger with the Union
  Aerospace Corporation (UAC) that the tide turned.

> Chapter 27
  On the moons Phobos and Deimos were twin research stations.
  Major advancements were being made with each passing day,
  promising a new age for mankind.

* Construction *

  Editor(s) used        : Doom Builder 1.05
                          Wintex 4.3
                          Deutex 4.4.0
                          Photoshop 5.5

* about 01.WAD *

  Barista makes use of a custom-made iwad. In the directory,
  01.WAD is an iwad that has been stripped of its art/sound
  resources. The purpose of 01.WAD is to allow anyone to play
  a user pwad, regardless of whether or not one owns a registered
  copy of Doom II.

  The "catch" is that the user pwad must supply ALL sound and
  art, meaning 01.WAD is only suitable for total conversions.

* Other Info *

I've always held a soft spot for doom2 because it's the game that
introduced me to mapping.  And so this is my little homage to it.

The DOOM BIBLE was used as a reference point for the setting and
story. Another major influence was Bungie's MARATHON series.

The mantis-like monster is an unused sprite from the beta version
of Bungie's game MARATHON.

The red floating monster and blue slug monster were hand-drawn,
scanned in, and colored with Photoshop 5.5.

ZDoom (http://www.zdoom.org) is a very solid Doom port with
amazing scripting features. I highly recommend mappers to give
it a shot.

The talented Lexus Alyus (<email removed>) was kind enough
to write a piece of music for Barista. Be sure to download and play
his "Realm of the Green Soul" map, which also uses ZDOOM features.

A tremendous thanks to FreeDoom (http://freedom.sourceforge.net),
which was my initial inspiration for 01.WAD. Barista makes use
of some art assets from FreeDoom.

Thanks for downloading this map.  If you have any comments
or questions, feel free to e-mail me at <email removed>

* Copyright / Permissions *

This level is (c) 2004 Brendon Chung.
You may not include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial
product without permission from the author. You may not mass distribute
this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to
compact discs, and floppy disks.

email me at  <email removed>

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