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WAD Type
D2RMUS.WAD Contains MUS format music for use with any Doom 2 wad.
All game music tracks are replaced.
This music is probably more suited to fun / speed running than for atmosphere.

If you want atmosphere you may want to download the PSXMusic wad from Doom Depot:
Click the Music Wads link on the left hand side bar (Doom Diversity) and choose
Doom PSX Wad (Doom 1 AND 2) (48 megs).

doom2 -file d2reload.wad dr2mus.wad
zdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file d2reload.wad dr2mus.wad
gzdoom -iwad doom2.wad -file d2reload.wad dr2mus.wad
prboom-plus.exe -iwad doom2.wad -file d2reload.wad dr2mus.wad

This music wad can be used to replace the music in the original Doom 2 or any other Doom 2 wad.
Just make sure it appears last in the -file list.

All tunes except Red Sector Theme were converted from Atari ST YM chip tunes available from:

Red Sector Theme can be found on:
is from

All tunes converted by eschdoom using STSound, Modplug Tracker and an XM2MUS conversion utility.

Unfortunately some tunes have been cut / modified to fit the 64K limit imposed by the MUS 
Some shorter tunes have been extended slightly.

Credits as follows (as listed on

Lump Name, Description, Title, Author / Creator / Programmer

D_DM2TTL, Title screen, Warp 1 Intro, Mad Max (Jochen Hippel)
D_DM2INT, Intermission, Pro BMX Simulator B, Mad Max
D_READ_M, Story screen, Great Giana Sisters, Mad Max
D_RUNNIN, MAP01, A Prehistoric Tale 1, Mad Max
D_STALKS, MAP02, Archon 3, Mad Max
D_COUNTD, MAP03, So Watt 1, An Cool (Anders Nilson)
D_BETWEE, MAP04, Megadist 1, Mad Max
D_DOOM, MAP05, Labello, Mad Max
D_THE_DA, MAP06, Astaroth 4, Mad Max
D_SHAWN, MAP07, So Watt 3, An Cool
D_DDTBLU, MAP08, Synergy Credits, Scavenger (Joris de Man)
D_IN_CIT, MAP09, Bankok Knights 1, Mad Max
D_DEAD, MAP10, Ooh Crikey There are many sheep, Mad Max
D_STLKS2, MAP11, PYM Main Menu, Big Alec (Gunnar Gaubatz)
D_THEDA2, MAP12, Scout, Mad Max
D_DOOM2, MAP13, PYM Sickest so far, Mike Oldfield and Big Alec
D_DDTBL2, MAP14, TCB Tracker, An Cool
D_RUNNI2, MAP15, Life's a Bitch Beat Nick, Mad Max
D_DEAD2, MAP16, Delta, Alex Herbert
D_STLKS3, MAP17, Ooh Crikey Hidden, Mad Max
D_ROMERO, MAP18, Stormlord 1 Title, Jochen Hippel
D_SHAWN2, MAP19, Sharpness Buzztone, Jess (Jean-Sebastien Gerard)
D_MESSAG, MAP20, Thundercats, Rob Hubbard
D_COUNT2, MAP21, DBA Music Disk 1, Scavenger
D_DDTBL3, MAP22, DBA Music Disk 4, Scavenger
D_AMPIE, MAP23, Stormlord 2 In Game, Mad Max
D_THEDA3, MAP24, Nearly Spherical, Mad Max
D_ADRIAN, MAP25, Leif Rular, Scavenger
D_MESSG2, MAP26, DBA Music Disk 5, Scavenger
D_ROMER2, MAP27, DBA Music Disk 6, Scavenger
D_TENSE, MAP28, Synergy Odyssey, Scavenger
D_SHAWN3, MAP29, Red Sector Theme, 4-Mat (Matthew Simmonds)
D_OPENIN, MAP30, Rings of Medusa 1 Title, Mad Max
D_EVIL, MAP31, DBA Music Disk 3, Scavenger
D_ULTIMA, MAP32, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Rob Hubbard and Ben Daglish

Tested with the following ports:
Chocolate Doom, Skulltag, ZDoom, GZDoom, Doomsday Engine, Vavoom, Edge, Risen3D, ZDaemon, 
Odamex, Doom Legacy, PrBoom, Eternity Engine.

Known Problems:

ZDoom based ports
FMOD is the default but not recommended, for better results use a Midi device or Timidity
with a decent sound font set.
When using OPL synth as the music device the Electro Snare instrument used on some tunes is 
virtually unnoticeable which makes them sound a bit strange.
When using FMOD as the music device the music for MAP22 sounded off key at the start. I 
noticed that it was because at the end of the tune the pitch bend controller was not center 
and is not reset when the tune restarts.
I would argue that normally any controllers should be reset by the replay / conversion engine
when music is restarted but I've modified the tune anyway to remove the problem.

Edge v1.31 Win32
All music sounds off key.

Doom Legacy 1.42 Win32
All music sounds out of sequence.
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