uca.wad is a PWAD featuring 1 map, playable on DOOM2

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        Deimos Moon Base, Anguilla Crater

        Moondate 56-9-4:  A routine satellite terrain survey reveals EM
                anomalies within the Uca Crater.  A terrain patrol squad is
                sent to investigate.
        Moondate 56-10-2: The patrol investigating the Uca Crater fails to
                report in for the fourth consecutive check-time.  UAC Central
                decides to send a Drop Squad to investigate.
        Moondate 56-10-7: The storm-trooper transport, Aquarius, parks in an
                orbit above the Uca Crater.  A Drop Squad descends into the
                crater while the Aquarius conducts sensor analysis.
        Moondate 56-10-7.2: At Mission Time Elapsed (MTE) 0020, Deimos Moon Base
                receives an urgent message from the Aquarius, citing hostile
                fire from the Uca Base.  The Aquarius is ordered to retrieve
                the Drop Squad and return immediatly to base by UAC Central.
        Moondate 56-10-7.3: Contact with the Aquarius is lost.
        MD 56-11-5: The wreckage of a spacecraft, identified as the remains of
                the Aquarius, is discovered.  The mission recorder is
                removed from the wreckage and sent to C-Lab for data
        MD 56-11-9: Though severely damaged during the crash, the mission
                recorder reveals that shortly after the Drop Squad left the
                Aquarius, the transport was attacked by ground-level pulse
                cannons.  Nav Control was damaged, and as the Aquarius attempted
                an emergency retreat to base, it crashed.  The fate of the
                Drop Squad and the regular patrol remain unknown.
        MD 56-14-0: UAC Central, having analysed the available information,
                hypothesizes that the hostiles responsible for the infiltration
                of Phobos Base months earlier have returned and commenced
                construction of a clandestine base on Deimos.  Most probably,
                the base is still under construction, using UAC technology
                stolen from the Phobos Base.  The Uca Crater Base must
                be infiltrated, and its layout must be determined.  UAC
                Central decides to risk another Drop Squad, this time a heavily
                armed one.  Mission operatives are to inflict maximal damage to
                the base while recording the hostile base's layout so that
                UAC Central may determine how best to proceeed to neutralize
                this new threat.  Squad survival is of the utmost importance.
                The transport, Gateway, will drop Red Squad and ascend to safer
                high altitudes.  There, it will wait until Red Squad has
                re-emerged.  The mission has been codenamed Operation UCA.
        MD 56-14-5: Gateway arrives at the coordinates of the Uca Base under
                heavy cloak.  Red Squad quickly makes a drop as the Gateway
                ascends into a high orbit.  Red Squad begins
                its descent into the Uca Base....
        As Red Squad descends, it is ambushed by a huge horde of demons.  The
        squad never stands a chance.  One by one, the soldiers are cut down
        and butchered without warning.  You are one of the last men still
        standing, though the attack has exhausted your store of munitions.
        Wearily, you wave your pistol into the face of a charging demon, ready
        to greet death with valor.......
                .....but in stepping backwards to brace yourself for the
        impending impact, you inadvertently trigger a teleporter.  There is a
        flash of bright green, and as your eyes and body re-adjust, you find
        yourself staring into an unfamilar wall...

        Welcome to uca.zip.  This mission replaces e2m1.  This is also the first
        WAD I've constructed, using DEU5.1 and BSP1.0.  I hope you enjoy it.
        If so, or if not, please give me feedback so I know how to make my next
        one even better.

        This is a slightly revised version of UCA.  Players probably won't
        notice any real changes in gameplay.  Anyways, UCA now supports
        coop player mode but NOT deathmatch.  I probably wouldn't have
        bothered to upload this revised version, except that the original
        uploaded version somehow "disappeared."  So, I am re-uploading, and
        why not make a few small changes? :)

        UCA is challenging, but definitely possible to complete.  Believe me,
        I've play-tested it often enough. :-)

        If you enjoy UCA, try out TALPOIDA, the follow-up.  And after
        TALPOIDA, the storyline continues in DIOPATRA.  I am currently
        figuring out what I want to do for the fourth level in my hopefully
        9-level episode.

        After all, your soldier is still stuck and lost within the
        hostile base....he still has to make it back to the surface alive
        to make rendezvous with the Gateway... :-)

        Happy Hunting!

                Eddie Nguyen
                <email removed>



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