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Generalities about UNI.WAD

This is a PWAD to be used with DOOM ][. It's small (less than 80 KBytes)
and non-linear; this means, you haven't only to run forward to find the
exit, you have in the most rooms more than 1 door. It substitutes map 1. For
beginners: type in "DOOM2 -file UNI.WAD" to run it. The WAD should be in
the current dir.

It's my first PWAD. I wrote it initially to find out more about DOOM's
internal structure. I used MUCH walls with only one side. Their first
"SideDef" is visible, but the other isn't.

It is named "UNI.WAD" because the first rooms I implemented were the
PC-Rooms of the University where I study (Duesseldorf/Germany).

It's NOT an easy level... You'll probably play it more than once to find
all rooms & items. Or, because you'll die more than once...

It works in all modes, it means: 1-player levels 1..5, cooperative and
deathmatch. Level 2 is hard enough, so don't play it first in the default
skill setting (3).


Levels 1+2 :
Just run it ! The "little Spider Demon" (Arachnotron) south from
the entry point can be killed with 3 shots from the double barreled shotgun.
The big one requires more than such a "pom-pom". There are a Soul Sphere, two
Blue Spheres and one Mega Armour. There are also two rooms with some
power-up's. There are two places where you could think there is no exit from.
Just run along the walls ! If you got the Mega Armour, look for a Cyber Demon!

Levels 3 :
Same as Level 1/2; more monsters, some more power-up's.

Level 4+5 :
In the big room in the east there is a Boss Shooter (the one from original
DOOM's level 30; it send "skulls" that are transformed into BAD monsters).
In this room there is a blue key too, so ... You should RUN for your life.
I didn't won in skill level 4.

Cooperative :
Didn't tried. It should work (there are 4 start points).

Deathmatch :
It's an IDEAL DM level. Kill the monsters, then have fun !


There are 2 or 3 walls that disappear if you run out from them (or, they
appear if you're close to them). I don't know the way to make them right.
They are all in the northest sectors.

The Boss Shooter sends his "skulls" only to 1 destination. Is it a bug ?
The monsters created so are all "packed" in one place and they are blocked.

The biggest bug is this file.. Excuse my English!


My E-Mail adress is "<email removed>". I'd like to hear
(read) what you think about it !


DOOM and DOOM2 are copyright ID Software. See also README.EXE coming with
your DOOM.
This PWAD is my copyright. Don't modify it, don't use it to build your PWAD's.
Just have fun..
PLEASE distribute freely.

9.2.1995, Duesseldorf


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