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                                 Fava Beans              
              All new episode for the registered version of DOOM  

E-mail address:  <email removed>

Files included in the 01FAVA.ZIP 


Episode Info (replaces `Knee Deep In the Dead')

        Well, this is a very impressive episode including 9 _excellent_
levels.  All the levels in this episode were created by myself, excluding
e1m5, which was designed by a friend.  We feel that any DOOM fanatic will
enjoy this episode and will be completely impressed by the work put into it.
        Most levels on the Internet suck.  It's a fact, but these 9 levels do 
not suck.  id Software, if they ever saw this, would most likely want to know
where the two of us were when they were designing the original DOOM levels.  
It's taken roughly a year to design the levels, in fact...I never planned to
have any nice levels...much less a whole episode.  It seems that after I 
figured out how to use DEU that level making just sorda seemed fun, so I 
designed levels like mad.  ...but, I am a perfectionist (in most respects) and
therefore I insisted that the levels I designed were no less greater than 
those in the actual game.  I felt that if they could make complex levels, then
so can I...and I did :)  Most of the levels in here have been zipped and 
distributed via local BBS, but even those were completely checked and re-
checked for bugs/parts I found to be lacking "id" quality.  So, what you have
here is pure DOOM art.  ...not to mention my last DOOM work that will ever be.
I am _tired_ of making levels.  My creativity is draining (I also want to 
maintain a life :), etc., so I have decided to stop while I'm ahead. 
        So, play this all the way is arranged as the original
DOOM, smaller/easier levels first which work up in size/difficulty.  You will
see the quality, and you may also wonder how I kept my, have a 

        -The LMP's I included are funny.  FAVA.LMP is a deathmatch between two
of my friends (I usually let my friend play...deathmatch is getting old).  The
person who made E1M5 is in the foreground, a guy named George (who happens to 
have a Pentium 100...grrr) is in the background.  Watch player 1 get blasted 
out a window ---> window shots are so damn funny :)  CRAP115.LMP is a window
demonstration of E1M7.  Yup, you guessed it...just myself and a friend flying
through windows...from high up...with the help of some rockets :)  Watch if
you want a good laugh :)  These are for version 1.9 of DOOM and require 
FAVA.WAD to be loaded at the commandline.

        Just so you know, this episode was originally distributed as         
01MADNESS.ZIP (#1 on BBS's), but I changed a couple graphics and things that
I found annoying (things that no one else would even notice...) in the levels.
FYI, I changed COMPSTA1 and something on the status bar during deathmatch.  
So, to see what I did, flip deathmatch mode on and gock at the status bar...
you will see something remotely funny.  It looks "right" though.  I didn't 
just put shit in anywhere, you know that's not my style, I took time to make
the letters look authentic.

        Level #         Original distribution
        -------         ---------------------
        E1M1            #1GASPRA.ZIP
        E1M2            HANGAR18.ZIP or 18HANGAR.ZIP
        E1M3            #1IMPALE.ZIP
        E1M4            #1TRITON.ZIP - unreleased
        E1M5            CHARON.ZIP
        E1M6            SHADOWS2.ZIP or 2SHADOWS.ZIP
        E1M7            #1TITAN.ZIP
        E1M8            unreleased; made special for episode
        E1M9            #1CREEP.ZIP - unreleased

        Level #         The chosen title for the level
        -------         ---------------------------------
        E1M1            Gaspra Armory
        E1M2            Hangar 18
        E1M3            Impalement Station
        E1M4            Triton Lunar Base
        E1M5            Charon's Lab  
        E1M6            Shadows of Darkness       
        E1M7            Titan's Anomaly       
        E1M8            Orion Outpost     
        E1M9            Creeping Death    

        - The editor of choice has been DEU521GC, until I found a DEU port
          dubbed DETH, which is even better :)  E1M5 was made with the 
          shareware version of DEEP.  BSP1.2x was used for nodes on everything
          except E1M3 and E1M5.  BSP1.2x has a bug and wouldn't build E1M3, 
          so it was nodes built with DEEPBSP.  Obviously E1M5 was done with
          DEEPBSP.  My levels were all done on an Am486DX2 80 with 5Mb of
          RAM, E1M5 was done on a 386DX 40 with 4Mb without a math-co (yuck)!!
        - Graphics editing was done with New WAD Tools.  To replace the end
          message I used the program TED (yes, I know the top line gets cut,
          but at this point I don't really care...).

E1M5 was designed by Ben Gates (no relation to that rich guy...) of Hermon, Me 
and all others by Sean Birkel of Bangor, Me.  ...summer's almost over <cry, 
sob>.  Register DOOM if you haven't already, the guys at id deserve the money 
for making the greatest game ever!  ...I can't wait till Quake is released...
I saw the preview gifs...and, wow!!

Other stuff

        Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, and Cringe (kick-ass local 
band) have been the music of choice to help us through the long hours of 
level making.  ...look for Cringe in the near future, they've got the 
potential for something great...the guitarist rules!

Oh, yeah...

        I might as well tell you the story behind the title, "The Madness of
Mergatroid."  I had this wacky science teacher a few years back and he's 
become something of a legend around here...I can just picture him saying 
something corny like, "heavens to mergatroid."  
        That's old news though...why did I call it Fava Beans?  Jerky Boys.
The Jerky Boys make me laugh.  


        I'm freeeeeee!!!!!!!!!  My DOOM levels are DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No more levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



        I was fooling around with DETH again, and I happened to make a cool 
area...will I finish the level??  Nah, even though it was one of the best 
things I've designed to date...But, I hate DOOM, I hate making DOOM levels, so
I won't finish will just drift on my hard drive 'till I nuke it :)
        ---> If you must know what that level looks like, send me mail and
tell me to finish it.  I won't ever do it, but I might upload what I have 
(you'll like it...we're talking nothing like what's in this episode).


        "So I'll see you tomorrow with my tools, fuckface!"  -Jerky Boys

Oh yeah, call this has 11 CD-ROM's online or something.  Many files.
Many message areas.  My levels.  Mucho DOOM stuff.  It be cool.
        Mission Control BBS: (207)947-3105  more nodes comming soon!
                  -Give 'em a try, and tell him Sean sent ya!

Oh yeah, E-mail me if you want to play deathmatch :)  
        -Keep these in mind:  I hate/won't play any DOOM2 levels (except H18)!
                              I'll play Hangar or Phoboe's Lab anytime!!


Hangar18 (E1M2) is a very good deathmatch level (use the DOOM2 version in 
18HANGAR.ZIP...I've made changes since then that may not be as good for 
deathmatch as it was originally...).



DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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DM Spawns
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