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----------------------ÅÄÄÄWAD DescriptionÄÄÄÅ-----------------------
This is, in fact, the final public version of the map formerly
known as Alien Vendetta map13, made by me some months ago, which
will not be appearing in that (rather cool) project (however, my
other contribution, map06, will appear in map25 by Vincent Catalaa,
'Demonic Hordes' instead of a rather repetitive metallic maze.)
Thanks to Mattias Berggren (a member of the Alien Vendetta team,
who is responsible for the IMO excellent map03 and 04 in that MW)
for fixing a little visual bug with the outer lift.  I believe
Monsieur Mike Toliver et al. will see that this map is a damn
sight easier now than it has been in previous builds... :-)

Alien Vendetta homepage is:

Story: After you cleared out the military outpost, you stepped into
a teleporter with demonic designs on it.  This teleported you to 
the first strategically important part of your campaign: the north
of the country, where steep valleys and cuttings of ice are being
drilled through to find minerals and pure water.  Your mission in
this level is to clear out the ice station and make your way to
the Supply Depot.
----------------------ÅÄÄÄWAD InformationÄÄÄÅ-----------------------
Name:           Ice Station Alpha
Game:           Doom II 1.9
Maps Replaced:  map02
Authors:        S. 'Metabolist' Woodman, Mattias Berggren
Email Address:  <email removed>, <email removed>
New Graphics:   MORTRES.WAD
New Sounds:     no
New Music:      Yes - "Damage Assessment" by Mark Klem (MM2MK13)
New Demos:      skill 4, 05:44, 100/100/100
Known Bugs:     maybe a few misalignments, danger of VPOs
Unknown Bugs:   None
Build Time:     around 34 hours in total
Tools Used:     DETH 4.24, BSP 2.3x
----------------------ÅÄÄÄWhere To Find ItÄÄÄÅ----------------------
At the central Homepage:
Or at the Walnut Creek Archive:
(you can paste these URLs into your browser if you're a
repressed kid whose parents have enforced browser restrictions...
or if you can't be bothered to type them in by hand :-)
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