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E2M1, E2M2
                                 Master Levels

        Well, here it is, the completed sequal to my first level.  Everyone
complained about it being to easy so here is my response.  This level is 
five times the size of my first level.  It has multiple secret rooms that
you will almost have to cheat to find.  It is set up perfectly for the best
deathmatch level yet.  Plus, you will not be able to play this game one
player and make it on the first couple of tries.  This is one of the best
levels I have seen yet (as far as design), it has many, many secret rooms,
lots of monsters and every weapon except the bfg.  Play it, you will see 
for your self.  The level also is specifically designed to produce a even,
action packed, deathmatch duel.  What I have done is color-coded the ceil-
ings (let me explain).  There are blue, green, red, and normal.  I have
found that when you end up playing a sniping opponent (snipers suck) you
have a lull in your action packed deathmatch.  The sniper guy sits and waits
for you to find him (ofcourse) and sometimes on big levels that may take up
to 15 mins or so.  To eliminate this problem you can now anounce your 
presence by saying "I am in the Blue, Come and get me" or whatever.  This
way the other guy knows generally your whereabouts and the "blue" part of 
the map is big enough that you can hide and snipe (if you must).  I have
tested it many, many times and it works.  You are not giving away your 
exact location (each color spans almost 1/4 of the map) but you are letting
your opponent know the general whereabouts so he will seek you out.  It 
makes the game much more action packed and eliminates most of the lulls
that so many of us advanced players dread (aaaaahhhhh!).  If you did not 
have my first level you do now.  The levels are combined into one external
wad file that you may play consecutively and then proceed to the normal 
episode 2 levels after that (makes for a kick-but episode).  Well, if
you don't like the color coding idea then DON'T USE IT!  Also, just 
remember...There can only be one DOOM MASTER...(unfortunately I hold the 
title) (hahaha)...PLAY IT, for the level of all levels...
                                          William "the kid" Cochran


We generally have played that you must frag at least three times before
exiting.  This way, if you are the player that has been fragged you know
exactly where the other guy is going and have a slim chance at an ambush
to save (your pride) the level.  On a level this big though you can easily
go for 10+ frags.  I have included enough ammo, health, and power ups to 
make it very interesting.  But, heck, do what you want...Just have fun!


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DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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